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Beautiful women are sensitive to lip care, so there is always a place for hygienic lipstick in the arsenal of a woman’s cosmetic bag. How often do you apply this creamy lipstick? Many people answer – as soon as I feel dry lips. But if lips quickly lose moisture, does this mean that you need to use lipstick even more often? Definitely – no!

COLADY will tell you about the 10 best lip balms.

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Lip balm composition – how is natural lip balm different from hygienic lipstick?

The secret is that regular lip balms and chapsticks contain dehydrating and irritating substances like salicylic acid or silicone oil. This leads to frequent use and intensive waste of funds, which is absolutely satisfactory for the manufacturer.

A good balm with the right ingredients is different in that it nourishes the lips in one to two uses a day.

The composition of a quality lip balm

Organic, according to cosmetologists. This means that it should not include:

  • Camphor and mentholbecause they dry out the lips.
  • Silicate or silicone silicon compoundsbecause they dry out the lips.
  • Fragrances, especially alcoholcan cause irritation and flakiness of the lips.
  • Salicylic acid, which dries up the top of the epidermal layer of the skin, which is absolutely not required for delicate female lips.

Realizing that parsing a mysterious composition often drives you into boredom or a series of additional questions, we have prepared a review of the 10 best natural lip balms and lipsticks.

Rating of the best natural lip balms and lipsticks – TOP 10

  • Korres Guava Lip Butter
Top 10 best lip balms - rating of cosmetologists

This Greek brand pleases with quality ingredients and pleasant prices. Of all the lines, the guava-based series is the most pleasant.
This natural lipstick is available at Ile de Beaute and Rive Gauche.

  • Styx Rosegarden Lip Balm
Top 10 best lip balms - rating of cosmetologists

Austrian cosmetologists have tried their best, showing the world a pure remedy with healing power. The pink extract quickly heals wounds after herpes or frost, and the cream itself does not irritate the oral mucosa and perfectly protects in windy weather. Sold in the Rive Gauche store.

  • Avalon Soothing Lip Balm
    Top 10 best lip balms - rating of cosmetologists

Ideal for already dry lips, it stops flaking, rehydrates and relieves inflammation.
In general, it is very difficult to find Russian organic cosmetics at adequate prices – they are instantly sold out. And this lip balm, natural in its composition, can be ordered online through the official website.

  • Lipstick Melvita Karite-Argan-Cupuacu
Top 10 best lip balms - rating of cosmetologists

Melvita French cosmetics have a quality certificate from the most competent eco-testing company. There is no doubt about its naturalness. This lip balm, according to customer reviews, is a bit like a scrub and due to this, not only moisturizes, but also softens the lips.

Ingredients: shea butter, small inclusions of almonds, organ oil, sunflower oil and excipients of natural origin. You can buy this product in the Ile de Beaute network, Atrium corner,

  • Balm Kanebo Mikan Chan
lip balm

The cosmetics of the Japanese brand are distinguished by their original packaging, and this time it is made in the form of a tangerine. Pleases not only the cover, but also the composition: vitamins A and C, hyaluranic acid, unshiu extract.

Such lip balm, according to customer reviews, retains moisture well, has a fruity taste and does not cause flaking.

  • Natural Lip Balms Organic
    Top 10 best lip balms - rating of cosmetologists

The series offers a choice of 3 scents: fragrant lavender with cardamom, clementine with rose and Egyptian fennel with orange.

These balms have such a delicate texture that they are suitable for all areas of the body. For example, they can be used to care for the cuticle. You can buy organic cosmetics at

  • Loccitane Shea Jasmine Lip Care
    Top 10 best lip balms - rating of cosmetologists

Perfectly restores and nourishes the skin of the lips due to organic components, 10% of which is shea butter.

  • EOS Organic Lip Balm
    Top 10 best lip balms - rating of cosmetologists

Does not contain mineral oils and parabens. It is popular with women due to its lightest texture, mouth-watering fruity aroma and remarkable medicinal properties.

The compact package is an egg that easily fits into a handbag.

  • Sweet Lemon The Body Shop Lemon Lip Cream
    Top 10 best lip balms - rating of cosmetologists

It lays on in a neat layer “like a second skin” and perfectly moisturizes all day long.

  • Hygienic lipstick with rose oil Belweder
    Top 10 best lip balms - rating of cosmetologists

This Polish product has a natural composition that includes jojoba oil, rose oil and natural wax.

Its unusual scent and remarkable regenerating properties have won the lips of many women. Choose the best for yourself, because beauty and health depend on proper care. One thing to keep in mind when choosing a lip balm is the big difference between summer and winter lipsticks. The summer product will have SPF protection against solar radiation, and the winter one – an additional component for durability and quick absorption.

What lip balm do you use?

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