10 tricky gadgets for high heel shoes!

Inserts, insoles, onlays, footprints, etc.  for shoes with heels for foot comfortDoes beauty require sacrifices, as the well-known “axiom” says, or did modern magicians and fighters for female beauty effortlessly find an opportunity – to avoid these senseless sacrifices – or at least to alleviate them? The sweetness of the sensation of shoes taken off after a working day is known to every lady whose dress code does not allow slippers to walk at work. And if flat feet, or hallus valgus, join the uncomfortable shoes, then wearing shoes turns into a real torture …

For your attention – the most necessary accessories for comfortable wearing of shoes – and not only!

Outer linings and stickers on shoes

First of all, we are talking, of course, about safety and comfort.

If due to your duty you have to run every day in heels on smooth and slippery floors, and athletes can already envy your weary calves, and figure skaters can already envy pirouettes, then this device is for you! No longer will you have to feel like a heron balancing on a slippery floor and losing grace in front of everyone: inexpensive Velcro stickers will save you from slipping and the risk of injury on a smooth floor.

Anti-slip shoe pads

The stickers are as thin as possible, have a rough surface and adhere firmly to the soles of shoes, which allows you to elegantly knock with heels and stilettos at any speed – on marble floors, and on wet pavements, in the subway, and at work.

Heel callus pads

The most favorite places for calluses on the feet are, as you know, the heels, which are forced to suffer from any new shoes, and from old ones too, if you need to spend the whole day on your feet. Truly magical modern in-ear pads allow you to protect your heels from calluses.

Heel callus pads

Covering the heels entirely, the liners are made of medical silicone or eco-suede (or other safe materials), have increased softness, do not reduce the size of the shoe.

With such inserts, new shoes are not scary, even if you have a night party, banquet or excursion ahead of you.

In addition, …

  • Locking heel padsLocking heel padsSuch models also fix the heels so that they do not jump out of the shoes.
  • Inserts with orthopedic propertiesInserts with orthopedic propertiesOr corrective heel pads, which fix the heels, reduce the load on the spine, and reduce pain.
  • Inserts for the lower part of the heelpain-relieving and specially designed for people with heel spurs or painful fissures. Cushioned heel pads
  • Massage inserts, anti-ash. Massage inserts, anti-ash
  • Wedge-shaped silicone heel pads, which are recommended for valgus or varus feet. Wedge-shaped silicone heel padsDue to the beveled shape, they carry out the necessary correction for clubfoot, reduce the stress on the joints, help correct the hallux valgus of the foot, and in addition, prolong the life of heels, which will not wear out so quickly.

Orthopedic insoles and inserts

First of all, these are modern silicone (or cork) insoles, which are pleasant and comfortable even in the toughest, unworn and uncomfortable shoes. And not only in shoes, but in open shoes.

Orthopedic insoles

Orthopedic silicone insoles securely fix women’s legs, not allowing them to “ride” on the main insoles of shoes.

In addition, such insoles fix the arches of the feet in an exceptionally correct position, which is ideal for the prevention of flat feet and is indispensable in the treatment of flat feet or other diseases of the feet.

It is important to note that silicone insoles are transparent, and completely invisible in shoes, they are able to reduce the size of shoes (there are many options for insoles, select them taking into account the need for this criterion).

Silicone orthopedic insoles

But the most important thing is that such insoles relieve the load from the feet, and therefore from the spine, eliminate leg fatigue, allow you to move in shoes longer, further – and with greater comfort.

The instructions for the insoles are also simple – just glue them to the main insole of the shoe.

Also among the devices with orthopedic properties for shoes are:

Silicone pads in shoes to reduce stress on the feet

Women’s legs look much more graceful in heels, no one can argue with that. But high heels, when worn for a long time, negatively affect not only the joints of the legs and the spine, but also cause significant discomfort. There is no woman who would not breathe out with relief, throwing off her shoes at home and slipping into slippers.

Reduce the load, relieve leg fatigue, make wearing shoes with heels more comfortable, provide high-quality shock absorption even in hard office shoes will help silicone in-ear pads… Such magic pads, transparent and inconspicuous, probably already have many girls (and more than one pair).

