15 best films about the greatest women in the world

The best films about the greatest women in the worldEvery woman has moments when her arms drop, the wings do not want to unfold, and the crown slides to its side. On such days, it is extremely important to find a way – to effectively and quickly improve your mood and your fighting spirit. And what will help in this better, those thematic films about strong-willed, great women of our world?

We are not giving up! Many of the world’s greatest women have gone through much harder trials to succeed! We watch, remember – and learn to be strong!

Coco to Chanel

Released in 2009.

Country: France and Belgium.

Key roles: O. Tautou and B. Pulvoord, M. Gillen and A. Nivola, and others.

It was then she gave each woman her little black dress and wrapped thin women’s necks with threads of artificial pearls, and first there was “Chicken” and cheap eateries in which the future empress of fashion sang dirty songs, to one day become one of the most influential figures of the 2nd century …

Coco to Chanel

To make her dream come true, Gabriella (and that is exactly what she was called) Chanel was forced to become a “kept woman” with a rich rake.

However, fate still gave the straightforward and elegant Coco love …

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Princess of monaco

Released in 2014.

Country: France, Italy.

Key roles: N. Kidman and T. Roth.

All Hollywood lay (not daring to move) at the feet of Grace, but she refuses the title of Hollywood queen – and becomes the brightest princess of Monaco in the history of the kingdom.

In this small country by the sea, the love of Grace and the Crown Prince is born against the backdrop of the crisis in Monaco, squeezed by a huge France and de Gaulle at the head of the country. Which is already ready to send troops …

Princess of monaco

Grace unbearably wants to return to the big movie and play with Hitchcock, but the principality is about to lose its sovereignty, and France will use all the trump cards in this war, including the “shameless princess” who wants to change the throne to Hollywood. “

On one side of the scales – her dreams, on the other – family, reputation and Monaco. What will Grace choose?


Released in 2002.

Country: USA, Mexico and Canada.

Key roles: S. Hayek, A. Molina, V. Golino, D. Rush and others.

Many books have been written about Frida Kahlo. And this film is based on one of them, namely, on the book of H. Herrera “Biography of Frida Kahlo”.

Shocking and mischievous Frida was doomed to suffer: at the age of 6, she stoically suffered polio. And at the age of 18 she got into a terrible car accident, after which the doctors did not even hope that the girl would survive.

Frida's film

But Frida survived. And, although the following years became a real hell for her (the girl was confined to her own bed), Frida began to paint. First – self-portraits, which she created with the help of a huge mirror above the bed …

At 22, Frida, among 35 students (out of 1000!), Entered one of the most prestigious Mexican institutes, where she met her love – Diego Rivera.

In this film, everything amazes: from the fate of one of the greatest artists and an amazing acting game – to the soundtrack, makeup, scenery, casting. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Frida if you haven’t already!

Joan of Arc

Released in 1999.

Country: France and Czech Republic.

Key roles: M. Jovovich, D. Malkovich, D. Hoffman, V. Kassel and others.

Picture from the cult director Luc Besson.

The Hundred Years War is in full swing, in which the British are fighting the French. The devout young maiden Jeanne believes that the voices she hears in her head command her to save France. She goes to the Dauphin Karl to go to war. Soldiers who believe in Saint Joan go to exploits with her name …

Film Jeanne d'Arc

According to numerous written evidence, Jeanne, contrary to the opinion of skeptics, really existed during the Hundred Years War.

Of course, the adaptation of Besson is, rather, an interpretation of those historical events that does not detract from the depth of the film or the greatness of Jeanne herself.


Released in 1998.

Country: Great Britain.

Key roles: K. Blanchett, D. Rush, K. Eccleston, etc.

Shortly before the moment Elizabeth put on the crown, Protestants were considered heretics, and they were mercilessly burned at the stake.

After the death of his sister Mary, a devout Catholic, it was the daughter of Henry and Anne Boleyn who was destined to ascend the throne. To gain a foothold on the throne, “Heretic” Elizabeth established the Protestant English Church.

Film Elizabeth

What’s next? And then an heir is needed, but the lord lover does not pull at his spouse at all – he did not come out with a status. And even worse – you can get a stab in the back from anyone …

Will Elizabeth be able to stay on the throne and lead her country to prosperity?

Life in pink

Released in 2007.

Country: Czech Republic, Great Britain and France.

Key roles: M. Cotillard, S. Testu, P. Greggory and others.

This story is about a “sparrow” who conquered the whole world with his fantastic voice.

Little Edith is given to her grandmother in her earliest childhood. The girl, growing up in poverty, learns to be beautiful and impress the audience. She fights day after day for the right to sing, live and, of course, love.

Film Life in Pink

The Parisian slums brought Edith to the concert halls of New York, from where “Sparrow” hypnotized the audience of the whole world, flying to a height that she had never even dreamed of …

This biographical bewitching picture, which is considered one of the best in the list of modern films about great people, opens the most interesting chapters of the singer’s life. Edith’s story from a French director allowed viewers to touch the unique fate of a unique person, subtly and professionally revealed in this stunning picture.

7 days and nights with Marilyn

Released in 2011.

Country: USA.

Key roles: M. Williams, E. Redmayne, D. Ormond, etc.

So much has been filmed and written about one of the main symbols of American cinema that it is impossible to list everything. But this particular film is considered one of the best.

Movie 7 Days and Nights with Marilyn

In the film, the director shows the audience Marilyn from different angles, giving them the opportunity to decide for themselves what one of the sexiest women in cinema was after all.

