10 best knitting books for beginners and advanced knitters

10 best knitting books today - for beginners and advanced knittersTrying to find a knitted scarf in a store that would perfectly match a coat, or dreaming of a sweater just like a beauty from a fashion magazine, many of us caught ourselves thinking that knitting is a useful skill.

It’s never too late to learn to knit, the main thing is to find a good teacher for yourself. It could be a book.

Our TOP-10 includes the best knitting books.

“Knitting by car”, Natalya Vasiv

Machine knitting opens up ample opportunities for creating high-quality knitted items, and even allows you to turn a hobby into a way to make money. Unlike knitting books, there are very few machine knitting tutorials. The book by Natalya Vasiv, published in 2018 by the Eksmo publishing house, is a complete and understandable guide for beginners to master this type of needlework.

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The book will help you choose a typewriter, choose the right yarn, and master the basics of work. In it, the reader will find descriptions of knitting techniques with illustrations, ranging from simple products to voluminous blankets, bedspreads, sweaters.

The author herself is an experienced needlewoman, she teaches at the Mouline knitting school in Nizhny Novgorod. She believes machine knitting provides endless creative possibilities. The knitted fabric is of unique quality and the process of making it is fast and fun.

The book turned out to be so in demand that its first print run was sold out in record time – in 2 months. In 2019, the book was presented at the Golden Button competition, where it was awarded the National Recognition Prize.

“250 Japanese Patterns” by Hitomi Shida

Experienced knitters who are in constant search of unusual and interesting ideas for their products will appreciate the book by Japanese designer Hitomi Shida. For many needlewomen, Japanese knitting is associated with this name.

In the book, the author presented 250 beautiful patterns of varying complexity with clear diagrams and practical tips. There are intricately intertwined braids, stylish “bumps”, and embossed, openwork patterns, and neat edging.

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The first edition of the book was published back in 2005, and it was first published in Russian by Eksmo in 2019.

The book will be the best gift for needlewomen in love with knitting. It contains vivid illustrations with explanations of all symbols. Readers will also be pleased with the quality of the book itself: hard cover, 160 thick pages, bright print and a bookmark-ribbon for easy navigation.

Knitting Classics by James Norbury

This book is a classic of the world of knitting. It contains the time-tested and experience of hundreds of thousands of knitters tips and guides that will help anyone to master this type of needlework.

The author of the book is James Norbury. A man known in the knitting world as Elton John in the music world. He is a knitting historian, host of a TV show about this type of needlework on the BBC channel, and the author of several books, including the Knitting Encyclopedia.

Knitting Classics by James Norbury

In his book “Knitting Classics” the author shares his experience with knitting needles and yarn, talks about different knitting techniques, supplementing the instructions and diagrams with interesting historical facts and light jokes.

The book provides guides for creating 60 wardrobe items for all family members, young and old.

Knitless Crochet by Ann Weil

Ann Weil’s book Knitting without needles and crocheting was published by Eksmo in January 2019, but in such a short period of time she has already become a favorite of thousands of women and men who are in love with knitting.

The book reveals the secrets of creating knitwear in an unusual way – with the help of your own hands. Even without knowing knitting needles and crocheting, having this handbook, you can create original knitted wardrobe and interior items, toys and decor. Moreover, it will take only a couple of hours to create the product, and even less for experienced needlewomen.

Knitless Crochet by Ann Weil

The book contains step-by-step guides with beautiful pictures for creating 30 knitted products of varying complexity: snood, bright necklace, baskets for trifles, dog collar, hats, cute baby booties, pillows, ottomans, carpets.

This book will appeal to all creative and creative people who want to surround themselves with unusual things “with a soul.” For them, she will be a source of inspiration and ideas.

Knitting School, Monty Stanley

Published in 2007 by Eksmo Publishing House, the book “School of Knitting” by Monty Stanley is one of the most understandable, detailed and competent manuals for those who want to learn to knit.

The book describes the simple basics of needlework, from the rule of a set of loops and the calculation of rows to more complex stages of creating a product – performing connecting seams and assembling individual elements together.

Before starting to practice, the author suggests studying the theory. Here are the features of the yarn, and advice on the choice of knitting needles, and the characteristics of the concept of “elasticity of the yarn”, and the rules for calculating the required number of threads for the product. The book contains tips for the care of knitted products, their washing and ironing.