But not everyone knows what else exists …

  • Silicone pads to prevent flat feet and hallux valgusSilicone pads to prevent flat feet and hallux valgusThey fix the foot, provide cushioning, improve blood circulation and even have a light massage effect on the forefoot.
  • Special pads for sandals / flip-flops with an interdigital septumSpecial pads for sandals / flip-flops with an interdigital septumNo need to shred the classic silicone pads – buy ready-made inserts that are attached to the bridge.
  • Medical silicone inserts with instep supportsMedical silicone inserts with instep supportsThese pads for shoes and sandals have orthopedic and massage properties, shock-absorbing and moisture-absorbing. In addition, they protect the feet from deformation, relieve tension in the calves and “breathe”.

Silicone stickers for straps on shoes and sandals

The straps on new shoes and sandals always add grace, but narrow and hard strips of leather (or other) straps are always new calluses.

However, in this case, manufacturers have already come up with a lifesaver. Namely – silicone stickers on narrow straps that prevent straps from digging into the skin and rubbing calluses.

Silicone stickers for straps on shoes and sandals

Like silicone earbuds, these strips have a sticky backing that provides a snug and secure fit on the inside of the straps.

Modern heirs and footprints: not only “for grandmothers”!

Among the main functions of footprints and footprints are hygiene (without them they will not be allowed to try on shoes in the store), protecting the feet from calluses and blisters, as well as “masking” an old pedicure that you did not have time to fix.

Of course, modern manufacturers offer not only those “grandmothers” footprints that stick out of summer slippers and shoes of the majority of pensioners. Modern heirs can be a real work of art, and they are not just not hidden, but even displayed!

Followers can …

  1. Fully cover the entire foot (like sports low socks).
  2. Cover the entire foot except the toe.
  3. Cover the entire foot except the heel.
  4. Cover only the sock (like choreographic gym shoes with elastic bands).
  5. Cover only the area between the toe and the middle of the foot. Such models of footprints in the form of narrow stripes are in great demand by girls in new sandals. If the material rubs, and the sandals are not worn out, then the imperceptible, hidden from the eyes of the footprints will become a real salvation.

Modern heirs are …

Cushioning insoles for high heel shoes

Silicone cushioning insoles, as the name implies, serve primarily to cushion and absorb shock while moving through the air cushion inside.

Massage cushioning insoles

These insoles can be matched to shoes with heels of any height. The ultra-soft material will reduce pressure on the heel and ball of the foot, and thanks to the translucency, they can even be worn in open shoes.

Among the models of such insoles you can also find …

  • Insoles that lift the heels – and more advantageously demonstrate the legs of a lover of flat shoes. Insoles that lift the heels
  • Massage cushioning insoles, which will not only relieve the load and give softness, but also stimulate all the necessary points on the feet. Cushioning insoles for high heel shoes
  • Special heel cushions… Most often they are used by athletes, but they also have their own comfortable and invisible heel cushions for running around the office.Inserts with orthopedic properties

Toe pads / restraints

According to statistics, every second girl is familiar with the problem of the “bone”. And in a situation where the big toe is curved and Hallux Valgus takes place, special pads come to the rescue, allowing you not to interrupt the correction even in summer, when wearing shoes. Silicone retainers help protect the joint from excessive friction, as well as correct its position and gradually correct and reduce the curvature of the thumb.


Bursoprotectors with interdigital septa are also available on the market. Unlike clamps, they are worn on 1-2 fingers. Bursoprotectors

Summer types of insoles: so that the legs do not sweat

When the heat sets in, the problem of sweating feet becomes almost the main one among the pressing ones, and not all summer shoes provide the necessary protection from odors, and some even intensify odors.

There is salvation in this case too! No need to hide removed shoes, blush for the smell and spend the family budget on deodorants for feet and shoes.

The situation will be corrected with a “light movement of the hand” …

  • Thin insoles with antibacterial coatingabsorbing unpleasant odor. Thin insoles with antibacterial coatingThere are models that also have shock-absorbing properties.
  • Breathable perforated insolesmade on the basis of a powerful absorbent and from high-quality eco-friendlymaterial. Thin insoles with antibacterial coating
  • Deodorizing insoles. Deodorant insoles

Protective silicone finger caps

Such fingertips made of soft gel material reliably protect the delicate skin of the fingers from corns, chafing and damage. Ideal for dry skin that cracks painfully between the toes, or for calluses that cause pain when rubbing one finger against the other.

Protective silicone finger caps

Finger caps are completely invisible in shoes and are almost invisible when wearing sandals due to their transparency. The cap will fit any finger – except the thumb, which, of course, needs its own size.

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