15 best educational books for children under one year old – we grow readers from the cradle!

The best educational books for children under one year oldA baby barely discharged from the hospital, of course, does not need books. However, as soon as he begins to listen to the sounds and react to them, books really come to the aid of his mother, who simply cannot remember all the lullabies, rhymes, nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

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At what age can you start rustling pages?

  • At 2-3 months – only acquaintance with the book. The baby is already staring around with interest and listening to her mother’s gentle voice. Naturally, a child will not be able to understand fairy tales at this age, and he will not listen to his mother with genuine interest. Therefore, the book should be contrasting, soft and with the most simple black and white pictures, and the mother will come up with rhymes-jokes as comments to the picture herself.
  • At 4-5 months – a new “book” stage. Now you can buy soft (and safe!) Books “in the bath”, as well as the first cardboard books with large images and short (1 word per 1 picture) text. Be sure to accompany the viewing of pictures with children’s poems or nursery rhymes “on the topic.”
  • At 9-10 months, the child already listens to his mother with pleasure. It’s time to buy “Turnip”, “Chicken-Ryaba” and other children’s bestsellers. Thick “folios” books are not recommended. Buy small books that are comfortable for your baby to hold and leaf through.
  • By 11-12 months, the baby can no longer do without books, and at the first opportunity he shoves his mother into the hands of another literary masterpiece about “our Tanya”, animals or Teremok. Do not dismiss your child – read until he gets tired of it. By instilling an interest in books, you are making a serious contribution to its development.

How to choose an Early Childhood Development Center for a toddler – all the tips.

And what books can a mother read to a baby up to 1 year old?

To your attention – the rating of “bestsellers” for the smallest

“Miracle rainbow”

luchshie razvivayushhie knigi dlya detej do goda 2Age: for the smallest, from 6 months to 5 years.

Book with wonderful illustrations by Vasnetsov.

Here you will find both funny nursery rhymes and jokes from famous poets. A real “book of childhood” that many parents will surely remember with joy and nostalgia.

“Okay. Songs, nursery rhymes, jokes “

“Okay.  Songs, nursery rhymes, jokes Age: for babies up to 3 years old.

An almost immortal book with Russian songs, nursery rhymes and fairy tales. A masterpiece for children, thanks to which the artist Vasnetsov was awarded the USSR State / Prize.


luchshie razvivayushhie knigi dlya detej do goda 2 2Age: up to 3 years old.

Poems and songs that they carry with them throughout their lives, reading first to their dolls, then to their children, and then to their grandchildren. A powerful charge of warmth, love and mischief from the poems themselves, combined with colorful illustrations.

A book that every mother should just have.

“Two magpies were chatting. Age: from 6 months to 5 years. Russian folk tales, songs, nursery rhymes “

“Two magpies were chatting.  Age: from 6 months to 5 years.  Russian folk tales, songs, nursery rhymes Age: for the little ones.

One of the books that emanates from a carefree childhood and boundless happiness. An excellent artistic and very informative literary part. Here you will find White-sided Magpie, Kolobok, and Kota Kotofeevich.

The book that often becomes the favorite in the library of a young reader.

“Rainbow arc. Songs, nursery rhymes, jokes “

“Rainbow arc.  Songs, nursery rhymes, jokes Age: up to 3 years old.

The ideal book for the first steps in reading – a masterpiece of children’s book classics. Especially, “complete” with Vasnetsov’s drawings. Fantastic modern edition for the kiddies.

Learn folklore nursery rhymes with your children – help develop speech!

By the way, with your child you can watch the best educational cartoons for children under one year old.

“Like ours at the gate … Nursery rhymes, songs, chants, little dogs, sentences, games, riddles and tongue twisters”

luchshie razvivayushhie knigi dlya detej do goda 2 5Age: for the little ones.

Almost all genres of Russian folk art in one wonderful book. Lullabies to help you fall asleep, nursery rhymes – for fun games with your mom, songs – for development.

A real treasure of folk wisdom.

Author: Agnia Barto. “Toys”

Author: Agnia Barto.  Age: up to 3 years old.

A book for acquaintance of toddlers with the rich world of literature. Poems that children adore are kind, easy to remember, instructive, fostering love for animals, toys and the world around them.

Easy style of the author, pleasant and understandable for every child.

Author: Agnia Barto. “I am growing”

Author: Agnia Barto.  Age: for the little ones.

“There is a goby, swinging” remember? And “Our Tanya”? And even a “grimy girl”? Well, of course, remember. Mom and grandmother read them to you in childhood. And now the time has come – to read these poems to your children.

A kind and light book that has not lost its relevance for many generations in a row.

Author: Agnia Barto. “Mashenka”

Agniya Barto.  Age: up to 3 years old.

Poems for acquaintance of kids with the literary world.

Easy to remember, kind, instantly memorized by all children. Easy Barto’s style, requiring no effort to understand the texts and memorize them.

Author: Korney Chukovsky. “Telephone”

Roots Chukovsky.  Age: for kids.

A book that must be on the shelf for all parents.

Written back in 1926, the work is not outdated to this day. A fairy tale in verse that gave the world a lot of winged expressions – with a fascinating plot, light rhyme and colorful drawings.

Author: Korney Chukovsky. “Confusion”

Roots Chukovsky.  Age: up to 3-5 years old.

A funny and interesting shape-shifting tale about nature, animals and disobedience, which never leads to good. A cautionary tale to strengthen your child’s life experience, increase his self-esteem, expand his vocabulary and improve his mood.

Interesting dynamic plot, very light syllable, colorful illustrations by Konashevich.

Author: Korney Chukovsky. “Stolen Sun”

Roots Chukovsky.  Age: up to 3 years old.

One of the most famous and, despite the age of the fairy tale (approx. – since 1927), still popular stories in poetry about the sun swallowed by a crocodile.

A favorite fairy tale of all toddlers with a rhythm close to children, easy memorization, with wonderful images of characters.

Author: Korney Chukovsky. “Fedorino grief”

Roots Chukovsky.  Age: up to 3 years old.

If you have cockroaches, and all the dishes have escaped, then it’s time to be treated for laziness and slovenliness!

An instructive and funny story for the little ones with a fast-paced plot, light syllable, ringing rhyme and with a happy ending. A fairy tale that teaches kids about cleanliness and order.

Author: Samuil Marshak. “Poems and fairy tales for the little ones”

Samuel Marshak.  Age: up to 3 years old.

Discovering the wonderful world of Marshak, kids get to know riddles, instructive and mischievous poems, songs and fairy tales. This book contains the best works of the author with colorful illustrations – Children in a Cage, Funny Alphabet and Robin Bobbin, Humpty Dumpty, King Pepin and many others.

Warm and cozy book for kids.

Author: Samuil Marshak. “Cat house”

Samuel Marshak.  Age: for the little ones.

An exciting play by Marshak, loved by many generations, illustrated by Vasnetsov.

A simple plot, presented to young readers with a lot of humor. Continuous action with short lines of characters, catchy poems and, of course, a happy ending to the fairy tale.

Naturally, there are much more books for babies – the choice is truly huge. But this does not mean that you need to buy them all.

Read your favorite books to your child every day, if he asks you to.

And return to childhood with him.

Enjoy reading!

In addition to reading, learn the best educational games for babies from 6 months to a year with your toddler. website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback on the best books for babies up to one year old.

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