12 films about relationships as psychotherapists who can heal the soul

12 films about relationships as psychotherapists who can heal the soulRelationship problems can reach such proportions that talking in the kitchen or even breaking dishes no longer helps. But to understand yourself, to look at the relationship from the outside and find the right solution, a session of film therapy can help.

Our TOP-12 includes films about relationships that replace a session with a family psychologist.

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François Ozon’s film Five Two is a story about a married couple on the verge of divorce. The marriage of Gilles and Morion was not very long and not very happy. Since their wedding night, cracks began to appear in their relationship. There is deception, betrayal, disappointment and heartache for both spouses.

Trailer for the movie 5×2

It would seem, how can a story about an unsuccessful marriage help the viewer? But this film is deeper than it might seem at first glance. Watching 5 scenes from the life of Gilles and Morion – their acquaintance, the birth of a son, a wedding, a dinner with friends and a divorce – the viewer understands what exactly destroyed the couple’s relationship. The film allows you to understand what mistakes spouses make in relationships, that words are nothing, but actions are everything.

Love in marriage only rarely grows stronger and stronger with each year of life together. More often than not, it turns into a habit. In the case of Gilles and Morion, she turned into a habit of deceiving each other, ignoring the suffering of a loved one. The film “5×2” is not a banal melodrama about love and parting. There are many emotions, feelings and useful life lessons here.

Husbands and wives

Woody Allen’s Husbands and Wives, released in 1992, can be called a film of all time. According to the director himself, it is one of his best works. The main role in the film was played by Woody Allen himself.

Trailer for the movie Husbands and Wives

The focus is on 2 married couples who are friends with each other. At one of the friendly get-togethers, the spouses Jack and Sally inform their friends, Gabriel and Judith, that they have decided to divorce. This news becomes a reason for Gabriel and Judith to sort out their relationship.

The film raises issues that are relevant to many married couples. Thoughts of spouses, their reaching the “boiling point” in relationships, attempts to unravel the “tangle” of relationships and overcome the midlife crisis.

Before midnight

Another film that reveals the theme of the crisis of relations. Once unconscious in love with each other, Jesse and Celine, after many years of a happy life together, decide to discuss the problems of their family.

Misunderstanding in couples arises even after many years of marriage, and as in the case of our heroes – after 18 years of marriage. The main character says in the film the phrase: “Sometimes it seems to me that you breathe helium, and I breathe oxygen.”

Movie Trailer Before Midnight

But, in general, we see on the screen happy spouses who recall their past years, discuss plans for the future and raise 2 beautiful children. The main characters are quarreling in the frame, solving age-old female-male issues – and thus show the viewer the normality of this process. Their history shows the value of family and loyalty.


The film “Destruction” is not a banal melodrama in which the main characters try to sort out their feelings. The viewer’s attention is focused on a young man whose wife has passed away. While in the hospital, he tries to buy a chocolate bar from the vending machine – and realizes that he does not feel the pain of losing his wife.

Watch the feature film “Destruction”

Trying to figure out why this is happening to him, the hero begins to write letters to the company serving the machines. He describes his relationships and feelings, his life, mentioning details that he did not seem to notice before.

The hero decides that he will be able to “fix” his life only by “disassembling” it into its components and destroying his house.

The road of change

In the movie Road to Change, the viewer sees the Wheeler couple. The roles of the spouses were played by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. According to the plot, the spouses consider themselves better than other families in their environment, and their self-esteem is raised by the people around them – acquaintances, friends, neighbors.

Trailer for the movie Road to Change

But, in fact, this opinion does not correspond to reality.

The couple dreams of breaking out of the routine, moving to Paris and doing what they love, but there are many obstacles on their way.

The film shows the viewer that our happiness is in our hands, its creators are ourselves.


The main character of the film “Tenderness” Natalie, played by Audrey Tautou, is a grief-stricken widow. At the beginning of the film, we see a beautiful romance full of love and tenderness. Natalie and her lover seem to be made for each other. But fate takes her husband away from the girl at the very beginning of their relationship.

After the loss suffered, Natalie plunges into severe depression, and work becomes her only outlet.

Trailer for the film Tenderness

Rejecting the boss’s advances, Natalie falls in love with her ridiculous and ridiculous-looking fellow Swede, Markus. Their relationship is atypical, and it seems that a girl like Natalie would never fall in love with a man like Marcus in real life. But their relationship is filled with some unprecedented warmth and tenderness, cute little things, like the Pez candies presented by Markus.

