12 best New Year gifts for couples

What to give a young family for the New Year up to 1000 rubles?Despite the fact that there is still a month before the New Year, preparation for it in many families is already in full swing: gifts are gradually being purchased, long lists of festive games and contests, dishes for the New Year’s table and films for a cozy family viewing are being written. The main thing is not to forget about anyone. And if choosing gifts for your children is not difficult, then you will have to puzzle over gifts for your family friends. Especially when you can’t go beyond the budget.

So, how to please married couples among their friends, if the limit of funds for 1 gift is no more than 1000 rubles?

Set of Christmas decorations / balls

There are three options: buy a not the most chic set of Christmas tree decorations; buy one or two, but fantastically beautiful toys; and option number 3 – to make toys yourself.

Actually, master classes on creating such masterpieces – a carriage and a small cart – and, if the handles are golden, and Heaven is not deprived of talent – go ahead!

For example, you can buy a package of inexpensive balloons (200-300 rubles), and on their basis create your own works of art, which your friends will carefully keep – and pass on from generation to generation. And with the money saved, you can buy a bottle of champagne (well, not just give balls).

What to give a married couple up to 1000 rubles - the best ideas

Warming New Year’s set “For dear friends”

We buy a set: delicious aromatic tea (not your favorite, but according to the taste of your friends), a couple of white cups and sweets. We pack everything in a beautiful box filled with tinsel and confetti. We draw a beautiful and stylish black and white postcard (the stories can be spied on the Web).

If you have talent, you can decorate the cups in the same style as the postcard. Just be sure to choose paints that are designed for this purpose.

A nice bonus in the set will be a small jar of honey, which, of course, also needs to be beautifully decorated.

As a gift for a married couple - a sweet set with tea or coffee

Sweet gift “For a sweet couple”

Can anything be more precious than emotions? Nothing! Give emotions to your loved ones and friends!

We buy a lot of sweets – sweets, chocolates, etc. We gently attach a capsule with a wish to each sweets. We pack beautifully in a box or (recommended) in a wooden box.

If there is free space in the box (or chest), fill it with tinsel and tangerines. You can also put an author’s New Year’s toy there.

As a gift for a married couple - a sweet gift with wishes

Photo calendar

A great idea that does not require a lot of money.

We select the best photos of our friends, dump them onto a flash drive and take them to the nearest organization (printing house), which will quickly and beautifully make you a colorful calendar (poster, flip-flop, etc. – of your choice) with the photos provided.

We use the money saved to buy an inexpensive basket, which we fill with our own pastries or homemade sweets.

If there is no confectionery talent, you can fill the basket with “supplies for the winter”: we take 4-5 small jars of pickles from the pantry (refrigerator, store) and, having beautifully packed them, put them in the basket.

As a gift to a married couple - a photo calendar

Mulled wine set

A nice present that will definitely come in handy for friends on long and cold winter evenings.

So, the set should contain: 2 glass glasses with handles for hot drinks, a bottle of red sweet, semi-sweet or dry wine (approx. – Cahors, merlot, kinzmarauli or cabernet will do) and spices.

We avoid fortified wines (when heated, they give a strong smell of alcohol)!

The spice set should include nutmeg (approx. – grated), cloves, cinnamon sticks and ground ginger.

Be sure to draw or buy a card for your friends with a couple of the best mulled wine recipes.

As a gift for a married couple - a set for mulled wine

Cake for friends

If you know how to bake cakes and decorate them with sugar paste the way modern pastry chefs do, then you can save on a gift.

Moreover, a designer cake will definitely be more expensive and more pleasant to the heart than some kind of juicer or a set of kitchen towels. Because – from the heart and with your own golden hands.

But even if you yourself are not capable of such masterpieces, the cake can always be ordered from the appropriate company. We choose the design of the cake according to the occupations and characters of friends.

Important: you need to order such a gift in advance! Before the New Year, there are always a lot of orders in such pastry shops, and you may simply not be in time.

As a gift for a married couple - New Year's cake

Gift for two

We buy everything for which there is enough money.

It can be 2 personalized circles with an inscription (drawing) that begins on one circle and ends on another.

Or 2 DIY champagne glasses.

2 T-shirts or pillows united by the same storyline; mittens for lovers – or identical scarves with hats (you can save money if you knit them yourself), and so on.

As a gift for a married couple - New Year's glasses

Money gift

Since we only have 1000 rubles for a gift, we cannot give an umbrella from which bills are poured. The option – to fill it with coins – is not suitable (the one who opens this umbrella may be left without eyes).

Therefore, in our case, there are only 3 options: an original piggy bank (for example, in the form of a safe) with a starting capital-a patch; do-it-yourself money tree; ficus money tree; a brick in a gift box with 1000 rubles in an envelope – as a contribution to the construction of the future home of friends (and pourquoi would not be pas?).

As a gift to a married couple - a piggy bank

Another original set as a gift for a young couple

We put a piece of toilet soap and an energy-saving light bulb in a gift box (“So that your love is pure and certainly light!”); carpentry and culinary hammers (“To make your happiness forged forever!”); 2 pairs of boxing gloves (“To clarify the relationship in fair fights”); repair and cooking books, etc.

As a gift for a married couple - a cookbook or souvenirs for the new year

With your own hands

The option is ideal if the hands are in place, and the only option if the budget is bursting at the seams.

You can do anything with your own hands, according to your talents. For example, paint a picture for friends; embroider a picture with beads; buy a set of simple white dishes – and paint it yourself; sew a patchwork blanket; make a designer vase, figurine or dolls; and so on.

The main thing is from a pure heart and with love to your dear friends.

As a gift for a married couple - a do-it-yourself souvenir

A necessary gift that will come in handy on the farm

Giving textiles is not fashionable and even somehow awkward. Still, a fluffy blanket for two will be a pleasant surprise in the middle of winter.

Naturally, you need to choose the color, either the funniest one – or the one that will suit your friends’ interior.

The size is better to take in euros – you can’t go wrong. The average price of a soft blanket that fits into a washing machine (it is better not to take a thick blanket – they have to be taken to a dry cleaner, why put a “pig” on your friends) is about 500-600 rubles.

With the remaining funds, you can buy a couple of tea or a bottle of wine.

As a gift for a married couple - a blanket for two

Gift for outdoor enthusiasts

If your friends are fans of hiking, traveling, camping around a campfire and mosquitoes, give them something that will be useful during the trip. For example, a thermos with a couple of cups, or a travel set of dishes.

Naturally, you need to decorate it with original images and congratulations – on your own, or with the help of an appropriate company.

what to give a young family for the New Year up to 1000 rubles?

Well, don’t forget the Christmas tree for your friends! We wrap a bottle of wine or champagne with tinsel, and with the help of scotch tape decorate with sweets (any, but Raffaello – and similar ones – are welcome) so that you get a solid sweet Christmas tree (the bottle should be a pleasant surprise).

How to make a Christmas tree for the New Year with your own hands – 7 best ideas!

Christmas tree from a bottle of champagne for the New Year - as a gift to family friends

What gifts have you prepared for a married couple? What can you advise? What original gifts did you receive from your friends?

Please share your ideas with our readers!

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