10 powerful ways to build endometrium safely

The endometrium is the inner lining of the body of the uterus. The possibility of conception directly depends on his condition.

The endometrium is sensitive to the hormonal background of a woman and it is this feature that affects its size. It becomes noticeably thicker, enriched with glands, which provide an improved blood supply to the tissue in the last, premenstrual phase of the cycle. This ensures the successful implantation of the embryo – that is, ensures the possibility of conception.

How to build up the endometrium – the COLADY editors asked this question to gynecologists and doctors.

COLADY Magazine warns! Self-medication is dangerous to your health. A specialist consultation is required.

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Why do we need an endometrium, what should it be?

Endometrium is the lining inside the uterus. It is a system that consists of many components, in particular:

  • Epithelium – integumentary and glandular;
  • Blood vessels;
  • The stroma is a supporting, connective tissue that, during menstruation, develops into mature cells that produce collagen and a number of other substances.
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The creation of favorable conditions for the attachment and development of the embryo in the uterus is the main function of the endometrium. If conception occurs, the number of blood vessels and glands begins to grow in the endometrium, in order to:

  • Endometrial vessels have become part of the placenta;
  • Oxygen delivery to the developing fetus was carried out;
  • The receipt of nutrients by the embryo was ensured.

Endometrial thickness for conception and pregnancy

So, we found out that the endometrium is one of the important elements of conception. The possibility of getting pregnant depends on:

  • The thickness and structure of the endometrium;
  • Successfully reaching the desired maturity threshold superficial endometrial glands.

It is these moments that provide, in fact, the attachment of the ovum to the walls of the uterus and the beginning of its development into the embryo.

The maturation of the endometrium depends directly on estradiol, a hormone produced with the correct development of follicles.

Estradiol provides:

  • Maturation of the endometrium;
  • The accumulation of receptors for progesterone – another important hormone – in the epithelial tissue of the endometrium.

Pregnancy will not occur if, for some reason, the endometrium does not mature. The reasons for these problems include:

  • Congenital conditionsin which the production of the necessary hormones is insufficient or absent;
  • Hormonal – if, for some reason, the hormonal background of a woman does not allow the endometrium to reach the desired phase of development at the right time (thin endometrium);
  • Violations of blood supply in the uterus – congenital or acquired. Similar problems can arise after trauma, inflammation, diseases of the uterus and related organs, as well as as a result of abortion;
  • Endometrial trauma – as a rule, resulting from abortion. Complete removal of the endometrium with active curettage is extremely rare, but even partial removal of this layer makes pregnancy very difficult.
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Depending on the reasons for the disturbance in the maturation and development of the endometrium, the doctor prescribes certain drugs. And traditional medicine knows its own ways to help cope with this problem.

Effective ways to build up the endometrium: medications

For rapid growth of the endometrium, as a rule, they use medications… It should be noted that the thin endometrium is difficult to treat.

Since the growth of the endometrium is directly dependent on estrogen, respectively, it is prescribed:

  • Hormonal treatments: as a rule, these are estradiol injections, divigel.
  • Drops “Gormel” – a homeopathic medicine that is used to regulate the hormonal states of a woman. Its action is aimed at enhancing the production of estrogen. The effect of the drug is quite mild and effective.

It is believed that drugs such as “Duphaston” and “Utrozhestan”, build up the endometrium. This is not true. These drugs help the endometrium to form and mature. These drugs contain progesterone: “Duphaston” consists of synthesized progesterone and has no side effects, “Utrozhestan” – from natural.

How to build up the endometrium using folk methods

It can help in building up the endometrium Alternative medicine:

  • Acupuncture (other names: acupuncture, reflexology, acupuncture) – one of the areas of traditional Chinese medicine, which is based on the impact on the body with special needles. The needles are inserted at specific points on the body.
  • Hirudotherapy – treatment with medicinal leeches.

These methods are considered effective by improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

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Often women use folk remedies to increase the thickness of the endometrium.

  1. Vitamin C and Products Containing It: grapefruit, pineapple, tangerines. Pineapples and grapefruit can be eaten without restriction. However, it is worth remembering that this tool does not help everyone.
  2. Vitamin E and Products Containing It – fresh vegetables, milk, raspberry leaves, from which it is recommended to brew tea. Tea is brewed in arbitrary proportions, there are no clear recommendations.
  3. Herbs, spices, and foods high in salicylates… From spices, curry, ginger, paprika, thyme, dill, cinnamon, mint, etc. can be used in food. Many salicylates contain raisins, blueberries, grapes, prunes, cherries, cranberries, etc. The necessary substances are also found in honey, wine, cider, vinegar, and chewing gum.
  4. Sage – decoctions of this herb affect the growth of the endometrium, its effectiveness has been confirmed by clinical trials.
  5. Borovaya uterus, red brush – these herbs have a positive effect on the female hormonal sphere. Herbs are used according to a strictly defined scheme and in a certain dosage.
  6. Exercises for the press – this type of exercise not only strengthens the muscles of the press and internal organs, but also has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation of the pelvic organs. However, it must be remembered that this method will not help for every reason of a thin endometrium. It is also strongly contraindicated in some situations.

Remember, self-medication and self-diagnosis can lead to irreparable consequences. Before taking this or that drug or herbs – consult a doctor… Herbs are sometimes no less powerful than drugs.

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