10 secrets men don’t tell women about

They are not who we think they are. Men. How often have we thought that our halves have secrets from us? After all, any woman openly declares that she knows her faithful “inside and out.” But is your man so pure and understandable?

It’s hard to believe, but men have their own secrets that they will never tell their woman about. And if you think that there are no secrets in your relationship, then our selection is for you. What do the strong and mighty hide?

1. Men are afraid

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Darkness, height, spiders or snakes – it doesn’t matter. It is important that men are people too, and for people, fear is a natural emotion. He may be outwardly unshakable like a rock, but phobias and fears of childhood have not been canceled.

Being afraid of something is not as scary for men as admitting it. First, so as not to appear weak in front of other people and friends. And secondly, do not fall in the eyes of your woman.

The male world is cruel and harsh, competition and the desire for superiority constantly reign in it. How can you admit that you are afraid?

2. The true size of your earnings

The man will not hide his income, but will prefer to slightly “round off” the total amount. Sociologists say that the average man hides from 10 to 20% of his income from his partner.

This means that almost all representatives of the stronger sex have their own stash. He in no way wants to deceive his woman. It’s just that life with a stash is calmer.

3. A man needs loneliness

Loneliness is an important condition for our normal existence. Anyone sometimes wants to be alone. But if at work a man can distance himself from problems and leave for a while, then in family life this rarely happens.

10 secrets men will never tell their woman about
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Yes, men get tired of their women. And they will never tell them about it, so as not to offend. Therefore, if he decided to go fishing (and you will not understand in any way what the joy is to sit in silence and look at the float), then do not interfere. Better yet, don’t call him when he’s looking at the float.

4. Men are attracted to other women

Yes, almost all men look at other women. But this does not mean that he is not happy with your relationship or that he no longer loves.

Hunters by nature – they always “scan” everything that happens around. And if a well-groomed, beautiful, elegant woman comes towards you – be sure that your faithful will definitely appreciate her.

This behavior does not pose a threat to family relationships. It just needs to be taken for granted. Why does a man never admit it? It’s simple – so as not to offend your woman.

5. Men don’t like female humor

If a man laughs at a woman’s jokes, this does not mean that he is really funny. Often they do it for the sake of decency. And it’s not that female humor doesn’t exist.

It’s just that in a male environment, humor depends on testosterone. Their jokes are more harsh, caustic and incorrect. Therefore, they do not know how to perceive a different kind of jokes.

How do you know if a man really likes a woman’s humor? If her jokes are like his.

6. Men are addicted to praise

10 secrets men will never tell their woman about
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Representatives of the strong half of humanity are very fond of being praised, adored and thanked. But the harsh realities of life do not allow them to admit this to women.

Most men admit that when their woman is not stingy with gratitude and praise, they are ready to turn a blind eye to many of her shortcomings.

7. Mom is the first word

Few man can admit to his woman that his mother is in the first place for him. Is always. They are afraid that for such confessions they will be considered “mama’s sons”.

And no matter how he is on the side of his family, wife and children – mom is more important for a man.

A wise woman, realizing this, will not interfere with any communication between her son and his mother, without being offended by her status as “No. 2”. Naturally, within reason.

8. Men don’t understand what women are talking about

When a woman starts a conversation with her chosen one “about us”, she tries to convey to him all the problems, situations and troubles that arise in the relationship. Often such long conversations end with phrases:

  • “I understand you perfectly”;
  • “You are absolutely right”;
  • “Next time I’ll do better.”

In fact, a man will not understand even half of what you have been talking about for an hour.

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But that doesn’t mean they don’t give a damn. It’s just that we are from different planets, we have different priorities, goals and objectives. But in order not to upset his chosen one with his incomprehensible appearance, the man never admits to her that she expresses herself unclear to him.

9. Confession of powerlessness

A man can never tell his woman that he does not know something or is not able to. He is strong, protector, rock and rescuer. How to say in such a situation that you absolutely do not know how to fix the outlet? (especially if there is also a phobia of electricity).

“Being a man” in the eyes of a woman is important for everyone. That is why the stronger sex is always taken to solve any problem, even if he is not sure of success. It is important for a man not to fall in the eyes of his chosen one.

10. Appearance is important for men

It doesn’t matter to them whether a woman dresses in fashion or not. But the aesthetic side of a relationship is very valuable for every man. He may never say that he is tired of seeing his woman in sneakers and a sweatshirt, but secretly he will want to see her in a dress, well-groomed and beautiful.

They are well aware that there are different situations when their woman may look “not very”. Still, men “love with their eyes.”

Do you think your male acquaintances are hiding anything from you?

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