10 best DIY children’s room decorating ideas

Small children do not think about the interior of their room. They just play and enjoy a colorful, enjoyable and interesting space. But the correct decoration of the nursery with your own hands, drawings on the walls and the first items for decorating a baby’s bedroom will help develop children’s creativity, artistic taste and sense of style.

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Below are ideas on how to decorate a nursery with your own hands.

  • Nice idea against clutter
    Few of the parents did not face the problem of where to put all the soft fur toys. Put everything on the shelves? But you need to make additional shelves, besides, the toys are gathering dust. The solution is to sew a spacious round-shaped cover from a dense fabric. The fastener can be any, the main thing is soft and safe – zipper, soft buttons. When filled with toys, a bright frameless sofa is obtained, light and safe even for a small child. Such an item looks appropriate in the nursery for a boy and girl of any age. See also: What wallpaper to choose for a nursery?
  • Garland of colorful hearts suitable for a children’s bedroom of a little princess and will be the subject of admiration for your daughter’s girlfriends. The technology is simple – using a needle and thread, you need to string the hearts pre-cut under the stencil at a short distance from each other.
10 best DIY children's room decorating ideas
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  • Graceful tulle pom-poms suitable for decorating a child’s room for girls from 4 years old. By the way, the choice of fabric can turn into a little adventure for a novice fashionista. After buying the tulle, you just have to cut the fabric as if into frills and, passing the thread along one side, pull it tightly, forming a glamorous pompom from the resulting pieces. Pompons of delicate shades look best, as in the photo – ash rose, cream, pale pink. You can attach lush pom-poms using tulle ribbons, clothespins, hairpins.
  • Appliques, texts or drawings on the wall any adult can do it, moreover, a child can take part in the work process. It is important to correctly combine this decor element with the general interior of the room. It is also important that this drawing matches your child’s mood, hobbies or dreams. This idea is suitable for children of any age – for babies up to one year old it can be unusual combinations of colors or shapes, for children from 1 to 3 – favorite heroes of fairy tales, from 3-4 years old – everything related to the hobbies of a small personality. Well, for teenagers, it can be interesting quotes or dreams. Feel free to decorate the children’s room, photo below. See also: How to arrange a nursery for children of different sexes?
10 best DIY children's room decorating ideas
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  • Solid wooden frames will underline your serious attitude to the work of the young artist. Frames can be made of wood or you can buy ready-made ones. Frames made of plaster or polyurethane stucco moldings, which can be bought at any hardware store, look very beautiful. Polyurethane frames are much cheaper than gypsum frames, easy to install, lightweight and safe.
  • Colorful rope with drawings on multi-colored clothespins is suitable for a child who often draws. This way, more patterns can be placed and changed frequently.
  • Remember how you chose first shoes for your baby? How did they put it on his little tender leg? Yes, these are really very significant elements in your child’s life, worthy of hanging on the wall. The first uncertain steps, the first jumps and runs on uncharted roads are hidden in the soles of shoes and boots. It looks very cute if you place them in a frame as the child grows up.
10 best DIY children's room decorating ideas
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  • If your kid loves “Lego”, then you are familiar with the problem of the disappearance of small details. In addition, you want to admire the collected items, but where and how? Perfect for this shelves from “Lego”… Just glue large Lego pieces to the wall or board, to which you can easily attach both little people and other Lego pieces. Now there is no need to hide them in a dark box, but you can admire the achievements of your kid in design.
  • Favorite books, CDs, pictures can also decorate a children’s room. Suitable for this shallow shelves, for example, from the same polyurethane profiles that can be purchased inexpensively at a hardware store.
  • Beautiful ruffled plaid easy to sew even from leftover fabric. Depending on the variety of colors in the room, you can make one-color or multi-colored blankets. Ruffles are preferably made of lightweight fabric. Undoubtedly, such a royal blanket will delight a girl of any age.

Now you can plan how to decorate your baby’s nursery with your own hands, what ideas for decorating the nursery are best to use and the most important thing – how to decorate a children’s room in a unique stylepeculiar to your child.

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