10 new fun sand games for a child 4-7 years old

10 new sand games for a child 4-7 years oldSand is one of the best anti-stress therapy tools out there. Moreover, both for children and adults. And, if the latter still somehow cope with their stresses, then it is categorically impossible to deprive the kids of the opportunity to bury themselves in the sand at least with their palms. It doesn’t matter if a child makes Easter cakes or builds castles – you can and should play with sand! Even at home, if it’s raining or winter outside. Fortunately, there are more and more options for home sandboxes today.

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  1. Why are sand games useful?
  2. 10 new sand games for a child 4-7 years old

Why are sand games useful?

First of all, this is psychotherapy, which can be practiced from a year – and certainly in a playful way.

Sand therapy relieves stress and tension, relaxes and soothes, and also develops …

  • Memory, perception, thinking and imagination.
  • Intellectual ability in general.
  • Concentration and perseverance.
  • Speech, eye, fine motor skills.
  • Creative potential.
  • Communication skills.
  • Social skills (in group games), etc.

Video: Games and Sand Experiments

The main thing is to choose the right games!

A 4-7 year old child, of course, is no longer interested in playing with molds and Easter cakes. And the castles, it seems, have already been built. And those that have not been built are already being erected with might and main by enthusiastic dads and mothers who do not feed them bread – let me build something out of sand.

And in general – I want something new. What have never been done.

It would seem, well, what else can you do with sand, besides Easter cakes, castles and footprints? Still, there are still options!

We turn on our imagination, stock up on the correct and clean sand, and – let’s go!

Home sandbox

Such an anti-stress toy will always help mom out when the weather conditions are not suitable for walking outside, when there is no pushing through the sandbox in the yard, when the baby is in a bad mood or you just need to keep him busy for a while.

10 new sand games for a child 4-7 years old

What do you need to play?

  • The sandbox is medium in size (about 50-70 cm x 70-100 cm x 10-20 cm). We choose the sizes in accordance with home conditions. Someone can afford a two-meter sandbox in the middle of a large apartment, but for someone it is quite problematic to cram a tiny one. From the inside, it is recommended to paint the sandbox in a gentle and calm blue color, which symbolizes water and has a calming effect on the children’s nervous system.
  • When choosing a box for a sandbox (or building it yourself), remember that the sandbox must be safe! No sharp corners, burrs, rough rough surfaces, protruding nails, etc. An ideal option is an inflatable sandbox, in which you can fearlessly mix sand with water without worrying about the carpet. In addition, such a sandbox is easy to clean – you just need to pour the sand into a container and blow off the sandbox itself. Alternatively, you can find a large plastic container as a sandbox.
  • Choosing the sand! For example, ordinary sea sand – or calcined quartz. Of course, if you wish, you can play with kinetic or space sand in the sandbox, but if the child climbs into it entirely, then shaking the kinetic sand off the clothes will then be very difficult.
  • What else? And everything that can be useful to a child in a sandbox – molds and spatulas, water and a watering can, toys, etc.

The sandbox, which you can climb into with your feet, to bury your toes and hands in the sand, is a fantastic anti-stress for a child. Vacuuming after the game is a matter of 10 minutes, so you should not deny the child such pleasure.

Of course, you shouldn’t leave it in the room all the time – take out the “toy” as needed.

Video: Games with sand. Fine motor skills

Sand Tattoos

A fun and original summer outdoor adventure game.

What do you need to play?

  • PVA glue – 1 bottle.
  • A pair of brushes.
  • Sand.

The essence of this amusing entertainment is quite simple. We draw patterns directly on the skin with glue using a spout or a brush, after which we sprinkle the skin with sand – and gently shake off the excess.

Such sand “tattoos” will amuse both children and parents. They are washed off easily – with the help of soap, and do not bring harm.

10 new sand games for a child 4-7 years old

We paint with sand

Artistic creative game that will suit any sandbox or beach getaway.

What do you need to play?

  • PVA glue – 1 bottle.
  • A pack of thick paper, you can color (or cardboard).
  • Brushes and paints (any).
  • Directly sand.
  • Water.

We draw patterns on paper or any plot if desired with glue, then sprinkle with sand on top – and shake off excess sand. The glue should be completely covered with sand. Now we are waiting for the masterpiece to dry up.

Sand – or the paper itself where it is not present – can be painted over with thinner paint.

The main drawback of the game: it is not very convenient to paint on the street.

10 new sand games for a child 4-7 years old

Sand casting

One of the most fun sandbox activities. In principle, you can easily do it on the beach, but it will be more comfortable at home.

What do you need to play?

  • Scoop.
  • Sand and water.
  • An old bowl or any container that you will not mind throwing away.
  • Natural materials – flowers, shells, twigs, pebbles.
  • Handicraft materials – for example, beads, colored balls, ribbons, etc.
  • Gypsum.

We make a small depression in the sand. Preferably even – for example, with a glass or bottle. We lay out the walls of the recess with the available treasures – shells, glass beads, and so on.

Next, dilute gypsum 2: 1 with water in an old saucepan and pour it into the recess made to the very edges to cover all the materials inside. Sprinkle with shells on top and wait half an hour until the plaster dries.

Next, we take out our “casting” from the sandbox, gently brush off all excess sand and leave it on the shelf overnight until it hardens completely.

