10 reasons to start fitness

Fitness is a popular sport that allows you to achieve incredible results. Its health and body benefits are undeniable. But is everything so clear? We spoke with a health professional about this. He named 10 reasons why you need to do fitness.

What results can you achieve with fitness?

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It has been observed that this sport is beneficial not only for the physical, but also for the mental health of a person. During exercise, the body releases a huge amount of endorphins, hormones of happiness. The feeling of euphoria does not leave for a long time.

Basic changes in your health if you exercise regularly:

  1. The joints will become more flexible.
  2. The muscle frame will be strengthened.
  3. The mood will be good all the time.
  4. The skin will become youthful and toned.
  5. The complexion will improve.
  6. Blood circulation will improve.

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Essential elements of fitness

Five Key Elements of Physical Fitness – muscle endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, body mass to adipose tissue ratio, cardiorespiratory endurance. In accordance with the type of training, certain parameters are developed. For example, the flexibility of the joints is acquired through yoga. Aerobics, on the other hand, helps train the cardiovascular system.

Fitness Is not one of the methods for increasing muscle mass. This is a whole range of activities to improve the mind and body. And for harmonious optimal development, you should only choose the type of training correctly.

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10 reasons to start fitness

  1. Relaxation. No matter how strange this reason may seem. It is a well-known fact that the best rest is not sitting on sofa cushions, but physical activities, which should be switched from work and household chores. Moreover, in office work, when the activity of the body becomes the best gift for the psychological state and the body.
  2. Stress resistance… Regular fitness activities, according to statistics, reduce the risk of emotional breakdown and depression. How can this be explained? During physical exertion, the body is saturated with “pleasure” hormones, which provide an overall positive emotional background.
  3. Efficiency. Regular physical activity adapts the body to endurance. Traveling by public transport, carrying bags from shops, hours of traffic jams and other factors exhaust the body. And, despite the unspoken rule – “the best way to relax is not to strain”, there are situations when the body is forced to experience serious stress. In such cases, the hardening acquired during fitness classes comes to the rescue.
  4. Energy. A sluggish, lifeless, apathetic person is not interesting to anyone. And positive emotions do not arise just like that – they need energy. An energetic person is created by active physical activities.
  5. Endurance. When doing what you love, in harmony with regular exercise, physical fatigue does not make itself felt. And in most cases, physical daily work contributes to the preservation of youth and general endurance until the very old age.
  6. Positive mood. It is a well-known medical fact that during fitness training a person’s mood increases significantly. Movement is life, and it is always a joy. It is enough just to look at children’s faces when toddlers are busy with outdoor games.
  7. Youth. What is needed to prolong youth? Of course, pep and maintaining optimal physical shape. A body that gets used to being healthy and young does not accept old age.
  8. Self-esteem. A person who invests in himself and his development (spiritual and physical) increases his self-esteem and self-respect. Accordingly, those around them begin to treat such a person with respect. A woman of forty-five who looks twenty is a daily work and a tangible result.
  9. Health. Health is the main component of any area of ​​human life: love, work, emotional state. There is health – there is everything. The more athletic and energetic a person is, the fewer illnesses cling to him without taking root in a healthy body. Fitness contributes to the fact that the body begins to work like a clock. Tiring diets and expensive pills for losing weight and maintaining good shape become unnecessary. Fitness is health.
  10. Time. A person whose daily schedule includes training appreciates his time, knows how to calculate and manage it correctly. A true desire – to be in great shape – contributes to the emergence of free time, which ceases to squander on idle chatter, or fumbling in front of the TV.
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