10 exercises to stretch your body while working at the computer

Many office workers suffer from back pain, osteochondrosis, hemorrhoids, overweight problems and many other office diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Gymnastics in the workplace can help us prevent and get rid of these ailments. Therefore, today we will discuss the most effective and efficient exercises when working at a computer.

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10 best exercises for computer users

  • Head tilts to restore cerebral circulation
    What is useful: This easy exercise will help you relax your neck muscles and restore cerebral circulation.
    How to do it: First, tilt your head to the left, sit in this position until you feel the muscles in your neck stretch, and then return to the starting position. Do the same with your head tilted to the right side. Repeat this exercise 10-12 times.
  • Relaxing Shoulder Gymnastics
    What is useful: this gymnastics will relax the shoulder girdle, which is the main load during sedentary work
    How to do it: Raise your shoulders up first and stay in this position for 15 seconds. Drop down. Do this exercise three times. Next, rotate your shoulders forward five times and back five times. Finally, clasp your hands in front of you, lift them up and stretch your whole body with all your strength.
  • Exercise for firm and beautiful breasts
    What is useful: This exercise, which you can do on the computer, will strengthen your chest muscles and help keep your breasts firm.
    How to do it: Bring your hands together in front of you at the level of the chest so that the palms are tightly resting against each other, and the elbows are apart. With all your strength, begin to press with your right palm on your left. Do the same in reverse. Repeat the exercise on each side 10 times.
  • Gymnastics at the computer for a flat tummy
    What is useful: You can perform this simple exercise in front of the monitor without interrupting your work. It is great for strengthening muscles and making your tummy flat and firm.
    How to do it: Sitting on a chair, straighten your back. Pull your stomach in as much as possible and sit in this position for 5-7 seconds. Then relax. You need to repeat this exercise 20 times.
  • Exercise to strengthen your back muscles
    What is useful: stretches the muscles of the back, is the prevention of osteochondrosis and curvature of the spine
    How to do it: Stretch your arms up, turning their palms towards each other as if you were holding something in your hands. Stretch in this way to the right side and hold for 10 seconds until you feel the muscles of the left back stretch. Do the same while stretching to the left. Also stretch your arms out in front of you and stretch, according to the same principle, first to the right and then to the left. The exercise can be repeated 3-4 times from each starting position.
  • Exercise that develops the muscles of the legs and abs
    What is useful: with the help of this gymnastics, when working at a computer, you can strengthen the muscles of the legs and at the same time pump up the abs
    How to do it: Sit on the edge of a chair and grasp it with your hands. Raise your straight legs off the floor and cross them. Next, start as hard as you can push with one foot on the other. Swap your legs. Try to repeat the exercise at least 10 times.
  • Gymnastics for slender legs and inner thighs
    What is useful: Strengthens the muscles of the legs and helps to bring the inner thighs into perfect shape.
    How to do it: While sitting on a chair, squeeze an object with your knees – for example, a book, a folder with papers, or a small briefcase. Squeeze and unclench your legs rhythmically, but so that the object does not fall to the floor. Repeat compressions 25 times.
  • Exercise for the lumbar spine and correct posture
    What is useful: Strengthens the spine, preventing its curvature.
    How to do it: Sitting on a chair with your back straight, bring your legs together so that the feet are snug against each other. Lean alternately on the right and left sides so that your palm completely touches the floor. Repeat the exercise on each side 10 times.
  • Gymnastics to train the back of the thigh and elastic buttocks
    What is useful: These exercises will tone your leg muscles and tighten your glutes.
    How to do it: Sit straight on the edge of a chair and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Squeeze your abdominal muscles as hard as you can and, keeping your legs bent, pull your toes up and your heels down. Repeat 15-20 times.
  • Relaxing leg gymnastics
    What is useful: This pleasant exercise will improve blood circulation and will be an excellent prevention of varicose veins, as well as relaxation and stress relief.
    How to do it: Find a pencil, fax roll, or any cylindrical object in your office. Lay it on the floor, take off your shoes and roll it with your feet under the table. You can do this exercise for an unlimited amount of time, since it does not require practically any physical effort from you.

Exercises for those who have to work at the computer for a long time – video

Performing this gymnastics every day while working at a computer, you maintain a perfect figure and avoid health problemsthat lie in wait for everyone who leads a sedentary lifestyle. Also try go out into the fresh air more often, or at least remember to ventilate the room

Be beautiful and healthy!

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