1090 Jake Net Worth

1090 Jake, the gangster, has a net worth in excess of six figures. He has a YouTube channel that has over 694k subscribers. His channel has received millions of dollars in advertising revenue. He also posts news. Jake is still young and does not have any health problems, despite his past. Here’s a quick overview of his net worth and professional career. Here’s how he got there.

His YouTube channel, “End Of Sentence”, has more than 694k subscribers. This is a significant part of his net worth. The channel was launched on May 2, 2019 and has already garnered five million views in less than two years. 1090 Jake is well-known as a six-figure felon who has found his private boss. This channel now generates more than six figures per year for him.

1090Jake has had a difficult life despite his net worth. His criminal history includes jail time, gang warfare, gladiator-like violence and abuse by jail staff. He was also charged with carrying a concealed firearm in the pants. One of his felonies, aggravated burglary, was punishable by life in Florida.

In addition to his YouTube channel, 1090 Jake has an Instagram account. He regularly posts photos and videos of his daughter, which have accumulated a significant amount of net worth. Jake also maintains two personal websites, which are credited to his wife Mary Jo. The content on both channels is updated on a daily basis, making it a perfect way to keep fans updated. As a result of his consistent presence, 1090 Jake has a substantial following.

The YouTube channel has earned him over $20 million. He also owns Team 10, a marketing company that sells tie-dye merchandise. He also tried his hand at acting, playing a regular part in Disney’s Bizaardvark. However, the bulk of his wealth has come from his YouTube career, and this includes a tie-dye line of Yeezy sneakers.

1090 Jake was able to increase his net worth after he was released from prison. His time in jail was not easy. He was beaten and stabbed. His head was even split with a brick taken from a canteen bag. His violent tendencies led him to a gang rival and even slashed his throat. Two years after his release, he was transferred to an adult jail. However, he was able to get a high school diploma and was eligible for parole.

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