The film shows that our eyes often deceive us, and you need to feel “your” person with your heart. “Tenderness” is proof that even the most difficult trials can be overcome if you love.

PS I love you

The main character of the film is Holly’s widow. She lost her beloved husband Jerry, her soul mate, her best friend. He died of brain cancer. Knowing about the approach of death, Jerry left his beloved 7 letters, each of which he ends with the words “PS I love you.”

Jerry’s letters seem to prevent the main character from saying goodbye to her husband, from forgetting the past. But, in fact, they helped her cope with the loss and get out of the depression into which she plunged headlong. Each of her husband’s messages reveals to the viewer episodes of their life together, makes Holly relive wonderful moments again, and at the same time, increases the bitterness of loss.

Movie Trailer PS I Love You

PS I Love You is an incredibly emotional and touching film. He is able to evoke a storm of emotions in the viewer. Together with the heroes, you can cry, worry, laugh, be sad. It reminds us that life is short, that every moment is priceless, that our loved ones are dear to us, and that it may be late at some point.

History about us

Over the years of married life, the husband and wife have accumulated a lot of reasons for quarrels. The main characters of the film “The Story of Us” – Ben and Katie – have more than 15 years of marriage. The couple is on the verge of divorce, despite the fact that for outsiders, their marriage looks quite happy. They have two children, a stable job, a good home, but arguments and screams are often heard within the family, and not a trace of the former romance and passion is left.

Watch the movie Story about us

Ben and Katie try to understand themselves, find mistakes. For this, they even visit a psychotherapist. The main characters still manage to find ways to overcome difficulties, and accept each other as they are.

The film can be called a kind of instruction on behavior in marriage. He clings with his truthfulness, sincerity and life-affirming messages.


The surprisingly touching and romantic film “The Diary of Remembrance” directed by Nick Cassavetes is proof that true love knows no barriers, it is omnipotent and timeless. The main characters of the film – Noah and Ellie – experienced it themselves.

Trailer for the film Diary of Memory

The story tells about a girl from a wealthy family, Ellie, and a simple guy who works at a sawmill – Noah. Noah fell in love with Ellie at first sight and won the favor of the beauty, despite his financial situation. But fate presented the lovers with many trials, separated them and made them make a difficult choice.

The film is filled with catchy dialogues of the main characters, romantic deeds and sensual music. This beautiful story with a happy ending shows that love is worth fighting for.

The words

The film “Words” has an unusual plot. It consists of three tied stories. In each of the stories there is a place for love, resentment, forgiveness, parting. The main character of the picture is Rory Jensen, a writer who became famous thanks to his novel. As it turned out, the manuscript of the novel was found by Rory in an old briefcase, which means that his fame is dishonest. Along with fame, Rory also finds trouble. The real author of the novel comes to Rory and forces him to confess everything.

Movie Trailer Words

This film is oversaturated with emotions. After watching it, the understanding remains that words are a powerful weapon, they can dictate our emotions, actions and feelings, help to find happiness and destroy it.

Love Rosie

The melodrama “With love, Rosie” leaves warmth and pleasant memories in the soul. The plot can be called banal, but in it many young couples will be able to find something close to themselves.

Watch movie With love, Rosie

Classmates Rosie and Alex are best friends. At the prom, Rosie spends the night with the most popular boy in the school and soon learns that she will have a child. Alex and Rosie travel to different cities, but keep in touch by texting each other. Over the years, Rosie and Alex realize that their friendship has grown into something more.

“With love, Rosie” is a touching picture filled with bright emotions. After watching it, you believe that true love really exists.

Last night in New York

The slogan of the film “Last Night in New York” sounds like: “Where desires lead.” This film shows how a frivolous, at first glance, hobby can end.

Watch the movie Last night in New York

Spouses Michael and Joanna are happily married. Michael compliments his wife, kisses when they meet, and looks happy. But, as it turned out, he hid from his wife that he had a new attractive colleague.

Joanna has her little secrets too. Michael leaves with a new employee on a business trip, and Joanna meets her old love that evening. Both Michael and Joanne face a test of loyalty.

This film is worth watching for all married couples, and while watching it try to put yourself in the shoes of the main characters.

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