10 places to find your husband’s stash – where is your husband hiding his stash?

The majority of the population of our compatriots has a need for savings. Each family has its own needs. And a quarter of them (according to statistics) save money in reserve not for new furniture or a slow cooker, but simply “to have it.” You never know. And this situation is not surprising – Russians have never been pampered with monetary stability. And besides, making stash is practically a national tradition. Such a stash (even a modest one) lies under the mattress and warms the heart. As a rule, it warms up to the husband. Because women are less inclined to the habit of “stash money in reserve”.

COLADY will tell you where men hide their stash from their women.

10 places where a husband can hide a stash from his wife - so where to look for a husband's stash?
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The content of the article:

Why does a husband make a stash from his wife – the main reasons

– Do you owe someone money?
– No, what are you, dear!
– A mistress?
– In no case!
– Why a stash then?
– Sorry. Habit…

Dialogues, akin to this – not an anecdote, but a very real story that happens to many couples. Sooner or later every second wife finds an unaccounted Klondike at home and asks herself (or even immediately to her husband) the main question – why?

So, why does the strong floor need stash?

  • The mistress. The most ridiculous, probably, option, but it has the right to life. Although, in fact, a man who can afford a mistress (and this is a considerable expense) does not need stash – there should be enough money for everything and without “wooden” socks on the mezzanine.
  • To your male delights (for fishing, cars, technical innovations, etc.). That is, for everything that wives often consider a waste of money. You can’t put off money in time – goodbye to a new spinning rod, cue or audio system. Men are like children, and each child has his own “children’s” piggy bank.
  • For women’s joys. For us loved ones. For example, to have enough for the spouse for a gift, an unexpected surprise or a trip. Or to suddenly pay for a handbag, which turned out to be “so cool, so cool – only 10 thousand, I want, I want, I want, please.”
  • In case of emergency. Anything happens in life. Sometimes money is badly needed for medical treatment, for the repair of the kitchen flooded by the neighbors from above, for an urgent session of “relaxation” for the spouse in the beauty salon, for repairing the car, for fines for traffic cops, etc.
  • Just a habit.
  • For large purchases.
  • A kind of “rear”. It’s nice to know that any unforeseen event is already insured.
  • So that the wife does not control all income / expenses. That is, out of harm and out of principle, to spite the wife-saw.
  • Gold reserve for the future of children.
  • Because the wife is a spender.
  • For debts (or alimony).

As we can see, the unaccounted assets of the spouse, in most cases, flow in the direction called “family budget”. And the absence of a stash (financial safety net) for a man is more terrible than the detective intelligence activity of his wife, followed by a scandal and the seizure of funds.

Especially when the spouse is in charge of finances in the house (well, a man cannot give everything).

10 best places for a husband’s stash – so where can a husband hide a stash from his wife?

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There is no point in reinventing the wheel these days. For the stash, you can open a dozen bank cards and transfer to them all finances from “shabashki”, part-time jobs, bonuses and so on. But with cash it is more difficult … You have to show miracles of ingenuity. Where does the stronger sex usually hide the stash?

Most popular caches:

  • Cistern bottom (the money is pre-packed tightly).
  • Books. Just between the pages or by cutting out a suitable “hole” in the book pages. You don’t have to look at Capital (the well-known cache).
  • Under mirrors and paintings. Some “cunning” in the absence of wives even manage to place safes in the walls under the wallpaper. Another option is on the balcony, under one of the pulled out bricks.
  • In the ventilation hole.
  • In the dishes. For example, in grandmother’s unfashionable sugar bowl, which has been in the very corner of the sideboard for ten years.
  • Under parquet, plinth, tiles, cornice.
  • At the bottom of the aquarium, between the pebbles, taking into account reliable sealing.
  • In the toys of the children’s room. For example, in a huge teddy bear on the closet, from which dust is shaken off once a year.
  • In a chemical box, into which the spouse will not climb as unnecessary.
  • In the computer system unit.

And also in Christmas tree decorations, tool boxes, in an old mobile phone or player, in the barrel of a hunting rifle, in a junction box and so on. In general, wherever “female logic” never sticks its powdered nose.

Hthe most reliable place today is the bank… Opening a debit card takes 10 minutes. And it will be extremely difficult to look into it. Especially if there are several cards.

You have found your husband’s stash – what to do next?

What to do if you accidentally (or not very accidentally) stumbled upon your husband’s treasury?

In fact, there are not so many options:

  • Pick up silently. As a wife, who has been wearing an old fur coat for the second year already. If she asks “did you find, dear, anything unusual?” – to say that his plump roll of thousandth bills, which were not enough even for human boots, I never saw in my eyes and for nothing.
  • Take it for yourself. And so that conscience does not torment, make a scandal – “How could you, a parasite! I believed you so! “
  • Pick up, hide and just watch the reaction. It can be very funny.
  • Pretend that you did not notice his stash, and have your own Capital on the bookshelf. In revenge.
  • Do not touch, but resent his distrust – and, of course, a scandal for dinner.
  • Recalculate and return where it was. Let him think that he is the most cunning.
  • Add the same amount and observe the reaction.

And if it’s no joke, then the following should be remembered about the husband and his stash …

  • He could save this money for you for a surprise or a gift.… It is unlikely that family happiness will benefit if you expropriate the stash, and even throw a scandal.
  • This money may belong to another person. For example, someone asked to save it, or the husband himself owes someone. Again, this is not a scandal. Since you were not told anything about this, it means that they are taking care of your nervous system.
  • Of course, if the spouse works seven days a week, the junior carries on for the senior, the refrigerator is empty, and the spouse brazenly arranges “caches” for his pleasures – this is a reason to be upset… And often – even divorce.
  • A woman who trusts her husband will never ask – “why do you need a stash?”… And she will not look for her either. Because if this hypothetical stash is, then he needs it. And you should not get into this personal space (it will definitely not bring joy to anyone).
  • There is no need to bring the relationship to the point where total control begins. not only for the husband’s income / expenses, but also for his every action. Such surveillance is not even a bell, but an alarm about a hole in the family boat. The more you squeeze the grip of control around your husband, the more actively he will seek independence and freedom from you.
  • A wise woman will never take the money she finds and will not remind her husband of them.

It is naive and shortsighted to think that a man in a family has no right to his own, set aside money. Do not ask your wife every time for new wobblers, for the road, lunch in a cafe, etc. For a man, this is humiliating.

The situation is the same with wives. Start your own secret piggy bank and forget about your husband. Surely, you too have little pleasure – beg your husband for new underwear, then for the next shoes.

Have there been similar situations in your family life with your husband’s stash? And how did you get out of them? Share your stories in the comments below!

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