12 most harmful foods for women

Each person has special taste preferences. Someone likes burgers, someone – cereals, etc. But, not every product is healthy. Today we will tell you about what a woman who wants to be healthy and beautiful should not eat.

The COLADY editorial staff presents you with a list of the most harmful products for women’s health. You need to know this!

List of the most harmful foods for women’s health

1. Chips and sodas

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Only the lazy, from nutritionists to journalists, did not write about the harmfulness of chips and soda. Nevertheless, we will repeat ourselves. Chips and carbonated drinks are harmful not only because they cause a malfunction in the metabolism, and, as a result, excess weight.

Potential Harm of Chips:

  • They provoke the development of cancer due to the presence of carcinogens;
  • They contain a huge amount of hydrogenated fats, which contribute to an increase in blood cholesterol levels. This leads to an increased risk of heart attack or stroke.
  • Clinical studies of American scientists show that regular consumption of chips leads to the development of dementia precisely because of the harmful substances formed in the product during the cooking process.

Carbonated drinks are harmful because they contain a huge amount of sugar, and this, in turn, contributes to metabolic disorders, which can cause:

  • Overweight;
  • Diabetes.

Carbonated drinks are often sweetened not with sugar, but with sugar substitutes, which are often the strongest carcinogens and, if used continuously, can cause cancer.

2. Sausage and smoked products occupy a worthy place among harmful products

Sausages and smoked products
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Sausage is included in this list of the most harmful products primarily because of its composition. Certainly, some varieties of sausages do not raise doubts about their origin, but the overwhelming majority of sausages on the counter, despite their cost, are not made from meat. The main composition of sausages is dyes and flavors, as well as synthesized protein. Their health safety has not been confirmed by clinical studies.

Various kinds of smoked meats, despite the fact that they are based on natural meat and fish, are very harmful to women’s health with a high content of carcinogens. Carcinogens are formed during product processing and remain in the form of benzopyrene, a harmful substance.

3. Mayonnaise

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Potential harm of mayonnaise in its composition:

  • Trans fats, which are classified as carcinogens.
  • Substances that increase blood cholesterol levels.

4. Margarine

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Margarine is made up of transgenic fat, one of the most harmful types of fat. And no matter what the manufacturers write, there is no useful margarine. This also applies to cheap margarine, which, in principle, does not contain any natural substances. In addition, it should be remembered that the cream of most cakes, pastries and other sweets consists of just margarine.

Excessive use will not only lead to metabolic disorders and excess weight, but also to other health problems: allergies, malfunction of the indocrine system, cancer.

5. Fast food

List of the most harmful foods for women's health
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You can talk about the dangers of fast food indefinitely. Not only that, shawarma, french fries, hamburgers, whites and others like them negatively affect metabolism and, as a result, cause excess weight. The principles of their manufacture – frying in a huge amount of oil – is in itself harmful, not to mention the fact that everything is fried in the same oil, which is good if it changes once a day. As a result, a fair amount of carcinogens is provided.

6. Vegetables and fruits

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Do not be surprised. If adorable cucumbers or apples have grown near a plant or a highway, eating them will provide you with a quite tangible supply of carcinogens, in particular benzopyrene, which causes cancer.

7. Foods containing preservatives, especially monosodium glutamate

fruit ice cream
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This preservative, used in most products for long-term storage, can cause both headaches, vasospasm, and metabolic disorders. Foods that contain a huge amount of preservatives include mayonnaise, ice cream, chocolate bars, popular drinks, and gum. Therefore, be vigilant – study the composition before buying and choose the product in which the least amount of preservatives is stated.

8. Coffee

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It is no secret that energy workers help us to maintain vigor throughout the day. For some it is coffee, for some it is tea, and for some it is also energy drinks. Coffee if you manage to drink a natural, freshly brewed beverage:

  • stimulates the activity of the cardiovascular system;
  • in case of an overdose, it drains the nervous system.

In no case should it be abused, otherwise it is fraught with problems with the heart and blood vessels.
Instant coffee as an energy drink or decaf coffee is another myth. Yes, here you will not get the actual caffeine, the reaction to instant coffee will be rather psychological. However, your body will be filled to capacity with preservatives and flavors.

9. Tea

List of the most harmful foods for women's health
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The same can be said for natural black tea. Black tea with various additives is often a gimmick of manufacturers supplying low-quality products with flavors and preservatives.
Many articles have been written about the benefits of green tea, but few people know that abuse of this drink leads to the formation of blood clots.

10. Energy drinks

List of the most harmful foods for women's health
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As for energy drinks, in addition to the huge amount of preservatives and flavors, they have a detrimental effect on the nervous system, depleting it.

11. Any food with a large amount of carbohydrates – including oatmeal, white bread and polished rice

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Harm of bread and rice:

  • Are quickly processed into glucose;
  • It is in women that the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases increases.

12. Semi-finished products – ready-made soups, broths, nuggets

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A very popular type of food that does not take a lot of time to prepare, and the result is usually excellent. However, it is best to refrain from them.

  • Convenience foods contain a lot of preservatives, salt and fat.
  • Does not necessarily consist of the stated fish or meat.
  • Often they contain genetically modified foods (for example, soy, which replaces animal protein).
  • The breadcrumbs that are sprinkled on nuggets absorb a lot of fat during cooking.
  • Pork skins are one of the most popular dishes in the world because of their amazing taste. However, there is no need to talk about the benefits of the product.

Harm of semi-finished products:

  1. The fat and salt content in this dish is enormous;
  2. This dish is considered a hard and heavy food for the stomach;
  3. Often contains hairs that are not digested, moreover, can lead to appendicitis;
  4. Recent studies have shown that this dish damages tooth enamel.

Nutritionist’s comment

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The female body is more picky about food than the male. What foods should women not eat? My recommendations are below.

  1. A woman who wants to be healthy should eat less salty, starchy or sweet foods (foods that contain refined sugar).
  2. Avoid unhealthy fats: fried fatty meats, palm oil.
  3. Planning a varied diet, eating the same food all the time is harmful.
  4. Eat smoked and sweet foods, confectionery as little as possible.
  5. Drink about two liters of water a day, preferably mineral water. Thirst cannot serve as a worthy indicator of the need to drink, because it manifests itself when the body is already dehydrated. Drink a glass of water consistently and regularly several times throughout the day, and you will reduce the harmful effects of even those unwanted foods that you have already eaten.

Eliminate foods that lead to excess fat deposition from your diet. Excessive consumption of even healthy foods can lead to obesity. In this case, reduce their number.

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