12 signs you’ve met a soul mate

How can you know and feel that you are lucky to meet exactly “your” person? Of course, during the candy-bouquet period, you look at your communication through rose-colored glasses, and you may well be mistaken about your chosen one. In the future, many things and nuances of your relationship will become more obvious.

Signs of a soul mate

Check yourself and your partner for these 12 signs

If you have at least two-thirds of them, then rest assured that your soul mate is next to you!

  1. You no longer suffer from anxiety attacks whenever you think about what will happen next. Suddenly you realize that no matter what happens, everything will be fine. You both have a common vision for the future and you know how you want to build it.
  2. You no longer worry about a lot of things – it’s your fears, thoughts about “are you good enough”, social media, or other people’s opinions in general. Your relationship is much easier to build than you expected, and you are practically not tormented by doubts as before.
  3. You respect each other sincerely and deeply. Even when you have disagreements, you handle the conflict in a calm and friendly manner without being harsh, offensive, or rude.
  4. You bring out only the best in each other. You now see your strengths and are not afraid of your weaknesses. And you also give each other useful impetus towards growth and development.
  5. You can’t believe how quickly you felt comfortable around this person. From the beginning of your relationship, you both felt as if you had known each other for many, many years.
  6. You understand each other’s emotions in a way you’ve never understood anyone else. You both know how to react when your partner is feeling sad and angry or happy and happy. Open communication is never a problem for you, and you are not afraid of even the most difficult conversations.
  7. You know how to interact on all levels: emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, sexually and intellectually. You can hear and feel what your partner is thinking before it is voiced. The moment you see him in the evening after work, you know exactly how his day went.
  8. You often feel grateful and surprised at how lucky you are to have met this person.
  9. You are his number one fan, and he is yours. The mutual help and support is endless, and you know that your partner is always by your side.
  10. When you are around this person, you experience a sense of calm and well-being. His presence alone creates a tremendous sense of confidence and security.
  11. He is your best friend and “accomplice” in all matters. With it, you are not afraid to be vulnerable. You saw each other in the worst situations, and it only made you love him even more.
  12. You just know instinctively that this is “your” person. Initially, you had a sense of the correctness of everything that you were doing, and then everything fell into place without much effort.

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