15 best books on relationships between men and women

Best books on relationships between men and womenBest Man-Woman Relationship Books – 15 Hits For Your Open Hearts! Let the meeting with your soul mate be sure to take place: look – and you will find, knock – and they will open it to you. The necessary books will help you recognize love and accept it, understand your partner and find happiness in his company. Family life is a life of love. Two people who yearn for happiness in a relationship cannot be wrong.

The best books about relationships between men and women will help you gain the knowledge you need, as well as confidence in yourself, your feelings and the feelings of your partner.

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Matthews E. “Live Easy !: How to Find Happiness and Success in Love”

M .: ODRI E, 2017

Matthews E. "Live Easy"A colossal positive impact can be experienced by reading the next book by E. Matthews. He does not teach to live or change to transform life. For him, the main thing is to treat serious things with humor.

In the new edition, love affairs become the subject of research.

Unrivaled authoring style with an independent sense of humor, combined with satirical illustrations, allows you to enjoy the book.

Litvak M.E. “A man and a woman: the main rules for building a happy family”

Moscow: b.i., 2016

Litvak M.E.  "Man and woman"A well-known psychologist and psychotherapist of the international registry, Mikhail Litvak deduces the rules for building family happiness. He offers solutions to typical problems that arise between grooms and brides, husbands and wives, lovers and mistresses.

The book is made up of dialogues with people who want to live happily with their loved ones. Basically, these are women who find themselves in difficult life situations and are forced to make their choice in favor of a partner.

Sviyash A.G., Sviyash Yu.V. “Advice for those who are married, rejected and passionate about rejection”

M .: AST, 2015

Sviyash A.G., Sviyash Yu.V.  "Tips for spouses"A masterpiece of positive psychology, written in an easy and accessible language, it smashes to smithereens the multiple delusions of men and women, instilled in them since childhood, or developed over the years.

An incredible sense of liberation comes over after reading it. Love, as the basis of marriage, appears not as a complex deep feeling, but as an easy way to express your attitude towards your partner.

The book is written with a sense of humor and is aimed, among other things, at studying oneself, one’s merits and achievements.

Kurpatov A.V., Abdullaeva Sh.B. “Translation from female to male and vice versa”

M .: AST, 2016

Kurpatov A.V., Abdullaeva Sh.B.  "Translation from female to male and vice versa"Like other examples of Andrei Kurpatov’s psychological prose, this book opens your eyes to life and gives you confidence in understanding your partner.

Constructed in the form of a long dialogue between a practicing psychiatrist and a journalist, the book strikes with the depth of life wisdom and breaks long-term stereotypes.

The author expresses his personal attitude to the problems of Russian women – and gives examples concerning America.

Torsunov O.G. “Vedas about a man and a woman: a technique for building the right relationship”

M .: Amrita-Rus, 2018

Torsunov O.G.  "Vedas about man and woman"The author offers the concept of a healthy relationship. The book expresses ideas about what a Real Man and a Real Woman should be.

A practicing physician, the author lived for many years in India, where he studied the Vedas – the most ancient sources of true knowledge.

Widespread propaganda of now forgotten values ​​is on the pages of his book.

Bennett M., Bennett S. “Forget Love !: A Guide to Rational Choosing a Partner”

Moscow: Alpina Publisher, 2018

Bennett M., Bennett S. "Forget love"The authors offer a practical approach, far from sensuality and passion.

Studying the charisma, attractiveness, sociability of your partner, his intellect and well-being, loyalty to the family, a sense of humor becomes a priority in preparation for a serious relationship between a man and a woman.

The almost invisible balance between outright cynicism and rational attitude towards marriage is worth the attention of every reader. Good “detective work” – for the sake of a reasonable choice of a partner for many years!

Gamayun E. “Look at me. Find, attract and get married: a training workshop “

Moscow: RIPOL Classic, 2018

Gamayun E. "Look at me" 1Author’s practices for female flowering are offered by such a training book.

Not a romantic description of meetings and dates, but the art of seduction interests the author. Feminine perfection through the eyes of men is based on seduction and sexuality.

And what do women themselves think about this? Change if you want happiness together. Eliminate proud loneliness – and find yourself in the feminine form of a charming lioness. Then male looks are provided for you.

