10 best films about strong women

“I’m over it!” In the life of every woman there comes a moment when it seems that the world has collapsed and there is no more strength to fight. At such moments, each of us needs support.

Bologny magazine has selected 10 films that tell about ordinary women who faced difficulties, but successfully overcame them. We hope that their example will help you look at your life in a new way and understand that a woman can do anything!

1. “Strong Woman” (2001), comedy

“Strong Woman” is a movie about how in an instant everything can change and go not the way we wanted.

You thought you were a smart, ambitious and talented writer-to-be. But it turned out that you are fifteen, and you are pregnant. And then you’re sixteen and you’re the wife of a drug addict. And a year later – a single mother.

A good starter kit for a happy life, isn’t it?
If the heroine Drew Barrymore lived in Russia, it would be a dark movie about our hopeless life, about the system and the little man in it.

But the film was filmed in Hollywood, which means that everything that happened to this girl was just a step on the way to the cherished “American dream” – to rise from the very bottom, raise a worthy son and still write the very book on which they filmed This movie.

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2. “Suffragette” (2015), historical drama

The main character is an ordinary London girl named Maud Watts, who works almost round the clock to support her family. Her days are filled with hard thankless work and injustice, and the girl’s boss is used to taking some liberties.

Not wanting to put up with her plight, she joins the ranks of suffragists, participates in street marches, distributes leaflets, at the risk of losing her husband and children. From now on, she will fight for freedom, her own and all women.

It is interesting that the creators of the picture – the director, screenwriter, as well as producers – were women.

3. “Wife” (2017), family drama

A famous writer from the United States receives the Nobel Prize and goes to Stockholm for the ceremony with his wife and son. It gradually becomes clear that not everything is going smoothly in the family, and the hard work of his wife is behind the writer’s success.

In the end, the truth is revealed, and the whole world will find out who was the real author of the brilliant works.

The adaptation of the novel of the same name by Meg Volitzer fits well into a number of films about women forced to remain on the sidelines.

Movies tell very similar stories “Big eyes”, “Beauty for the Beast” “Colette”as well as the series The Amazing Mrs. Maisel.

4. “Coco do Chanel” (2009), biographical drama

“Coco to Chanel” – a screened biography telling about the legendary personality, designer Coco Chanel.

The plot focuses on the time when she was not yet the famous trendsetter, who put on a man’s suit and a little black dress on a woman, and was called Gabrielle Chanel.

Young Gabrielle Chanel works as a singer in a provincial cabaret. There she meets the middle-aged Baron Balzan and becomes his mistress. Thanks to this, the girl manages to impress the French world and find herself in the fashion world.

5. “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006), drama, comedy

The young career woman is faced with the seamy side of glamor. After graduating from university, a provincial girl dreaming of becoming a journalist, Andy gets the position of assistant to the all-powerful Miranda Priestley, the tyrannical editor of one of the largest New York fashion magazines.

Andy always dreamed of such a job, not knowing with what nervous tension it would be connected.

6. “Frida” (2002), biographical drama

Young Mexican Frida Kahlo gets into a terrible car accident. After that, a completely different life begins for the girl, filled with endless pain and suffering. Nevertheless, emotional experiences (including because of her husband’s infidelity) inspire her to become an artist.

Salma Hayek, who plays Frida, has been hatching the idea for the film for almost eight years. The fact is that the biography of the Mexican artist inspired her to become an actress, so she took the role very seriously.

Many of Hayek’s friends played in the project – Antonio Banderas, Ashley Judd and Edward Norton, who had a hand in rewriting the script.

7. “North Country” (2005), biographical drama

Josie Ames, a divorced single mother, takes a job in the mine, where she is not particularly happy, since there are almost only men working there.

Faced with humiliation and bullying, the woman decides to go to court to protect herself and the other few workers.

The film directed by Niki Caro tells a true story of what happened to a woman named Lois Jensen in 1984. The latter was played by the magnificent Charlize Theron.

True, for the sake of artistry, reliability had to be sacrificed: in reality, the litigation lasted for 14 years.

8. Joy (2015) Comedy Biographical Drama

A single mother living with her parents and ex-husband invents the self-wringing mop. The girl still has no idea how to make money on this, but she still rushes headlong into the maelstrom of big business, despite the opposition of her relatives.

The story of four generations of the family. Joy the girl turns into a woman who becomes the founder of a business dynasty and its head.

9. “Winter Bone” (2010), drama, detective

The film tells about the poor life of one family, whose situation can only be changed by indisputable proof of the death of a loved one.

17-year-old Rea lives with her sick mother, younger brother and sister in her own home in the American outback. The family can barely make ends meet and without the help of neighbors it would hardly be able to feed themselves.

Ri’s father was recently released from prison but never returned home. Soon, the heroine learns that her dad has mortgaged the house, and now, if she does not appear at the court hearing and does not pay bail, all property will be confiscated.

Responsibility for the future of the family falls on the shoulders of young Ri. And she is ready to do anything to protect her loved ones.

10. “Good Girl” (2001), drama, melodrama

Justine is about 30 years old and works in a supermarket in a provincial American town. She has a husband who spends most of the day lying on the couch, no children yet.

Justine’s life is boring and monotonous, and there seems to be nothing ahead to strive for.

And then a new employee appears in the supermarket. His name is Tom, but he calls himself Holden and considers himself the reincarnation of the hero of the book. “The Catcher in the Rye”.

Justine starts a romantic relationship with a guy, and he invites her to run away with him and give up her boring and gray life. But is the girl strong enough to escape from herself?

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