10 tips to get out late guests

Each of us wants to be a hospitable host, but sometimes there are moments in life when there is no desire or opportunity to stay with friends for a long time, and we want them to leave our house as soon as possible. And then the question arises: how to politely tell friends that it is time for them to go home?

How to escort guests

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We have prepared a list of tips for you if you find yourself in just such a situation.

  • Think about how the staff in the restaurant behaves when it is close to closing time… They ask the guests if they liked everything, what else they would like, and begin to clear the tables, turn off the music and dim the lights. You can also do it at home. It is necessary to clean, wash glasses and dishes. An empty table will make it clear to friends that it is time to leave the guesthouse.
  • There is a type of guests who do not want to miss the interesting moments of the party and try to sit out to the very end. Therefore, if you want your friends to leave your home earlier than usual, exhibit all the culinary masterpieces that you have prepared for the celebration. It is necessary to let the guests understand that the dessert that you served on the table is a symbol of the end of the party and there will be no continuation… Therefore, feel free to wrap a piece of cake with your guests, this will make it clear to your friends that you need to go home.

In the event that your friends do not understand the hints, you must offer to conduct them… Feel free to dress and say: “Let us guide you so that you are not bored of walking.” This phrase will not offend anyone, but on the contrary will mean friendly concern.

Guests on the doorstep

  • We all have friends who can come without a call or warning at the most crucial or inopportune moment. What if you were going to have a candlelit dinner with your loved one, and persistent guests are not going to leave? The answer is simple. Begin to molest your boyfriend (girlfriend), try to hint that you had a romantic dinner planned… Several of these techniques will teach intruders to call and warn about their visits.
  • Use the game to escort your friends… The game is called “whoever got up last from the table, he cleans up and washes the plates.” Everyone who knows your game will definitely be the first to leave your home.
  • Show your guests that you need to get busy… You have an urgent report that needs to be completed immediately. Check your email, talk on the phone about work, and create a work environment so your friends know that you need to start doing urgent work right away.
  • Stop portraying the perfect hostess… Why should the guests go home, if they are cleaned up for them, food is provided for them? Any guest will take advantage of such suggestions from the amiable hostess. You need to stop bringing convenience and comfort to guests. Then they will definitely want to return to their home as soon as possible.
    Uninvited guests
  • An easy method to send guests away is to say that you are expecting relatives or friends, those whom they do not like very much.… Thus, guests will not want to see these people and will quickly want to leave your house.
  • Borrow money from guests… This is a good way to get rid of guests. Ask for a decent amount of money from the guests. And they will immediately want to leave your home.
  • Find the guest’s weak point… This method is only suitable if you know your friends well enough. Recognize what they prefer and what they don’t like. Do what your guest doesn’t like. For example, if he doesn’t like classic songs, turn it up at full volume. If you hate animals, put your pet in his arms.

If, nevertheless, the moment has come when your guests are too late, but do not understand this, use the advice that we have selected for you. And always be hospitable hosts.

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