10 signs of a man in love who hides his feelings

Suspecting in a man that he is in love with himself, a woman often falls into the trap of her own delusion. All the more so if the woman is “in the search status” of the second half. A simple smile, a natural male desire to “help” and a casual glance may seem like an attempt at courting – and, imbued with a tender feeling, a woman will no longer be able to assess the situation soberly. How to figure out if a man is really in love, or is the reason for his mysterious smile just a good mood?

It’s that simple! You can guess being in love by a number of signs …

Signs of a man in love

1. Loss of self-control

If a self-confident, usually serious and domineering man, at the sight of you, suddenly gets lost and begins to behave in a completely stupid way, gets confused in words, embarrassed, jokes inappropriately, becomes awkward and awkward in movements, you can be sure – he likes you.

The brain of a man who is in love is overloaded with emotions and simply cannot cope with the load, which is why such metamorphoses happen to him. And even willpower does not help to pull oneself together – a new meeting with a lady of the heart also knocks a man out of his usual balance.

2. Courage

For a man in love, “the sea is knee-deep.” Love makes heroes even of the simplest shy young men.

A man who is driven by love, like a young saiga, climbs the balconies through the window of a lady of the heart, jumps with a parachute despite the fear of heights, easily passes on his license to carry his beloved to work, and so on.

Sometimes it comes down to really crazy things.

3. Romance

Falling in love always turns on the romance mode in the head. Even in the most serious, unsmiling and unromantic man, love awakens the desire to please the woman he loves – flowers, gifts, a ring in a glass of champagne, a candlelit dinner, poetry, or even a pizza ordered in the middle of the night.

Of course, if a man hides his feelings, then you will not see any flowers or gifts, but if he constantly tries to pleasantly surprise you and uses every opportunity for this, he is in love.

4. Increased attention

Another obvious symptom of falling in love, by which you can accurately determine the man who is interested in you. He is constantly looking for a reason to call, “accidentally” meets you in the most unexpected places, including those that he hates.

Ready to wander around the shops with you and listen to your chatter about the office “serpentarium” for hours? He’s definitely in love.

A man who is not sure about the reciprocal feeling can show love in completely different forms. For example, criticize regularly, make stinging jokes, openly taunt, etc.

Signs of a man in love who hides his feelings5. Help and the desire to constantly be near

If a man is in love, he doesn’t wait for you to ask him for help. He will not spare his time, money and nerves, so that the lady of his heart would feel next to him, as if behind a stone wall.

And, of course, a man in love will easily refuse gatherings with friends, from any, even the most important matters, from a lunch break and even bad habits in order to win the lady of his heart.

6. Self-care

A man in love is always attentive to his appearance, because he must be perfect in her eyes.

If a man began to take a shower more often, suddenly fell in love with expensive perfume and fashionable clothes, bought a gym membership and often visited the dentist, be sure that love has settled in his heart.

Unless, of course, we are talking about a narcissistic man – a narcissist.

7. Jealousy

Where can we go without this green monster! Jealousy is wherever there is love.

And, although many people in love claim that jealousy is a sign of insecurity in a partner, in fact, jealousy is just the fear of losing him. Which is quite normal, if, of course, it is “healthy” jealousy, the manifestations of which remain within the bounds of what is permitted.

For a man in love, any possible competitor is a reason for a sudden outbreak of “unreasonable” bad mood or even aggression. Why are men so jealous?

8. Fits of humor

A man in love, being in the company, pours jokes to the right and to the left, not stingy. And the very first glance after a general explosion of laughter will be directed exclusively at the woman who is interesting to him.

However, in a company, a man can behave in a completely opposite way – defiantly withdraw from the general fun, in order to silently (and, of course, mysteriously) watch his beloved woman from the sidelines.

How to understand that a man is in love with you - signs of a man in love

9. Macho image

Even in a modest man, brutality awakens when he is in love. With all his looks, gestures, looks and actions, he shows his super-masculinity – even if in ordinary life he is “an affectionate and gentle animal.”

A man in love looks at his potential woman with the gaze of a man who “saw everything in this life”, slightly squinting and smiling with the corners of his eyes. He speaks the words slower, quieter – and in a lower voice than usual to enchant his lady from all sides.

He “accidentally” touches her hand, or deliberately whispers something in her ear in order to get an opportunity to get closer – and strike her outright with his irresistibility.

10. Knight / Gentleman Mode

A man in love will always get up when his lady of the heart enters the room. He will always open the door for her, give her a hand when she gets out of transport, take her bag – even if it’s a small pink backpack with rhinestones.

A man in love does everything himself to amaze his lady of the heart with numerous talents and pleasantly surprise (“oh, what a man!”).

Then, when a woman is conquered, it is no longer entirely necessary to get up when she appears or open the car door from her side, but while a man is in the status of a hunter, he is just an example of politeness.

However, do not forget: if a man just greets you in the morning and skips ahead, this does not mean that he has passion for you. This is common gallantry

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