10 signs of a perfect woman, according to men

The masculine and feminine views of the ideal woman are very different. I was prompted to think about this topic by a remark that my boyfriend threw to me in the heat of a quarrel. He told me: “Imagine, you’re not that perfect!”

And I thought. My parents brought me up so that I should, first of all, be a wonderful housewife. In their view, the ideal woman always has order in her house and the refrigerator is full of various foods. So it was with me. But it turned out that for many men this is not a sign of perfection.

And I wondered how men see the ideal woman. What traits should she have? How should I behave? I turned to my friends, the stronger sex.

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1. Humor

It turns out that the overwhelming majority of men are impressed by women who have humor. They include in this concept:

  • cheerfulness;
  • the ability to relieve tension;
  • joke on time;
  • understand the jokes of others and more.

An important condition is that a woman should not cross the line, that is, men do not like hearing frivolous jokes and stories from women. Even if they are neutral about such humor from their fellows.

Comedian Ilya Sobolev in an interview answered the question of what he likes most about his wife: “She has such a great sense of humor! Nobody makes me laugh like she does. “

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2. Mind

The second most popular qualities of an ideal woman is a developed intellect. According to men, it should be interesting with a partner, it should not be ashamed to go out into society with her. She should be able to maintain a conversation, listen and, if necessary, give practical advice.

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The widespread myth that men tend to prefer beautiful women over smart women is not entirely true. In fact, they would like these 2 qualities to be combined.

3. Well-groomed

Men are great admirers of female beauty, while there are no general criteria. Here, as they say, a matter of taste. At the same time, beauty for them is not always about ideal facial features and figures, but, rather, about grooming.

Representatives of the stronger sex call the main indicators of an unkempt woman a peeling manicure, chaos on the head and negligence in clothing.

“A woman must be beautiful, because a man’s eyes are more developed than the brain.” (Doris Deitz)

4. Femininity

Almost on the same level with grooming, men put the ability to be feminine. However, this does not mean at all that a woman should wear dresses and stiletto heels every day.

By the definition of “femininity” men mean the presence of the following qualities:

  • pleasant manners;
  • deep and clear voice;
  • gracefulness, like a cat;
  • “Flying” gait;
  • refined taste;
  • accuracy;
  • fit;
  • grooming.
10 signs of an ideal woman for a modern man - a commentary from a psychologist
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Honore de Balzac in his work “The Abandoned Woman” he wrote: “If a woman is truly feminine, love for her will never become a habit.”

5. Thrift

Despite the fact that many modern girls do not consider the ability to manage a house as important, men often hold diametrically opposite opinions.

For them, when choosing a life partner, the fundamental criterion is her ability to cook deliciously and keep the house clean.

6. Emotional stability

Most men dislike female tantrums, so one of the important qualities of a perfect woman, they consider the ability to “control themselves.”

In addition, they are wary of those girls who are capable of “fanning” a big drama even from a small problem.

7. Sensuality

Do not forget that quite often men regard the fairer sex as an object of desire. Therefore, when they meet, they evaluate:

  • sight;
  • facial expressions;
  • gestures.
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At the same time, men emphasize that external beauty sometimes has nothing to do with sensuality. A woman can be the owner of absolutely any figure and facial features, but if she does not have natural manliness, then she is unlikely to attract attention.

8. Worldly wisdom

Representatives of the strong half of humanity consider this quality to be an important indicator of ideality not only among women, but also among their fellows.

Its presence is indicated by the ability:

  • be aware of the consequences of their actions;
  • “bite your tongue” in time;
  • do not focus on other people’s mistakes;
  • refrain from reproaches;
  • control your emotions.

A wise woman knows how to praise and support in a timely manner. With her, men feel as comfortable as possible.

9. Security and social status

Men rarely openly show interest in the material situation and social status of women. But nevertheless, many of them believe that her ability to provide herself at a decent level is one of the indicators of ideality.

The high social status of the partner supports the man’s self-esteem. This is very flattering to his pride. An important nuance is the position of a woman in society, should not be higher than it. Otherwise, the man begins to feel inferior.

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Many modern men prefer to keep a separate budget. Therefore, a stable financial position of a partner is an indicator that she “will not sit on his neck.”

10. Initiative

There is an opinion that men do not like women who are capable of taking the initiative. In fact, this is not the case. They also love it when girls show attention. Those who do not know how to do this seem uninteresting and boring to men.

Men are sometimes happy to transfer the initiative into the hands of a woman. For example, when choosing a place for a date or a joint vacation.

They also like it when women meet first, give compliments or call. Of course, they are unlikely to say about it, but sometimes they are embarrassed to approach the woman they like. Most often, their fear of rejection stops them.

An important nuance – initiative is not the same as obsession. If you “overwhelm” your partner with messages, calls, constant, obsessive attention, then, most likely, he will not experience anything but irritation.

Bologny expert psychologist Elena Tolkacheva comments

10 signs of an ideal woman for a modern man - a commentary from a psychologist
Elena Tolkacheva – owner of an international dating agency, expert of COLADY magazine

I will say this – there is no single type of woman who would be ideal for every man. Some criterion of one of them will be completely unacceptable for the other and vice versa.

Therefore, I will give examples of requests for the ideal woman of those men who contact me at the dating agency.

One of them even came to us holding a list of criteria for a woman on 2 A4 sheets. And this is what, among other things, it was written there: tall, slender (even very thin, better anorexic), with a figure like Angelina Jolie, and with the appearance of Cameron Diaz.

Another said that a girl who walks without panties and loves BDSM would be ideal for him. And in general, to be free and without complexes. Since he has his own IT company, a decent income, he could easily provide the girl. Straight Christian Gray from “50 Shades of Gray”, is not it?

For worthy and busy men, an ideal woman is, first of all, a holistic woman who values ​​herself, is pleased with herself, who equips her life, gives birth to children, and inspires.

For many men, it doesn’t matter if the girl has a car, money or real estate. Mainly gigolos and swindlers fall for this. But also kept women men will not be included in the list of ideal girls.

With regard to appearance, then, of course, ideally for a man, a girl should be, if not a superbeauty, then definitely well-groomed and self-conscious. But at the same time, without silicone, implants, pumped lips. Now men appreciate natural beauty more and more.

And if appearance is the first thing they pay attention to, then the inner beauty, charisma of the girl and her feminine energy clings to men.

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