10 best ways to improve your boss relationship at work

Relationships with a boss are always a separate topic: for someone they develop immediately and proceed in a friendly manner, while someone, to put it mildly, dislikes their immediate boss or, even worse, simply hates him. Different characters, aspirations, achievements, goals, sympathies – any of the characteristics can cause discord.

So how do you improve your relationship with your boss? Check out Bologny’s 10 Best Ways to Build Your Chef Relationship. This is important to know!

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    • Respect
      Agree that it is not always fair that he was appointed as a manager, and you have been working as a specialist in the same place for 10 years and he may be younger than you. Then why are you still sitting, not expressing your preferences and wishes? Perhaps you need to be more proactive?
      Of course, every company is different. But let’s try to look at this issue from the other side.
      First, analyze why this particular person became your boss. Does he speak loudly or is he confident? Maybe his appearance is conducive to communication or is he a professional in his field? Consider all sorts of facets and find the positive aspects of his leadership. Psychologists remind that leaders are the same people with their weaknesses and human life. Think about what your boss is interested in, what hobbies he has, with whom he communicates. Respect is your first step to success!
    • Expectations
      Estimate what the chef expects from you?
      • reliability – Do you complete all assignments and tasks on time;
      • professionalism – how you do your job, whether it is fully, whether the boss needs to double-check or redo something after you;
      • punctuality – lateness, increased lunch break – the boss may pay attention to this.
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    • Only give your boss good news.
      If you constantly approach him with a problem, he begins to consider you as one of his big problems. Disguise the bad news as neutral, and present the neutral as very good. Let your boss remember you as a messenger of good news and then career advancement and an increase in bonuses are guaranteed.
    • Be in sight
      Take an active part in meetings, meetings, trainings. Express your opinion. Offer ideas, analyze aloud working moments, suggest options and ideas – your train of thought will distinguish you from your colleagues, even if they understand more than you, but are silent. Show your work actively, putting the boss in a copy in uncertain situations or when it is necessary to emphasize your professionalism.
    • Observe the dress code
      If this is accepted in the company, it is necessary to observe the dress code, even if your profession does not involve meeting with clients.
      Often, employees of various specialties “forget” that I work in an office – hair, manicure and dress code will make you more attractive, confident, and therefore reliable (do not forget about this).
    • Praise
      The boss is also a person. Praise him again if his project is a success. The main thing is not to overdo it. A simple phrase – “you did it great” will be noted in the eyes of the leader. See also: Friendship with bosses – pros and cons.
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    • Assessment of the situation
      Do not strain the boss over trifles once again, it is better to ask a colleague once again for a question or wait for a convenient moment. If an emergency is at work – wait out the time with the signing of a vacation or sick leave.
    • Don’t gossip
      Do not spread gossip about your boss – someone in the team will still give out your secret and all the words that will be said to your boss. Believe me, especially if you are a good specialist, many will want to take your place, and the manager wants to get rid of you and increase the one who will report to him about all changes at work.
    • Do not compare
      Do not compare the new boss with the previous one, because you have already worked with the last one, got used to it, talked, and recognized him. The new boss is always a stranger at first. Over time, you will get used to it and, perhaps, it will become better for you than the previous one.
    • Make it easy
      Even if there is a lot of work, and you sit out periodically – do not show that it is hard for you, that it is a burden for you. Do your business, answer the phone at the same time. Be multi-tasking and lightweight. See also: The best time management techniques: how to keep up with everything at work and not get tired?

We hope these tips will help you improve your relationship with your boss at work. If you have any questions – write a comment and our expert psychologists will advise you.

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