10 best foreign melodramas – it’s worth watching!

How nice it is to sit in front of the TV in cold weather and watch your favorite films continuously. But at this time, not only films about Christmas and New Year are relevant, of course, which can warm the soul, no matter how good old melodrama. After watching these films, each person becomes warmer, his mind brightens, and his soul is filled with universal goodness and positiveness. For you, we have collected the 10 best melodramas of foreign production, which you must definitely watch!

Fall in love with me, if you dare

2003, France-Belgium

Starring: Guillaume Canet, Marion Cotillard

Probably, it was not in vain that fate brought them together – they turned out to be a completely harmonious, albeit strange pair. The whole school groaned from their great inventions, and the future of inveterate hooligans could be predicted for them if they were not just children.

The game they had invented, “you dare – you dare not,” grew with them. From year to year they took each other “weakly”, and as they matured, they stopped distinguishing real life from the game. Will anyone give in? Will he understand that years are wasted in these jokes, which are very painful for each other? Do they realize that it’s time to just become a man and a woman?

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(Pretty Woman)

1990, USA

Starring: Julia Roberts, Richard Gere

Edward Lewis is a financial tycoon. Driving through the city at night, he picks up the prostitute Vivienne. Vivienne is a principled, subtle, beautiful girl who dreams of her own fairy tale. Enchanted by her, Edward renews the “contract”. Vivienne stays in his hotel room, plunges into a life full of money, lies and the rich. Everything changes when she realizes that she is in love with her client.

While you were Sleeping

(While You Were Sleeping)

1995, USA

Starring: Bill Pullman, Sandra Bullock

Lucy is all alone. Every morning she sees the man of her dreams from her workplace, but due to shyness she does not dare to meet him. One day, chance brings them together. Lucy saves the life of a handsome stranger and, automatically, becomes part of his large family. Peter, rescued by her, lies in the intensive care unit unconscious, and his family decides that Lucy is Peter’s fiancée. While the newly-born groom is asleep, unaware of what is happening, Lucy manages to love his brother with all her heart …

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Bridget Jones’s Diary

(Bridget Jones’s Diary)

2001 UK-France-Ireland

Starring: Renee Zellweger, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth

Bridget finally decides to put an end to the past, gather herself into a fist and start a new life. Actually, and not in vain. She, who has stepped over the thirty-year mark, is high time to get rid of extra centimeters at the waist and get rid of bad habits. Bridget adores her handsome boss Daniel, and her parents predict her neighbor’s son Mark as her fiancé. Bridget buys a diary to which she tells about all the victories and defeats. To find her happiness, she has a difficult path …

Three Steps Above Heaven

(Tres metros sobre el cielo)

2010, Spain

Starring: Mario Casas, Maria Valverde

The film tells about two young people who belong to completely different worlds. Impulsive, adventurous, rebellious, risk and danger lover Ache. And the rich, innocent, virtuous Babi. Their journey to the final stop “love” is inevitable, though it seems incredible.

Sweet November

(Sweet November)

2001, USA

Starring: Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron

Nelson Moss is a person who knows no other rhythm of life than “headlong”, “jumping” and “life is movement”. He is an advertising agent who loves his job. He is packed in a formal suit, and rushes forward without brakes. Sarah Deaver is a lively, eccentric, unusual girl. She is both a philosopher and a fatal seductress at the same time, and she knows perfectly well how to change this crazy rhythm of life …

Sarah helps everyone who needs help in correcting their destiny. Perhaps Nelson will be her next victory in this matter. No commitment, no pressure and no love. Only work…

Hurry to love

(A Walk to Remember)

2002, USA

Starring: Shane West, Mandy Moore

Handsome, independent Landon Carter is an idol at his school. He is adored by fans, cruel to outcasts, and of course, the gray mouse Jamie, whose thoughts are occupied only with study, does not notice. Until the moment when Carter, as punishment for a stupid trick, does not appear in a school play and in classes for the laggards. Here he can no longer do without the modest quiet excellent student Jamie. She, agreeing to help, asks for only one thing – that Landon does not fall in love with her. The guy is arrogant and easily makes an oath, which becomes almost impossible to keep …

Obscene proposal

1993, USA

Starring: Robert Redford, Demi Moore

What if suddenly you are offered a million dollars for just one night with your wife? How do you react to such a proposal? Just one night, no cheating, no offense, no questions asked. And all financial problems were solved overnight. Every dream will come true. And for this you just need to let your wife spend the night with a stranger.

This task faced David Murphy when the billionaire charmed by his wife made the very offer, which is almost impossible to refuse. Are David and his beloved woman capable of this fateful step?

Notting Hill

1999, UK-USA

Starring: Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant

A romantic, comedy melodrama about a humble, quiet owner of an ordinary bookstore in one of London’s districts, Notting Hill. His life, having made a sharp turn, changes abruptly when a movie star once walks into the store to buy a guidebook …

50 first kisses

2004, USA

Starring: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore

Henry, by the will of fate, falls in love with the charming beauty Lucy. Obstacles on the way, of course, are, but Romeo is persistent, and by the evening he manages to achieve the location of the girl. The young are happy. Their confidence that love will last forever, nothing can break.

A car accident turns life upside down. The girl comes to her senses, but her memory refuses to reproduce the events that happened the day before. Henry doesn’t give up. He will fight for his love.

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