12 types of women’s panties – a memo for women and men who love them

Types of women's panties - which ones to choose?There are only 3 types of panties – midi, maxi and mini. Panties can be either openly open or cover the most appetizing part of a woman’s body as much as possible.

So, what types of panties are there, how to choose the right one and who is better to wear them?

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2 types of women’s panties “Maxi”

Women’s panties of the “Maxi” style are divided into 2 subspecies – “panties-shorts” and “penty”. Usually, maxi panties are worn by women of age, or in cases where it is necessary to maintain certain proportions of the figure or visually remove imperfections.

  • Briefs-shorts
    The second name for these panties is Boyshorts, since in most cases these panties look like men’s boxers. There are three types of such panties (pantaloons, pagenslips and boxers), but they all perform one main function – they effectively tighten the figure, and also serve as an excellent option for underwear for tight pants.
    Maxi briefs - shorts It is also worth noting that such underwear can be safely worn under short skirts, since in case of an accidental gust of wind, everyone will think that you are wearing shorts – this will save you from an awkward situation. The only drawback of such underwear is its bulky appearance. Pants, for example, cover the thighs to the middle, therefore, there can be no talk of any sexuality. The panties are suitable for both “slender” girls and girls with more curvaceous forms.
  • Penti
    These panties are classic panties with a raised, high waist. Such underpants are also called shapers, special corset or corrective ones.
    Penti The slimming effect can be achieved with the help of special sealing tabs, as well as thanks to the unique style, which allows you to tighten not only the butt, but also the tummy. These panties are suitable for chubby girls. The only drawback of this wardrobe item is its large size.

Women’s panties “Midi” – 4 types of panties

Midi is a versatile type of panties that are most common among girls, as they are comfortable and also look very beautiful.

So what types of midi panties are there?

  • Slips
    These are the most common panties that are sure to be found in every girl’s underwear drawer. The panties completely cover the bottom, and there is a cutout in the middle of the thigh.Slip This cut is the most comfortable, so these panties are perfect for everyday wear. The downside of the model is that panties cannot be worn under tight leggings or under a pencil skirt made of thin material.
  • Culot
    These panties are updated slips. They are wider, but they have a lower waistline, which provides the pope with appetizing shapes, as the roundness becomes more tender.
    Women's briefs These panties are perfect for slim girls who want to emphasize their forms.
  • Slip asset
    A variant of the slips that mostly cover the thighs. These panties cover the tummy to the navel, so they are perfect for sports activities or outdoor activities. Slip assetHigh cut on the side allows you to put these panties under a skirt with a high cut. Suitable for girls with all body types and for all ages.
  • Tanga
    This type of panties consists of two triangles (approx. – back and front) and elastic bands connecting them. TangaThe main disadvantage of these panties is that, alas, they make the hips (significantly) fat even for the thinnest girl. However, if you have a dress with a side slit, then these panties will be an excellent option.

Women’s panties “Mini” in 6 variants

Mini panties are the most revealing and sexiest panties available. Such panties, as a rule, do not shape the figure and are absolutely not suitable for wearing in the cold season.

So, what are the options for “mini” panties, and who are they more suitable for?

  • Thong
    Thongs are fashionable panties with a back in the form of a strip of fabric or ribbon that fits between the buttocks, and the front is a fabric or lace triangle. These panties absolutely do not cover the buttocks, which means that you can get cold in the winter.
    They are recommended to be worn under transparent or tight-fitting clothing. One of the main disadvantages of these panties is that they are a common cause of chafing and irritation of the skin (and sometimes hemorrhoids!), And they are classified as women’s clothing hazardous to health
  • Bikini
    Panties popular among girls, which look like two triangles connected at the sides with an elastic band, thin strips of fabric, or strings (like on swimsuits).
  • Thong shorts
    This model of panties has been gaining popularity for several seasons. Thong shorts look very beautiful and also shape the figure.
    Thong shorts
    Such underwear is suitable for both young girls and middle-aged women.
  • Brasiliana
    This type of panties is very similar to a thong, but it differs from them in that it only opens half of the ass.
    Such panties can be either on a standard wide elastic band or on a narrow one.
  • Tong
    A very effective model of panties, also reminiscent of a thong, but with a very low rise.
    Thong panties
    The main use of these panties is under skirts / pants with a very low waistline. Cons: Can’t be worn during the cold season. Also, tong is not suitable for daily wear due to the risk of chafing.
  • Devan Derrier
    A gorgeous model of sexy panties that have the lowest possible rise in the front and back.
    Devan Derrier
    Such underwear is worn only in exceptional cases and is in no way suitable for daily wear.

We will be very pleased if you share your opinion about the panties you prefer.

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