11 fall / winter bows to look out for

When the temperature drops to a certain level, and you already want to wrap yourself in something thicker and warmer, consider diversifying your fashion looks a little. Refresh your wardrobe and opt for the looks that promise to be hits this fall and winter. No, we do not urge you to abandon the good old classics or your favorite things, proven over the years, but if you are looking for fresh autumn-winter ideas, then you should definitely familiarize yourself with this interesting selection, where you can certainly find something to your liking.

You already own many of the essentials, such as turtleneck sweaters and classic blazers, but you can make your Fall / Winter 2020 wardrobe more stylish and noticeable with light-colored boots, plush coats (called teddy coats) and leather pants. Don’t even try to spend the next six months in boring and boring outfits.

1. Down jacket + midi skirt

Make the down jacket more fashionable by wearing a wraparound midi skirt underneath and highlighting the look with a spectacular handbag.

Down jacket + midi skirt

Style note: Make the puffer jacket more fashionable by pairing it with updated seasonal elements such as a wrap midi skirt and a statement handbag.

2. Leather top + jeans

Take a chance this season: ditch the leather jacket and opt for a leather shirt instead. And to keep warm, put on a thin turtleneck under it.

Leather upper

Style note: Ditch the leather jacket this season and opt for a leather shirt instead. For extra warmth, wear a turtleneck underneath as an extra layer.

3. Leather pants + boots to match

Leather trousers are the main hit of the fall-winter season. Choose a burgundy or brown color, and then match your pants with shoes of a similar shade.

Leather pants

Style note: leather trousers are an indispensable item in winter. For a fresh look, choose a burgundy or brown shade, and then match boots to them in color. This technique will visually lengthen your legs.

4. Jacket + midi skirt

Do you know what a jacket is? This is a shirt jacket and it is trending nowadays. Match a mid-length skirt to the jacket and complement the fall bow with brogues and thick knitted socks.


Style note: do not give up midi skirts in cold weather. You can wear them with a wool scarf and thick knitted socks.

5. Oversized cardigan + jeans + high boots

An oversized cardigan is a cozy piece to wear throughout the cold season. It can be paired with rolled jeans and knee-high boots for a casual and informal look.


Style note: a large cardigan is an indispensable element of comfort that you will wear all winter. Pair it with jeans and boots for a look that’s perfect for brunch or WFH.

6. Beret + plaid shorts

Feel like a modern lady! For a classic fall look, stick to subtle colors, while a pastel-colored blazer or trench coat is a must for a beret and plaid shorts.


Style note: For a classic winter look, stick to a tonal color palette, as well as essentials like trench coats and berets.

7. Maxi dress + blazer

For more formal occasions, choose a maxi dress, high heeled boots, plus your favorite blazer.

Maxi dress

Style note: For formal occasions, try wearing a maxi dress with your favorite blazer and boots.

8. Jacket + belt bag

Imagine, but a neat and small belt bag is a trend! Slip it over a short jacket or trench coat.


Style note: Relax your arms by wearing a smooth belt bag over your outerwear.

9. Bright coat + accessories

If your outerwear is already a bright accent that attracts attention, then limit yourself to jeans and a thin sweater under the coat, but add a little color to the image in the form of shoes and a bag. It will look cool!

Bright coat

Style note: If your outerwear has a bold variety, leave the rest of your outfit less prominent to keep it stylish.

10. Plush coat + jeans + snakeskin boots

A winter light bow can be as stylish as a classic black one. Slip light-colored jeans under your white plush coat and complete your look with eye-catching snake boots.

Plush coat

Style note: Take the lead and pair a teddy coat with lightweight jeans for a showy boot.

11. Jacket or blazer with leopard print + light blue jeans

Leopard print is trendy. This fall and winter, wear classic light blue jeans (even ripped ones) and indestructible Chelsea boots under this blazer or long jacket for a simple yet highly visible look.


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