Jane Austen

Released in 2006.

Country: Ireland and Great Britain.

Key roles: E. Hathaway, D. McAvoy, D. Walters, M. Smith, etc.

The novel by an English writer of the 18th century is recognized as a world classic. Jane Austen’s works are studied in educational institutions of the country.

True, this picture is more about Jane’s personal life, which her parents tried to marry off of convenience. And the girl, in 1795, alas, had no choice.

Jane Austen film

Jane’s acquaintance with the charming Tom turns the whole world upside down …

Despite the fact that the film is considered feminine, representatives of the strong side of humanity are also happy to watch it.

The Iron Lady

Released in 2011.

Country: France and Great Britain.

Key roles: M. Streep, D. Broadbent, S. Brown, etc.

This biographical picture reveals to us those sides of Margaret Thatcher that ordinary people did not even know about. What is hidden behind the image of this strong woman, what did she think about, how did she live?

The film allows you to “look behind the scenes” of the political cuisine of Great Britain, and get closer to understanding a whole historical era in the life of the country, for the prosperity of which the “Iron Lady” did so much.

The Iron Lady

The picture shows the life of Margaret from youth to old age – with all the dramas, tragedies, joys and even blackouts that the Iron Lady suffered at the end of her life.

And yet – was the Iron Lady so much?

The most powerful women of the XXI century in the world – a selection of


Released in 1996.

Country: USA.

Key roles: Madonna, A. Banderas, D. Price, etc.

Biographical picture of the life of Eva Duarte, wife of Colonel Juan Peron, tyrant president. The first lady of Argentina, strong-willed and completely merciless – until now, opinions in the country about this great woman are ambiguous. Eva is considered a saint and hated.

Film Evita

Created by Alan Parker in the form of a musical, the main advantages of the film are a successful script, amazing music, an ideal cast and professional work of the operator.

One of the key pictures in the filmography of the singer Madonna, who professionally played Eva.

Callas forever

Released in 2002.

Country: Romania, Italy, France, Spain, Great Britain.

Key roles: F. Ardan, D. Irons, D. Plowright, etc.

A stunning film about the life of the greatest opera diva, which was Maria Callas, who had a truly divine beauty in her voice.

Maria gained power over the audience as soon as she began to sing. Whatever names were given to the singer – Devil Diva and Cyclone Callas, Tigress and Hurricane Callas, her voice penetrated through and through everyone who could hear this talented woman.

Callas Forever Movie

Mary’s life from birth was not easy. Born after the death of her brother, Maria did not want to be taken in her arms by her mother (her parents dreamed of a son); at the age of 6, Maria barely survived after a car accident. It was after her that Maria plunged headlong into music.

It is recommended to watch this picture even for those who do not like biographical films. Because this is exactly what all biographical pictures should be.

Liz and dick

Released in 2012.

Country: USA.

Key roles: L. Lohan, G. Bowler, T. Russell, D. Hunt and others.

The story of Elizabeth Taylor has always been interesting to both critics and viewers. Even in the most difficult days, Elizabeth remained true to herself – she did not give up, believed in her own strength, stoically overcame any difficulties.

Film Liz and Dick

One of the most important events in her life was Richard Burton, who remained close, even hundreds of kilometers from his beloved woman. Their story has become the most romantic in Hollywood. The romance between Elizabeth and Richard became a real kaleidoscope of passions and feelings. They loved each other, in spite of everything.

The picture has been undeservedly pushed aside by critics “on the mezzanine”, but it is worth seeing for all connoisseurs of Elizabeth’s talent.

Audrey Hepburn’s story

Released in 2000.

Country: USA and Canada.

Key roles: D. Love Hewitt, F. Fisher, K. Dullea, et al.

Oddly enough, this picture did not bring Jennifer’s “dividends” in the form of popularity, and in the actresses of the 1st echelon she got out with completely other films. But the picture about the life of one of the greatest actresses in the world is worth seeing.

Film The Story of Audrey Hepburn

This film is about a beautiful girl with a charming smile, who once became the dream of almost every representative of the strong half of humanity. Women copied Audrey’s hairstyles, fashion designers dreamed of dressing her, men – to wear her in their arms and idolize.

The difficult fate of this unearthly girl was reflected by the director in such a way that the viewer believed this Angel, who briefly escaped from Paradise …


Released in 2011.

Country: France, UK.

Key roles: M. Yeoh, D. Thewlis, D. Rajett, D. Woodhouse, and others.

This is Besson’s movie – about the love of the stunning and fragile Aung San Suu Kyi, who brought democracy to Burma, and her husband Michael Aerys.

Movie Lady

Neither separation, nor distance, nor politics became an obstacle to this love. The couple’s feelings bloom against the backdrop of a bloody political struggle for power that lasted for 20 years, during which Suu Kyi, alone and under house arrest, yearned for the family expelled from the country …

Her Majesty Mrs Brown

Released in 1997.

Country: USA, Ireland, UK.

Key roles: D. Dench and B. Connolly, D. Palmer and E. Sher, D. Butler, and others.

Queen Victoria spent a long time in mourning for her husband, abandoning public affairs and making the government nervous. And no one had the strength and words of comfort for the Queen Dowager.

Film Her Majesty Mrs Brown

Until John Brown appeared, who became her reliable friend and …

An amazing biographical picture of the Victorian era – and a strong woman at the helm of the country.

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