10 best job search sites in Russia – ranking of job search sites

Nowadays, a person who is looking for a job does not have to buy up newspapers in batches, look for advertisements on poles and offices, and also stand in line at the labor exchange. You can find a job today easily and quickly by simply posting your resume on a certain Internet resource or digging into the list of vacancies there. What job search sites do Russians prefer today?

  • HeadHunter ( – a resource that occupies a leading position among the sites in this area. The resource offers over 300,000 vacancies and over 13 million resumes. The most convenient search scheme has been created for job seekers and employers, offers labor market news, an updated salary overview, online help from consultants, the ability to competently create a resume, announcements of training courses to improve their qualifications, a research section. HeadHunter is a site where almost everyone can find a job or an employee.

HeadHunter (

  • The site contains over 225,000 vacancies from large and small companies, both international and Russian. The main activity of the resource is the provision of vacancies from leading companies, useful articles on specialized topics, the most relevant information about the labor market, salary review, tests for applicants, help with resume writing. On the portal, applicants can find training companies, announcements of various personnel events and a list of recruiting agencies.

  • The portal offers job seekers more than 180,000 vacancies and more than 3,300,000 resumes in the Russian regions and in the CIS countries. Using the mobile version of the site, as well as installing an application to track new ads, you can constantly be aware of all the latest and most relevant job offers. The website offers fast and accurate search for both personnel and work – all year round and round the clock. A specialist, a supervisor, a middle-level manager, a handyman, and a student are able to find a job here. The portal has very strict rules for posting vacancies and resumes – in order to avoid publications of dubious content, spam and repetitions, a spam filter operates around the clock.

  •… The portal, cooperating with the well-known magazine “Work and Salary”, offers job seekers more than 40,000 proposals. The daily number of visitors is more than 100,000, on the Web – more than 12 years. The site has a convenient and quick search for vacancies that are updated daily, labor market news, HR reviews and analytics, the ability to subscribe to the mailing list of fresh ads and post a resume. All ads are subject to manual moderation.

  • Applicants are offered an efficient and comfortable service, easy search and more than 170,000 vacancies. Here you can add your resume to the database, find a job in one of the largest Russian companies, at home or in the office – with any qualification level. The portal has existed since 2000, and today it is one of the most popular. Features of the site: easy registration and adding a resume, internal mail for quick solution of questions on vacancies and dialogue, quick storage of the necessary vacancies in your archive, the most accurate geographic base in Runet and the most detailed and wide base of industries. As well as a subscription for vacancies, a directory of articles and the latest news, a powerful ban system for the prompt removal of fraudulent ads, etc.

  • A well-known resource for all Internet users (and not only) for finding remote work. Copywriters and translators, web artists and photographers, programmers and designers, etc. will always find a project or permanent job here. The most popular freelance exchange allows you to put up finished works for sale and offers a lot of opportunities for self-confident, independent “free artists” …

  •… The service motto is professionalism. Freelancers and customers gather here, using all the possibilities and advantages of freelancing on a legal basis. In addition to looking for a job or an employee, on Prohq you can link a personal account to a current account and issue electronic documents that will be needed for an individual entrepreneur.

  • This multifunctional portal offers over 720,000 vacancies and 300,000 resumes. The most effective way to find a job on the site is to create an account, fill out all the information, post a photo and resume. Make a headline so that people would like to click on it. Description – original, as clear as possible. Photo – face close-up. Next, the ad is added to the database (in all categories – by 1, to cover a larger audience), and you can wait for calls. Do not forget about scammers – there are a lot of them on Avito.

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