12 Eye Exercises – Improve Your Eyesight In A Short Time

How to improve vision and relieve fatigue with eye exercises? To improve vision, it is important to regularly perform simple exercises, or use the most famous techniques to improve vision. In order for the exercises to be effective for the eyes, it is recommended to perform them while sitting on a chair or chair. So you can relax as much as possible, and your back will have something to rely on.

On the instructions of the COLADY editors, I interviewed a Frach ophthalmologist, who named 12 exercises to quickly improve vision. Take note!

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Exercise # 1.
Head massage – it relieves general tension, activates the blood supply to the eyes, which helps to maintain vision. In addition, head massage is not only beneficial but also enjoyable.

  1. TOuse your fingertips to massage the back of your head and neck along the spine. Thus, you can activate the blood supply to the head and eyeball.
  2. Tilt your head down and look at the floor. Slowly lift your head up and tilt it back (but not abruptly!). Now the eyes are looking at the ceiling. Take the starting position. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  3. With your middle fingertips gently massage the skin around the eyes clockwise. Press down harder on the eyebrows and under the eyes as you exercise.
  4. At the outer edge of the eye, find a point and press on it for 20 seconds. The exercise is repeated 4 to 5 times.

Exercise number 2.
Cover your right eye with your hand, blinking vigorously with your left eye. Do the same exercise with the right eye.

Exercise number 3.
Open your eyes wide and tighten your skin and facial muscles. Relax as much as possible. The head is motionless, and rotate your eyes in different directions.

Exercise number 4.
Look at the picture in front of your eyes for about 10 seconds. Move your gaze to the picture outside the window for 5 seconds. Do the exercise 5 – 7 times without straining your eyes. The exercise is performed 2 – 3 times a day, taking breaks between exercises for at least 2 hours.

Exercise number 5.
Sitting on a chair or armchair, close your eyes tightly for a few seconds, open your eyes and blink them frequently.

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Exercise number 6.
Starting position – hands on the belt. Turn your head to the right and look at your right elbow. Then, return your head to the left side and look at the left elbow. Do the exercise 8 times.

Exercise number 7.
Wait for the sun to set or rise. Stand facing the sun so that half of your face is in the shade and the other is in the sun. Make a few small turns with your head, then hiding your face in the shadow, then exposing it to the light. The exercise is recommended for 10 minutes.

Exercise number 8.
Lie on your bed, close your eyes and relax. Place your palms over your eyes. The eyes should rest in this position in complete darkness for about 20 minutes. The darker it becomes before the eyes, the better the eyes are rested.

Exercise number 9.
While working at the computer, every 2 hours, switch to the window and watch for 10 minutes. Sometimes close your eyes for 5 minutes to help them rest. Every 10 – 15 minutes of working at the computer, look away from the monitor for 5 seconds.

Exercise number 10.
Turn your head in different directions. Follow the movement of your head with your eyes.

Exercise number 11.
Take a pencil in your hand and pull it forward. Slowly bring the pencil to your nose, following them with your eyes. Retract your pencil to its original position. Do the exercise every day for a few minutes.

Exercise number 12.
Stretch your arms out in front of you. Concentrate your eyesight on your fingertips, then, as you inhale, raise your hands up. Continue looking at your fingers without raising your head. Exhale as you lower your arms.

The eyes are a very important organ, without which it is impossible to cognize the world around us and to exist normally. Poor vision limits you in many ways. You are addicted to glasses and contact lenses. Do These 12 Exercises Dailyand you will see clearly even at 60!

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