10 dreams that cannot be ignored even by those who do not believe in dreams

Dreams that cannot be ignoredPeople have been trying to interpret dreams for centuries, and at our stage of human development, scientists present interesting research in this area. Oneirology is a science that studies dreams, and its goal is to find a connection between dreams and brain functions. Psychologists believe that dreams tell important facts about a person’s life and reflect everything that happens in our subconscious.

Let’s take a look at the most basic “plots” of dreams that most people usually see.

1. Fall from height

Psychologist Ian Wallace argues that dreams when you fall or fail somewhere are a sign of a loss of control in your life. You are likely to have a lot of burdensome obligations that you cannot avoid, or you are simply at the mercy of stress in your daily life.

However, some scientists also explain such dreams with simple physiology. When the human brain enters the sleep phase, the nervous system calms down, the pulse and blood pressure decrease, and the brain’s activity begins to slow down. These factors, as well as your general mental state, contribute to the so-called “hypnagogic twitching”. These muscle spasms occur just as the brain transitions from wakefulness to sleep.

2. Public appearances or examinations

Many people are afraid of taking exams or embarrassed to speak in public.

These types of dreams are found mainly in schoolchildren (schoolchildren and students), but they can also be dreamed by fairly adult people.

Public appearances

For the most part, they indicate that a person is experiencing stress, anxiety and an excessive sense of responsibility.

3. Loss of teeth, injury and death

When a person dreams that their teeth are crumbling or falling out, it signals a lack of self-esteem or a decrease in confidence, since a smile is one of the first things that other people notice about us.

Dream expert Patricia Garfield also associates this with feelings of suppressed anger, since we tend to grit our teeth with these emotions.

Dreams of death and injury (trauma) often speak of worries and anxieties about the aging of loved ones.
In addition, it may mean that some part of you is dying, and you now have the opportunity to be reborn into a better version of yourself. In fact, it’s just a trick of the brain to prepare you for the changes in your life.

4. Sleep when you have practically no clothes on

Dreams like these indicate feelings of shame or embarrassment about something in your life.

Ian Wallace says: “These dreams signal your vulnerability and insecurity, say, in a new job or in a relationship. You are afraid that others will receive information about your shortcomings and weaknesses. “

5. You are being persecuted

Such dreams have a number of meanings. Dream expert Lauri Levenberg interprets it this way: “People who seek to avoid conflicts often dream that they are being chased or persecuted.”

Dream chase

Pay attention to the pursuer – perhaps this is the one you are trying to avoid in your real life.

Things like debt, discussing a problem with your spouse, addiction, or an upcoming job interview can be the underlying causes of your dreams.

6. Disasters or Apocalypse

Well, who hasn’t had dreams of natural disasters or the end of the world? Most often they talk about a loss of control or an impending threat – far-fetched or real.

The internet and social media can make this situation worse as you absorb a lot of negative information.

7. Accident or breakdown

Patricia Garfield claims that women see such dreams more often, as they talk about the loss of emotional ties with loved ones.

Dreaming about accidents or breakdowns is a signal that you do not have enough help and support, and that you are not able to cope with the situation on your own.

8. Pregnancy

It’s funny, but men can also dream about an alleged pregnancy.

Man dreams of pregnancy

David Bedrick, an expert on dreams, interprets it this way: “Pregnancy speaks of something new, arising within you.”

Most likely, you want to bring new ideas and ideas into this world.

9. You are late

According to researcher Michael Olsen, obsessive dreams of being late indicate your fear of missing out on something meaningful and significant in life.

These may be relationship problems – especially if you don’t make enough time for the people you love.

10. An unfamiliar room or house

Such dreams speak of a need for self-reflection. They often symbolize hidden talents or skills that you do not use.

Most likely, you are going through a stage of internal changes, and you need to get rid of excess and burdensome baggage in life.

People see a wide variety of dreams, and this list is not exhaustive. However, dreams can really help you cope with problems, so try not to ignore them.

What dreams cannot be ignored

Write down any dream that you remember immediately after getting up so that you can read, understand and decipher it later.

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