13 phrases that smart women will never say

There are phrases that directly indicate that the person who pronounces them does not shine with intelligence. What words will a woman endowed with deep intelligence never say? Let’s try to figure this out!

Phrases that cannot be spoken

1. All women are fools

With this phrase, the speaker seems to admit to others that she, being a woman herself, is a narrow-minded person. In addition, psychologists argue that by accusing all representatives of the same sex with a narrow mind, women display the so-called internal misogyny. Internal misogyny, or misogyny, is a manifestation of contempt for women, which speaks of a deep rejection of one’s nature and the perception of other “women” not as equal friends, but as rivals.


2. He’s not worth your tears

At first glance, it may seem that this phrase is an attempt to cheer up a friend in difficult times. However, it must be remembered that a friend who has separated from a man is going through a severe crisis. The former lover does not seem to her to be a bad person, because she had (and, possibly, has) deep feelings for him. It is better to offer to spend time together, talk about what happened and calmly listen to your friend, accepting her emotions and experiences and not criticizing them.

3. Let the men do it, they will do better.

The desire to shift responsibility to others, hinting at their own weakness, from the outside seems to be a manifestation of infantilism, and not true femininity.

Manipulate a man

4. I told you …

Maybe you really warned about the consequences of this or that action. However, if the person who received your warning did their own thing and faced the negative consequences of their choice, they need support, not criticism.

5. I have always achieved everything myself …

Saying this phrase, people are usually cunning. After all, there was always someone who lent a helping hand, helped with advice or actions, or at least supported in difficult times.

6. I supported him, and he …

In saying this, a woman directly informs that she does not know how to choose men and can contact a person who is not even able to earn money for her needs.

7. You ruined the best years of my life …

The question arises: why did you have to endure a person who only did that spoiled your existence? In addition, the man to whom these words are addressed may reasonably object that, despite him, the years still seemed to you the best …

You ruined the best years of my life

8. You have not achieved anything, but my friend’s husband …

You should not compare your man with other people’s husbands and lovers. This is not perceived as a motivation for action, but as an unpleasant criticism. Such words make you not change your life for the better, but look for a woman who is able to accept a person as he is.

9. It seems to me that I am fat (ugly, old, stupid)

You may be asking for a compliment by saying these words. However, it is more likely that others will take a closer look at you and actually notice the shortcomings you listed.

10. I deserve more

If you feel that you deserve more, take action, and do not complain to others that fate has cheated you.

11. You are well preserved for your age

You should not hint to a friend or just an acquaintance of her age. A compliment can be made without indicating the number of years lived.

12. I am already over 30, and when I buy alcohol, they ask me for a passport

Sellers are required to require documents when selling alcohol and cigarettes. You should not hint to others that you look younger than 18: they perfectly see your appearance themselves.

Incorrect phrases

13. I’m probably going to say a stupid thing, but …

There is no need to tune other people into thinking that your words will necessarily be stupid, not worthy of attention. Such self-criticism from the outside looks like lack of confidence in yourself and your thoughts.

Think: Do you often say phrases that might make you feel like a stupid woman? Learn to control your speech, and you will notice that attitudes from others will quickly change for the better.

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