12 years of strong marriage between Bruce Willis and Emma Heming

A long-term relationship always takes effort, time, respect and love to grow stronger over the years. For celebrities, this task becomes more difficult, since the whole world is constantly observing and, like through a microscope, their every movement. For Bruce Willis and his model wife, Emma Heming, 12 years of marriage are behind them, and they seem to be doing a great job. The couple married on March 21, 2009 and are raising two daughters, 9-year-old Mabel Rae and 7-year-old Evelyn Penn.

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming
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Emma is still crazy about her husband

Both Bruce and Emma claim that sparks flew during their first meeting.

Emma even admitted:

“When we met, I was amazed at how charming and incredibly handsome he was. That was my first impression of Bruce. “

Willis modestly adds: “I immediately fell in love with her.”

On the day of the 12th wedding anniversary, 42-year-old Emma Heming again confessed her love to her 66-year-old “die hard”:

“How madly I love this guy, just to the moon and back! Although there were times when I wanted to take him to the moon, leave him there and return alone! This is what our 12 years old look like. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs alike. However, Bruce is completely my man. I wouldn’t want to go on this crazy adventure called marriage with anyone else. It was he who gave me the family (and even more) that I dreamed of, and I am crazy about him. Happy 12th birthday, my beloved. “

Bruce Willis with his family
Photo @brucewillisbw

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This post was written by Emma two days after the post dedicated to Bruce’s birthday, in which she called her husband “the greatest love of my life.”

On the actor’s birthday, the loving wife admitted:

“Since this guy came into my life, he constantly turns it upside down – sometimes it’s exhausting. But he is the most amazing person I know, and I sincerely thank all my lucky stars for my husband every single day. “

By the way, two years ago, on the day of their 10th anniversary, the couple again held a wedding ceremony in the presence of their daughters.

“We did it rather for them. The girls liked to keep flowers at the ceremony, and they felt like a part of something important, – Emma Heming shared her memories of a family holiday. “Ten years seemed like a big deal and it was fun to celebrate.”

The very large Willis family

What’s really wonderful and amazing about the Willis-Heming family is that their love and affection extends to Bruce’s ex-wife, actress Demi Moore. After all, Bruce and Demi are the parents of three grown daughters.

Willis once joked about his big “girly” family:

“I can’t imagine having five boys. Moreover, I cannot imagine at least one boy. “

The actor also admitted that he likes being a father:

“I think that eating deliciously and playing with children is my main job now. I forget that from time to time I need to film. It’s much more fun hanging out with your offspring. “

Bruce Willis with family 2
Photo @brucewillisbw

In fact, the Willis-Heming family and Demi Moore often spend time together. Emma and Demi are very warm to each other and are close friends. Moore and Willis were married for 13 years and divorced in 2000, but the ex-spouses have a great relationship, and Hemet respects that.

In her Instagram post for International Women’s Day, Demi Moore even congratulated Willis’ wife.

She wrote:

“Emma is part of our clan and I have the honor to call her friend. Our children are sisters and we have a strong family bond with each other. We are all connected by this crazy adventure. Emma is a wonderful mother, devoted to her family, and she is an absolutely gorgeous woman. “

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