10 rules of a wise wife to help strengthen your marriage

How to Become the Perfect Wife? First you need to figure out what kind of a good wife she is. Maybe this is an excellent hostess, a faithful and quivering friend or a sex bomb in a dressing gown? Or maybe all together. No, the main thing is that a good wife is a wise woman. But wisdom does not come by itself. It must be earned with tears and suffered through our own experience.

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COLADY presents 10 rules of a wise wife that will strengthen marriage and maintain harmony in relationships.

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  1. Have patience
    Family is not fun. The relationship is full of contradictions, conflicts, household and financial difficulties. You don’t need to feed yourself with the illusion that life will be vanilla and romantic. And the time between walks under the moonlight and breakfast in bed will take only tenderness and warmth. No, there will be quarrels – after all, all normal people quarrel. Unless, of course, they are not devoid of self-esteem and personal ideas about life. The spouses collide with their opinions, interests and an explosion turns out.
  2. Talk about your wishes
    A man is not a telepath, he cannot read thoughts. And, unfortunately, he also does not possess intuition, unlike the girls. Therefore, husbands simply cannot guess about women’s thoughts and desires. Do not be offended by this.
    You need to speak directly but gently about your intention. Of course, “Dear, I want a new fur coat” in the direct context does not need to be pronounced. But the phrase “I want to communicate more, let’s spend this weekend together” sounds quite competent.
  3. Hug more often
    The warmth of tactile communication means a lot more words. Touching gives warmth, calms, gives a sense of security. In addition, a rare man can express his thoughts beautifully. And with hugs, you can easily express love, and mutual love.
  4. Spend more time together
    It doesn’t matter what you do – watch a movie, read books, walk in the park, or, ultimately, have sex. To be closer, you need to communicate more.
  5. Do not keep resentment and negativity in memory
    There are many negative aspects of marriage. Do not spoil your life together with memories of quarrels and omissions. See also: How to argue with your husband correctly – the rules of quarrels without negativity and insults.
    Let only warm and positive moments remain in your memory.
  6. A wise wife does not compare her husband to other men
    After all, no one is perfect. Each person has his own shortcomings, and perhaps other people’s and unnoticed weaknesses are much worse than those that your spouse is endowed with.
  7. A good wife does not humiliate her husband
    Moreover, in public. A man is a leader by nature, and a woman is his friend, assistant and strong rear. It is humiliating for the stronger sex to endure criticism from your own wife. This undermines the man’s self-esteem and destroys his personality. Read also: What you should never tell your husband under any circumstances – fatal words and phrases in a relationship.
  8. An intelligent wife does not reproach her husband, that is, does not “nag” him
    He may not earn much, drive poorly, not help around the house, and not love your girlfriends. But if you “cut” it, then it will definitely not change. Therefore, the best way out is to forgive him for his little flaws.
  9. A good wife does not impose her opinion
    Because the man is the head of the family. It is his ancestral responsibility to make a decision. And being henpecked is a shame. A wise wife will unobtrusively lead her husband to the decision she needs.
    For example, she does not want to change the car, but wants to go on vacation. The wife will reveal all the positive aspects of rest and its vital necessity, including for the spouse. “You’ve worked so hard, you just need some rest. And we will change the car next summer. The neighbors say she is in good condition. “
  10. A wise wife is not jealous of her husband, does not arrange surveillance and does not humiliate herself to hysterics
    In family life, it happens that the spouse walks to the left. But eerie scenes of jealousy will not fix this difficult problem. It may be better to compete with your rival or change your attitude towards your husband.

How to Save Your Marriage – 5 Tips for Women

A psychologist named 10 important rules of a wise wife that will help strengthen a marriage
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Psychologists and coaches insist that happiness in a relationship primarily depends on a woman. Therefore, a wise wife who wants to prolong her family happiness should:

  1. Watch yourself
    Despite all the troubles and busyness with business, you need to pay attention to yourself. Beauty is above all! It is not at all necessary to walk around the house in high heels and in full war paint. But it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on your figure, hairstyle and clothes. A woman should even be beautiful, sweet and attractive at home.
  2. Praise your husband
    From flattery, men bloom like flowers in the sun. You should not come up with complex phrases – hints that emphasize its merits. Praise should be straight to the forehead. And highlight the qualities that you would like to see in him more and more often. Thus, it is even possible to correct the behavior of the betrothed. Obvious delight with wide-eyed eyes and sincere exclamation “Great! Cool!” will make any person’s self-esteem rise.
  3. Just love without asking for anything in return
    Even in the most difficult situations in life, you need to remember why you fell in love with your spouse.
  4. Create harmony in relationships, not just pleasing your husband
    The famous wisdom says “It is harmful to be a good wife.” Indeed, if you please your husband all the time, he will spoil himself, sit on his neck and hang his legs.
    Therefore, sometimes you can forget about unwashed socks and a three-course dinner. And more often ask your husband to help around the house, do not forget to throw out the trash and vacuum the carpets.
  5. Asking more experienced women for advice
    Wisdom comes over the years. That is why it is useful to listen to our mothers and grandmothers. After all, they understand much more in family life than young 20-year-old girls who only yesterday took off their wedding dresses.

Astrologer’s commentary

A psychologist named 10 important rules of a wise wife that will help strengthen a marriage
Elena Naumova – astrologer

To strengthen relationships in the family, in marriage, a woman should pay attention to herself. It is the feminine energy that lies at the heart of the family. Have you noticed how a bad mood affects everyone around you? Especially if you are cooking and suddenly feel nervous, raised your voice or cried. What happens after lunch? Everyone who has tasted this food starts to swear and get nervous.

What will help a woman to become a wise wife?

  1. While preparing food, think about the good, invest those emotions and feelings that you wish for the family.
  2. Consider the characteristics of your loved ones when communicating. For example, those born under the earth signs of the zodiac (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) will not give a quick answer to the question. And the fiery ones (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) can flare up, take offense, but they will also quickly forget everything.
  3. Allow yourself to rest. Especially if you feel tired, fatigued, take some time for yourself. This will allow you to react to ongoing events more calmly.
  4. Stop worrying about your husband, especially your children. Self-reliance will not harm anyone, and the mistakes made will remain as their experience.
  5. Plan your work and rest routine. Include time for hobbies, hobbies, and, of course, relaxation.

A woman is the keeper of the hearth, and she needs to understand that the happiness of the family and the success of this union depend on her wisdom. Remember this, ladies!

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