The child will definitely like this creative entertainment, especially since the resulting summer present can be brought to school in the fall as a craftwork – or given to someone for a holiday.

Sand animation

One of the most interesting sand games, which not only children, but also adults play with pleasure – some of them very professionally.

Probably, there are no more people left who would not have heard of sand animation: more and more often you can see similar cartoons on the Web, created by the hands of large and small animators. The lesson is fantastically interesting, creative, developing already discovered talents and discovering new ones.

10 new sand games for a child 4-7 years old

As for the costs of this sand game, they are not that great.

What do you need to play?

  • Sand. In the absence of sand, you can even use semolina or ground coffee.
  • Lamp with diffused light.
  • Table with high sides
  • Glass and reflective film.

Brushes are not needed in this technique. So are computer mice and tablets. You need to draw with your fingers, which is ideal for a child. In addition, any “failure” can be easily corrected with a slight movement of the hand into a new plot, and the images can be changed endlessly.

The advantages of this game (technique):

  • Skills and expensive consumables are not required.
  • There is no age limit.
  • The lesson is interesting at any age.
  • Sand animation videos really break records for views on certain sites.

Sand animation has a 100% antidepressant effect, liberates, develops sensory feelings.

Video: Sand therapy for children at home. Sand games

Bottled rainbow

This creative activity not only brings pleasure in the process, but also delights with the result for a long time.

An original craft, simple in execution, will add a little variety to your usual games with your child and will become a decoration for his room.

What do you need for the craft?

  • Fine sifted sand. As a last resort – finely ground salt.
  • Colored crayons.
  • Small glass bottles / jars with lids. Although plastic is certainly preferable, given that children are the main participants in the process, the rainbow looks more interesting in glass, and crayons stick to the glass less.

Pour 1/6 of the sand required for one bottle onto the paper. Next, we take a colored crayon – for example, red – and rub the sand with it. Pour the colored sand into a vessel. Now we take a new sheet – and repeat the procedure with another crayon.

The container should gradually be filled with several layers of sand, painted in different colors.

On a note: a rainbow will look much more interesting if the sand is poured into the vessel at an angle or in a spiral. But it is important to pour it in as carefully as possible so that the multi-colored layers do not mix. Now we screw on the lid and you can use it in the interior!

10 new sand games for a child 4-7 years old

Getting ready for school!

For this game, it is enough to periodically go to the coast of the sea or river (if you live nearby) – or to build a small sandbox in which you can use the water. For such purposes, even an unnecessary baking sheet is suitable.

The point of the exercise is to teach reading and math in the sand.

Pros of the game:

  • The child relieves stress associated with various fears of school.
  • Errors can be easily erased by hand.
  • Stiffness goes away, peace remains.
  • Learning the basics of reading and math is much easier through play.

At the same time, during the game, we study geometric shapes, tracks of birds and animals, etc.

The ideal option is to find molds for sand in the form of an alphabet and numbers.

Design your world

Psychologists recommend this game for children from 5 years old. It is through the creation of his own world that the child reveals to you the secrets of his fears and dreams.

Be careful and do not miss anything – perhaps it is through this game that you will suddenly understand what your child lacks so much.

Of course, it is recommended to play it at home, where the child is as open and calm as possible.

10 new sand games for a child 4-7 years old

What do you need to play?

  • Sandbox.
  • Toys.

The essence of the game is to create your own world. Ask the child to create just such a world as he would like to see it – his own individual one. Let the child inhabit it whoever he wants, build what he wants, use any materials. The main thing is the result of “construction” and the child’s story about his world.

Of course, the ideal option is if there are at least two children, after all, in a collective game, children open up more willingly, demonstrating common interests in construction, clearly drawing boundaries – or even simulating wars and battles. In any case, there are many advantages – both the child cannot be taken away from the game, and mom and dad can learn a lot about the child.

In addition, this creation of your own world and its history strongly develops imagination and speech, fine motor skills, imagination and creativity.

Rock garden

A game for older kids who lack ways to relieve stress.

Rock Garden is a mini home version of the sandbox with an anti-stress effect. These are often seen in offices as a business version.

Usually, sand, pebbles and a mini-rake are attached to such a sandbox to draw patterns on the sand. The child can place stones as they wish, and the patterns in the sand will help relieve stress and awaken creativity.

If the budget is limited, then it is better not to spend money on the business version, but to buy a beautiful ceramic or plastic container, clean fine sand (in a construction or pet store), a bag of pebbles (the reference point is to a store with live fish) and a mini-rake (we buy in a toy department).

10 new sand games for a child 4-7 years old

Guess by touch

The game is suitable for both indoor and outdoor sandboxes.

What do you need to play?

  • Sand.
  • A bag with various toys and simple objects (from seashells and cones to pebbles and dolls).

Mom buries the toy (shallowly) in the sand, and the baby’s task is to feel it in the sand, guess what it is – and only then pull it out.

The game is good for the development of fine motor skills, imagination, imaginative thinking, tactile sensations, and most importantly – for creating a closer connection between mom and baby.

Sand therapy is not only about relieving stress and dealing with childhood fears. First of all, it is a fun pastime with parents, whose attention is priceless. website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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