10 best historical TV series in the world with beautiful costumes

For many, the word “serial” is associated exclusively with soap operas. In the minds of the majority of couch “critics”, serials are invariably lost to “big cinema”. But against the backdrop of really ridiculous, boring and meaningless multi-part films, as if released from one conveyor, sometimes pearls come across – historical costume serials, from which it is impossible to tear yourself away.

To your attention – the best of them according to the reviews of ordinary viewers and film critics.


The countries-creators are the USA and Canada with Ireland.

Years of release: 2007-2010.

The main roles are played by: Jonathan Reese Myers and G. Cavill, Natalie Dormer and James Frain, Maria Doyle Kennedy, etc.

This series is about the secret and overt life of the Tudor dynasty. About prosperity, despotism, envy, wisdom and hidden moments in the life of the English rulers of that time.

Unforgettably colorful feature films, wonderful acting work, panoramic views of England and the splendor of palace decorations, colorful scenes of hunting and tournaments, balls and love passions, against which important government decisions are made.

  • Spartacus. Blood and Sand


Country of origin – USA.

Years of issue: 2010-2013.

The main roles are played by Andy Whitfield and Manu Bennett, Liam McIntyre and Dustin Claire, and others.

A multi-part film about the famous gladiator, who was separated from love and thrown into the arena to fight for his life. Incredibly beautiful and spectacular scenes, from the first to the last – love and revenge, cruelty and vices of the world, the struggle for survival, temptations, trials, battles.

The film is distinguished by the realistic acting of the actors, the beauty of the shooting, and harmonious music. Not a single episode will leave you indifferent.


Filmmaking countries: UK and USA.

Years of issue: 2005-2007.

Starring: Kevin McKidd and Polly Walker, R. Stevenson and Kerry Condon, and others.

Time of action – 52nd year BC. The 8-year war ends, and Gaius Julius Caesar, whom many in the Senate perceive as a threat to the current status quo and prosperity, returns to Rome. Tensions between civilians, soldiers and the leaders of the patrician party grow as Caesar approaches. A conflict that changed history forever.

The series, as close as possible to the historical truth – realistic, incredibly beautiful, tough and bloody.

  • Qin dynasty

qin dynasty

The country of origin is China.

Released in 2007.

Starring: Gao Yuan Yuan and Yong Hou.

A series about the Qin dynasty, its internecine wars with other kingdoms, about the erection of that very Great Wall of China, about the unification of states into a single country known to us today as China.

A film that attracts by the lack of “snotty romance”, believability, colorful characters and large-scale battle scenes.


Creator countries: France and Germany, Italy with Canada, etc.

Released in 2002.

The cast is played by Christian Clavier and Isabella Rossellini, everyone’s beloved Gerard Depardieu, the talented John Malkovich, and others.

A series about a French commander – from the “start” of his career to the very last days. The main role was played by Christian Clavier, known to everyone as an actor of the comic genre, who brilliantly fulfilled his task.

This film (albeit very short – only 4 episodes) has everything for the viewer – historical battles, the stormy personal life of the emperor, the magnificent acting, the subtleties of truly French cinema and the tragedy of a man who, having become an emperor, lost everything.


Countries-creators: Canada with Ireland, Hungary.

Years of release: TV series 2011-2013.

Starring: Jeremy Irons and H. Granger, F. Arno and Peter Sullivan, and others.

Time of action – the end of the 15th century. In the hands of the Pope is the very power that is not limited by anything. He is capable of changing the fate of empires and overthrowing kings. The Borgia clan rules a bloody ball, the good name of the church is in the past, from now on it is associated with intrigue, corruption, debauchery and other vices.

A multi-part film, an absolute masterpiece of cinema with carefully rendered historical details, magnificent scenery and costumes, elaborate battle scenes.

pillars of the earth

Creator countries: Great Britain and Canada with Germany.

Released in 2010.

Starring: Hayley Atwell, E. Redmayne and Ian McShane, et al.

The series is an adaptation of K. Follet’s novel. Time of Troubles – 12th century. England. There is an endless struggle for the throne, good is practically indistinguishable from evil, and even the ministers of the church are mired in vices.

Palace intrigues and blood feud, distant England with its morals and immorality, cruelty and greed – a harsh, complex and spectacular film. Certainly not for children.

  • The life and adventures of Mishka Yaponchik

bear jap

The country of origin is Russia.

Released in 2011.

The roles are played by: Evgeny Tkachuk and Alexey Filimonov, Elena Shamova and others.

Who is this Bear? The king of thieves and the favorite of the people at the same time. Practically Robin Hood, approving the “raider code” – to rob only the rich. Moreover, it was witty and artistic, with subsequent feasts and assistance to the homeless and orphans. Only 3 years of “reign”, but the most striking – for Yaponchik himself and everyone who knew him.

And, of course, the “business card” of the film – Odessa humor and manners, bewitching songs, rich unique dialogues, a little “lyrics”, surprisingly fit into the role of Tkachuk-Yaponchik and the second half of the acting duet – Tsilya-Shamova.

  • Meeting place can not be Changed

meeting place can not be Changed

Country of origin: USSR.

Released in 1979.

Roles are performed by: Vladimir Vysotsky and Vladimir Konkin, Dzhigarkhanyan, etc.

Everyone knows and one of the most beloved by the people of Soviet films about post-war Moscow, the employees of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department and the Black Cat gang. It is no coincidence that this cinematic masterpiece is called the textbook of life from Govorukhin – even revisiting it for the 10th time, you can always discover something new for yourself.

Magnificent actors, careful study of details, music, authenticity of events – an ideal multi-part picture and one of the best works of Vysotsky.


The country of origin is Russia.

Released in 2014.

Roles are performed by Marina Aleksandrova and V. Menshov, and others.

A modern historical film about Princess Fike, who became the great Russian empress. A beautifully and brilliantly conveyed historical period of time. Of course, not without love, betrayal, intrigue – everything is as it should be at court.

Fans of history may be upset by individual “inconsistencies”, but the series does not claim to have 100% historical value – this is a spectacular movie with an interesting cast and palace (and near-palace) passions, beautiful costumes and memorable scenes.

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