13 Russian films about good and kind – we watch a good Russian family cinema

Sometimes there are times when a family decides to watch some good movies on weekends. A family movie should be suitable for both children and adults. Today there is a wide variety of films for families to watch, so it is difficult to pick the best one right away.

We provide an overview of the best movies for the whole family.

Features of family relationships in different countries of the world – how are we similar?

12 months. New fairy tale

Year of issue: 2015 year
Age category: 0+
Starring: Olga Naletova, Ilya Butkovsky
12 months.  New fairy tale

The film is about how a girl finds herself in a fairyland, in which unforgettable adventures and magic await her in all months of the year.

Very soon – New Year, but one of the evil wizards decided to ban the holiday everywhere and made it disappear. To return the New Year and get home, the main character and her friends must find snowdrops in a fairyland and take them to the palace …

The Secret of the Four Princesses

Year of issue: year 2014

Age category: 0+

Starring: Sergey Zhigunov, Kristina Orbakaite, Alexander Strizhenov, Yuri Galtsev, Yulia Parshuta, Dmitry Burukin

The Secret of the Four PrincessesThe main character of the film is an ordinary tailor Hans, who lived in poverty, so he had the nickname “the tailor Hans”.

It so happened that Hans ends up in the palace of the King of the State, who gives the main responsible task – to reveal the riddle where his daughters are hiding every night.

At the same time, Queen Gurunda lives in another kingdom, who decides to marry her sons to daughters to the brides of rich kings.

After she learns that the sons have long made their choice, the mother becomes enraged and casts a spell, turning them into birds.

SOS, Santa Claus or Everything will come true

Year of issue: 2015 year
Age category: 6+
Starring: Mikhail Bespalov, Sophia Spektor, Anatoly Bely, Alena Babenko
SOS, Santa Claus or Everything will come true

This film tells the story of a girl who dreams of spending the New Year with her family – despite the fact that her parents had a falling out.

With all her strength, she fights desperately and comes up with plans to reconcile her parents. She knows that Santa Claus exists and will definitely help solve her problems. To ask Santa Claus to help her, you need to find him.

At one point she finds him, but he turns out to be not only not real, but also a swindler. Now the girl’s real adventures begin …

Adventures of Little Italians

Year of issue: year 2014
Age category: 6+
Starring: Andrey Chernyshov, Christina Kapodondi
Adventures of Little Italians

In a small town in Italy, there are guys who love winter sports: some prefer figure skating, and some prefer hockey.

One day they lose the puck of a coach – a very famous athlete. This puck must be urgently returned, but for this the friends were forced to fly to Russia.

After arriving in Russia, a girl unexpectedly escapes, which complicates the fight for the puck …

The mystery of the dark room

Year of issue: 2015 year
Age category: 0+
Starring: Egor Gubarev, Andrey Popovich
The mystery of the dark room

In one old house there are guys who do not like to stay at home.

At one point, they find an incomprehensible dark window. What is hiding in the window from which it appeared – all this will need to be learned by young adventurers.

From the moment they decide on this, they find themselves in the land of adventure, where they need to find the secret of the dark room. Here they need to show courage in order to go through all the trials.

First Grade Mom’s Diary

Year of issue: year 2014
Age category: 0+
Starring: Svetlana Khodchenkova, Dmitry Endaltsev, Dima Polunin
First Grade Mom's Diary

This film is about the family of a first grader named Vasya. Parents know how difficult it is to bring up a first grader, get them to school, bring up a good person with a kind soul in him and help him cope with difficulties.

From the first of September to the last call, there are a lot of moments and difficulties that need to be dealt with. And only thanks to the family, this little boy will become more confident in himself and will be able to achieve success.

Striped flight

Year of issue: 1961 year
Age category: 12+
Starring: Vladimir Fetin, Evgeny Leonov, Margarita Nazarova, Ivan Dmitriev
Striped flight

This is a good old film about an interesting and funny story about animals.

The story begins with how cages with animals: tigers and lions are loaded onto the ship. One employee of the buffet is put to watch them.

At one point, the barman did not look after the animals, and the monkey released the animals. This is where the adventures of everyone on this ship begin.

Only one young girl is not afraid of anything and decides on bold deeds …

Christmas trees. New Year is attacking!

Year of issue: 2010 year
Age category: 12+
Starring: Alena Bulynko, Sergey Pokhodaev
Christmas trees.  New Year is attacking!

This film is full of adventures and surprises.

On New Year’s Eve, stories are unfolding in twelve cities at once, uniting people in one chain, and all this for the sake of one girl, who must believe that miracles happen. From the first moments of the film, the characters are trying to do everything before the New Year: make peace, find love, do something unusual.

This unusual film tells people that all dreams come true, the main thing is to believe in them.

Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath

Year of issue: 1975 year
Age category: 0+
Starring: Andrey Myagkov, Barbara Brylska
Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath

The story begins with a bathhouse, which the protagonist Zhenya and his friends love to go to every New Year.
After a good rest, they remember that one of them must go to Leningrad and send Zhenya by mistake. Well rested after a fun feast in the bathhouse, Zhenya is unaware of this and goes to his address.

It turned out that in Leningrad there is the same address as in Moscow: house, apartment, floor … Even the furniture is the same as his house!

Further in the film, incredible scenes unfold in which circumstances change.

Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin the serpent

Release year: 2004 year
Age category: 12+
Director: Konstantin Bronzit
Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin the serpent

A stunning humorous cartoon for the whole family, which tells about the fate of Rostov and the hero – Alyosha Popovich.

Evil nomads came, demanding to pay money. The people had an idea: what if all Rostovs collect their jewelry and hide it in a cave, and then, when they enter it, throw a stone at the entrance?

But unfortunately, the thrown stone falls and rolls directly onto the town, the plan fails. There is only one hope for Alyoshenka, who goes in search of gold, and immediately followed by the bride Lyubava, her grandmother and the donkey Moses.

Orphan of Kazan

Release year: 1997 year
Age category: 6+
Starring: Elena Shevchenko
Orphan of Kazan

A film about a young girl Nastya, who works as a school teacher.

Nastya dreams of seeing her real father, since she has never seen him. She was only told that she and her mother had a short affair.

To see her father, Nastya decided to place a letter in the newspaper that her mother did not send. But then she could not even imagine that several fathers would come to her at once.

Nastya is trying to understand who her real father is. But most of all goes to Nastya’s beloved, who now has three father-in-law at once!

Snow angel

Release year: 2007 year
Age category: 12+
Starring: Victoria Tolstoganova, Alexander Baluev, Anastasia Dobrynina
Snow angel

The film tells us that miracles sometimes come true.

The girl does not like to celebrate the New Year with her friends, as they are constantly trying to find a groom for her. But this time the circumstances were such that she still decided to go to her friends, hoping that her life would change for the better.

After that, the fun begins. Circumstances in a different environment change, and she celebrates the New Year in a completely different company, as planned.

Shaggy Christmas trees. Everything is like people

Release year: 2015
Age category: 6+
Starring: Andrey Merzlikin, Yan Tsapnik, Lera Strelyaeva, Galina Konshina
Fur-trees Shaggy.  Everything is like people

A kind comedy film that shows the continuation of the story of “Yolki-3” about two adorable dogs. These animals cannot live without each other: spaniel Yoko and a mongrel named Pirate.

They live well in the house before the owners have a daughter. Due to the appearance of a child, they stop caring for their four-legged friends and give them to a hotel for animals, leaving for another city for the New Year.

The loving dogs did not like this, and they run away to enjoy the freedom and sleep in a warm, soft bed. But this is not the end of their adventure …

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