Knitting School, Monty Stanley

After studying the theory, there is a smooth transition to working out the passed techniques and techniques: a set of loops, adjusting rows, knitting vertical gathers, folds, removing loops and knitting with them, increasing and decreasing loops. Getting acquainted with the basics of knitting, the reader moves on to creating more complex patterns, braids, masters color knitting – and turns from a beginner into an experienced needlewoman.

This book can be the first knitting teacher at any age. It is designed for readers who are just starting to get acquainted with needlework. The book becomes an excellent self-study guide and makes you fall in love with this kind of manual creativity.

“The ABC of knitting”, Margarita Maksimova

The book “The ABC of Knitting”, written by Margarita Maximova, has been reprinted more than 40 times.

Over the years of its existence, the book has taught several generations of needlewomen to knit. Her tips and secrets have taught needlework even to those who have never held knitting needles in their hands before. Step-by-step lessons with detailed explanations are accompanied by numerous diagrams and pictures.

By the way, Margarita Maksimova is the author of her own knitting teaching method. In the book, she shared her experience in choosing materials and tools, and also told knitters about gymnastics, which will help maintain back health when sitting for a long time at work.

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The tutorial contains instructions for creating 30 knitwear for men, women and children, as well as handmade accessories.

This book will be a valuable guide for beginners. The only drawback of the book is the outdatedness of the clothing models, the schemes of which are presented to the reader. They can be used as a basis – and having gained experience, the needlewoman can easily improve them and remake them to her taste.

3D Knitting by Tracy Purcher

The book introduces the reader to simple ways to create voluminous knitted patterns, soft folds, gathers, braids and waves – all those elements that seem overwhelming to all beginners in needlework.

The author of the book, Tracy Percher, is the winner of the Vogue Knitting competition and the creator of an innovative technique for knitting volumetric elements. Her tips and tricks are used by knitters all over the world, confirming that knitting is easy.

3D Knitting by Tracy Purcher

The author teaches you how to read knitting patterns correctly, recognize patterns in patterns, and gives valuable advice on choosing yarn. After mastering the basic techniques of bulk knitting, the reader can start creating knitted products: snood, scarf, hat, shawl, poncho or pullover.

Detailed instructions for mastering non-standard techniques accompany colorful and modern photographs. The book can be a source of inspiration for both beginners and experienced knitters.

Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Many needlewomen love knitting and call it a personal antidepressant. But those who are just getting acquainted with this type of creativity may think that it will not be possible to learn its basics without tears. Elizabeth Zimmerman proves the opposite.

Her book “Knitting without Tears” will be the best assistant in mastering this art. It is written in simple and understandable language, which makes it accessible for beginners and those who want to learn how to knit on their own.

Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman

In addition to detailed explanations and instructions, the book contains tips for overcoming common problems such as not having enough yarn of the same color to create a garment, too long or short tails when making buttonholes.

The author of the book is a well-known person in the world of needlework. It is to her that needlewomen all over the world should be grateful for the circular knitting needles.

By the way, the cover of the edition published by Alpina Publisher was knitted by the jacquard master Natalia Gaman.

“Knitting. Fashionable ideas and techniques “, Elena Zingiber

Not every needlewoman knows that not only knitting needles and a hook can be used for knitting, but also such little-known devices as luma, knucking, and such everyday objects as a fork. And how amazing a product knitted from cords looks! By the way, the author teaches not only to knit from cords, but also to create these cords with his own hands.

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The book will allow the needlewoman to expand her horizons, discover new unusual techniques and techniques, show her imagination – and become the owner of exclusive handmade items.

The publication contains bright high-quality illustrations, detailed instructions written in an easy-to-read language, and a lot of useful information – both for beginners in the field of needlework and for professionals who knit with their eyes closed.

Easy to Knit by Libby Summers

With her book, Libby Summers is in a hurry to prove that knitting is not hard work, but pleasure, an enjoyable activity and a way to create truly unique things.

In the book “Knitting is Easy”, the author talks about the secrets of knitting and provides detailed instructions for creating interesting products, such as a teapot warmer, a cushion cover, a girl’s handbag, and women’s mitts.

Easy to Knit by Libby Summers

The book contains a lot of useful theoretical information about the characteristics of the yarn, its selection for the product, methods of replacement. The author tells the reader about creating front and back loops, closing them, creating various patterns, using such basic techniques as “Elastic band”, “Hosiery”, “English method”.

The book will be a real find for those who have never knitted before. And those who have mastered this skill perfectly will be able to find new ideas for creativity in it.

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