10 most unusual New Year traditions around the world

New Year is a magical holiday that unites the whole world in a single festive rush. But the traditions of the inhabitants of each country are so individual and unique that sometimes they are a surprise for tourists and stir up interest in the country.

Today COLADY will tell you about 10 of the most unusual traditions of celebrating the New Year in different countries of the world. It is interesting!

New Year
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  • On the other side of the globe – Australia
    On New Year’s Eve, Australia is in the midst of a hot summer, so residents get out for the holiday in the late afternoon. It is celebrated mainly on the beach or in nature. You can recognize the coming of next year by the unanimous chorus of car horns, as well as the ringing of city church bells. Santa’s costume can also surprise a tourist, because of the whole outfit he wears only red swimming trunks!
  • France – the land of kings and gluttons
    The French are preparing a traditional royal pie, inside of which you can accidentally find a king’s figurine. Fortunately, some prudent hosts who don’t want to risk their guests’ teeth simply decorate the cake with a large paper crown.
  • Conservative morals of England and Scotland
    The “first leg” tradition, invented 1500 years ago, is still held in high esteem. The British and Scots will be happy if, after 12 o’clock, a handsome young brunette knocks on the door, because it is for luck and good luck in finances. It is desirable that not only money, but also salt, coal, a piece of bread or a flask of whiskey.
New Year
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  • Grapes in hand – Spain and Cuba
    How many months in a year? That’s right, 12! That is why in Spain and Cuba, with the onset of the New Year, it is customary to eat a dozen grapes. This custom originated as a reaction to the abundance of sweet berries at the beginning of the last century. By the way, they are eaten one for each chime.
  • Calligraphy Day in Japan
    Japan, as always, surprises with its cultural approach even to such a massive holiday. According to the Kakizome custom, until January 5, all Japanese painstakingly write on separate sheets: eternal youth, longevity and spring. On January 14, the leaves are burned in the street, and if the wind picks up the leaf up, then all sincere wishes will come true.
  • An evergreen parasite holds lovers’ hearts together in Norway and Sweden
    Sly Norwegians and Swedes hang mistletoe branches. And although mistletoe is a poisonous gluttonous tree, on New Year’s, its branches connect lovers in a traditional kiss. Indeed, the Nordic myth tells how the goddess Odina endowed the mistletoe with the ability to give love to those who wish.
  • Bright New Year’s Eve in Italy
    Well, calculating Italians do not throw their things around, so the tradition of clearing trash is preserved rather like a myth for tourists. But the Italian people are so in love with the bright clothes of Santa that on New Year’s Eve everything is completely in red, and this applies even to small accessories. So if you meet a police officer in red socks, it’s for good luck.
10 most unusual New Year traditions around the world
Photo by Pixabay
  • How to stop being the scapegoat – they know in Hungary
    Shortly before the holiday, the Hungarians make straw stuffed animals – “scapegoats”. On New Year’s Eve they are set on fire, run around the block or burned in the central square in a common fire. People believe that such an action protects them from the troubles of the past year. A similar ritual is performed by Serbs, Ecuadorians and Croats. In addition, the superstitious people of Hungary do not risk putting poultry dishes on the table, otherwise new happiness will fly away.
  • Cold chic in Sweden for New Years
    Every year a famous hotel with ice walls, ceiling and furniture is erected in Jukkasjärvi. In the spring, this hotel melts symbolically, flowing into the river. Only 100 people who are ready to spend money on expensive apartments and elite alcohol can celebrate the New Year in “icy” conditions. On the morning of January, all guests run to bask in the sauna.
  • Elegant New Year’s palms in African countries
    Everyone knows that evergreens do not grow in Africa, so they have to use palms instead of Christmas trees. Decorated palms look also beautiful, albeit exotic for a European tourist. What is happening under the palm tree is much more surprising! The dashing youth runs on all fours with a chicken egg in their mouths. The most economical egg carrier, which has not damaged its cargo, is declared the winner.

As you can see, New Year’s traditions are very different in different countries. Although they are all funny and amazing for us, what is worth only an Italian macho in all red or Australian Santa Claus in swimming trunks!

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Countries with an unusual New Year celebration – video

What New Year traditions do you like?

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