A.A. Nekrasov “Destiny by order !: Writing a script for a happy life”

M .: Tsentrpoligraf, 2018

A.A. Nekrasov  "Fate by Order"Lessons from Anatoly Nekrasov’s School of Wisdom – on the pages of the next edition.

How to establish relationships with a loved one and start living happily, how to build a life full of harmony and love for each other, how not to lose yourself, but to reveal the spiritual wealth hidden in the depths of your soul – learn this from the book by A. Nekrasov.

Chapman G. “5 Love Languages: The Teenage Edition: An Updated Illustrated Edition”

SPb .: Visson, 2018

Chapman G. "5 languages ​​of love"The awareness of love and its expression are not the same thing.

Practical advice for self-esteem and self-development coexist with the description of the very feeling of love, different from falling in love. Both are equally important for adolescents who are faced with such “discoveries” for the first time.

Take care of your child – give him such a book. Let love become for him a revelation, not suffering, and G. Chapman help to accept and find it in its entirety.

“Five languages ​​of love” is not the only edition; a separate “edition for men” was published.

Gray J. “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Wish fulfillment course: even if you don’t believe in magic and wizardry “

M .: AST Prime, 2018

Gray J. Men are from Mars, women are from VenusHandbook for married couples, withstood another reprint.

Secrets of understanding and behavior in the family, reasons for misunderstanding, good examples from real practice – and all this in simple language!

More suitable for reading for women: teaches you to cooperate with a partner, and not to copy the relationship of parents to your own family. Provides simple but principled advice that is applicable in conflict situations.

Pease A., Pease B. “The language of relationships: how to learn to communicate with the opposite sex without conflict”

M .: E, 2015

Pease A., Pease B. "The Language of Relationships"The authors build their theory of family relationships on the differences in the perception of the world by men and women.

Facial expressions, gestures, habits, listening skills, attention to detail, taste for life, the neural circuitry of the brain are all different.

The text includes original tests for both partners, aimed at identifying features of gender identity and personal identity.

Doyle L. Kill All Family Psychologists !: A Practical Guide from a Happy Wife

M .: Prime AST, 2017

Doyle L. Kill All Family PsychologistsLaura Doyle saves marriages and brings lovers back to life.

Her destiny is not psychological counseling, which only kills the family. The author reveals 6 secrets of intimacy and gives advice on their application in practice.

An autobiographical description with conclusions about one’s own mistakes is read in one breath. A philosophical approach to life is based on accepting your husband as he is and maintaining love for him in different life circumstances.

Tolstaya N.V. “Together forever! And very happy: three secrets of eternal love “

M .: Prime AST, 2016

Tolstaya N.V.  "Together forever"The author-psychologist calls his masterpiece “a remedy for the treatment of family disorders.” It reveals women’s secrets and secret dreams of male heroes, cites typical women’s complaints about men – and sorts out mistakes.

The book is written in a bright and understandable language, with directness and frankness. She will help a woman to understand the labyrinth of her feelings – passionate and seething, or hidden behind the seven doors of the soul.

Fromm E. “The Art of Love”

M .: AST, 2017

Fromm E. "The Art of Love"The philosophical treatise of the founder of neo-Freudianism, written in the middle of the twentieth century, does not lose its relevance today.

The classic work is devoted to the philosophical understanding of the magical feeling in all its manifestations – maternal, sisterly / fraternal, sexual, friendly, etc.

You will not find intriguing methodologies and step-by-step guides for finding a partner in it. This book is for comprehension, for the secret places of the subconscious, for spiritual wealth.

Harvey S. “Act Like a Woman – Think Like a Man”

M .: ODRI E, 2018

Harvey S. "Act Like a Woman - Think Like a Man"The secrets of the stronger sex are revealed to all women who wish to learn them from someone else’s lips.

Male secrets at 20, 30, 40, 50 years differ, and the expectations of women – even more so. A desktop guide for all women who want to love and be loved.

Not quarrels, but consent and compromises, the author puts at the forefront in family relations. Male mentality and male motivation, attitude towards protection, loyalty, sex, etc. – all this flashes on the pages of the book.

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