10 ways to dress like Harley Quinn

This year after the release of the film Birds of Prey: The Fascinating Story of Harley Quinn the image of one of the most famous and attractive movie villains has become incredibly popular again, especially among cosplayers.

However, if you really want to feel like a superheroine from the screen, Harlene Quinzel’s recognizable style can be easily transferred into real life, adapting it to everyday life.

Harley quinn

1. Brilliant!

The most recognizable element of Harley Quinn’s style is, of course, sequins. The Joker’s girlfriend just adores shiny things, be it a dress, jacket or shorts. Therefore, a party is the best moment to try on a similar style: we put on a sparkling dress covered with rhinestones, and boldly go to the disco.

Philipp plein

Brands: Philipp Plein, Jimmy Choo, Paco Rabanne, RedValentino, Alessandra Rich.

2. Disco style

Many images of Harley Quinn refer us to the 80s and the disco style: acid colors, an abundance of glitter, accessories, mini, mesh, modern materials. If you want to create a similar outfit, but do not go beyond good taste, then choose simple combinations of black and silver. A familiar little black dress and a shiny jacket can be a good base.

Saint laurent

Brands: Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Golden Goose, LOEWE, Love Republic, Sophia Webster.

3. Down and feathers

A good way to stand out from the crowd and gain attention, as Harley Quinn loves to do, is to try on things with faux feather trims. Depending on how brave you are, you can try on feathers in doses or put on them from head to toe.

Rachel Gilbert

Brands: Rachel Gilbert, Galvan, Laneus, Saint Laurent, Le Silla, Jimmy Choo.

4. Gold

Expensive, luxurious, but at the same time provocative-sparkling image will help to create things with the effect of liquid gold. In order not to be mistaken, we choose the time-tested combination of black and gold and experiment with styles.

Jimmy choo

Brands: Jimmy Choo, Paco Rabanne, Amen, Twin-Set, Rick Owens.

5. Rock forever

For those who are not ready for bold experiments with bright colors, mini and glitter, there is a more democratic option. We create the image of a brutal villain with the help of all familiar jeans, alcoholic T-shirts, leather and metal. At the same time, do not forget that Harley loves to provoke and excite men, so we choose the most daring and tight-fitting jeans or leather leggings.


Brands: Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Wolford, Philipp Plein, Versace, Maison Margiela, Fabiana Filippi, L’Agence.

6. Bully

Harley Quinn does not recognize any rules and loves to break prohibitions, including fashionable ones. Taking inspiration from one of her most memorable looks in the film, we boldly combine a bright bra, micro shorts, an extravagant jacket and rough shoes. We complement the outfit with a shiny choker or large earrings and set off to fight everyone on the spot.


Brands: Philipp Plein, Moschino, DARKAI, Alessandra Rich, Valentino Garavani, Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini.

7. A riot of colors and geometry

Lettering, graphic prints, acid tones – these are all Harley Queen’s favorites. We try ourselves as avant-garde artists, play with color blocking and create the most incredible combinations.


Brands: Balmain, Just Cavalli, Marques’Almeida, Casadei, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Marc Jacobs.

8. Simple base

To quickly transform into Harley Quinn, a simple and affordable base is enough: a white T-shirt with an inscription, jeans with prints or a faded effect, a denim jacket, sneakers or sneakers. Add fun accessories – and the original outfit is ready!

Maison close

Brands: Philipp Plein, Peserico, Maison Close, Pinko, Valentino, Balmain.

9. Oh, sport!

Another interpretation of the images from “Birds of Prey” is an appeal to sporty chic. Combine a pink crop top or a white t-shirt with denim, and instead of a crazy transparent jacket with ribbons, try on more relaxed metallic color options.


Brands: Dsquared2, AGOLDE, Manokhi, Gucci, Pinko, Philipp Plein

10. Cozy

Anyone who has watched Birds of Prey already knows that sometimes even a super villain wants to be alone with herself and her pets, and in such a case she needs comfortable and practical things. We are looking for sweaters, hoodies, T-shirts in rich colors with lettering or psychedelic prints and pair them with denim.


Brands: Versace, Amapô, MSGM, Jimmy Choo, Ray-Ban.

Who is this style suitable for?

For brave, creative individuals who want to prove themselves in the role of a rebel, images in the spirit of Harley Quinn are ideally suited: a certain recklessness always looks attractive. Ladies of mature age should be very careful about such images: avoid acid tones, torn and frayed things, be careful with shine and fit. But a small amount of creativity and humor in the wardrobe will not hurt anyone.

How to wear Harley Queen looks?

10 extravagant ways to dress up like Harley Quinn

Of course, such eccentric images are not always appropriate and not everywhere: at work or events with a strict dress code, it is better to refuse such outfits. But if we are talking about a walk or a party, then here is complete freedom.

And in order not to look comical, you need to be able to adapt the proposed images for yourself and your data. For example, if you have chubby legs, then do not get carried away with micro-shorts – replace them with jeans or trousers. Imperfect arms or belly can always be covered with a bright jacket or bomber jacket. Well, if you are afraid that the image will simply “drown” you, introduce only individual bright elements into your wardrobe, combining them with a neutral base.

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