15 best films for pregnant women – interesting and useful movie screenings while waiting for a baby

What movies to watch when pregnant?Every expectant mother knows what emotional and hormonal storms rage in the female body during 9 months of waiting – the mood jumps like crazy, and a flurry of fears and anxieties sometimes takes away the ability to think soberly.

How to raise your morale and distract yourself from not the most pleasant thoughts?

One of the ways is kind positive films for expectant mothers. Your attention – the best of them, in the opinion of the spectators in an interesting position …

What books to read for future mom and dad?

Meet the parents

Released in 2000.

Country of origin: USA.

Key roles: B. Stiller, T. Polo, R. De Niro.

Shy nurse Graham Faker proposes to his beloved Pam. And, according to tradition, he goes with her to the future father-in-law and mother-in-law to receive a blessing.

However, there is one problem: Graham is a disastrously unlucky guy. And his future father-in-law is a CIA-schnick disguised as a gardener who loves his daughter too much to give her to the first guy he comes across …

A hilarious comedy with a talented duo of two famous actors, a family plot and many touching moments.

A little pregnant

Released in 2007.

Country of origin: USA.

Key roles: S. Rogen, K. Heigl, P. Rudd.

If you want to make God laugh, as they say, tell him about your plans.

Apparently, the main character Alison was not familiar with this saying. And the child was not included in the plans of a careerist with great ambitions. Moreover, from a stranger.

A little pregnant

The film is about how children transform us into adults with a heightened sense of responsibility. And just a wonderful light picture for the evening with tea and buns.


Released in 1994.

Country of origin: USA.

Key roles: A. Schwarzenegger, D. De Vito and E. Thompson.

Classics of the genre! It would seem that a film from the distant 94th year – more than 20 have passed! And it does not lose its relevance, and it still raises the mood and gives positive to future mothers, daddies – and not only.

Alex was simply involved in the development of a drug that would help pregnant women protect themselves from miscarriage. Who knew that a crazy experiment would turn into a real pregnancy, and for the first time in history a man would take a direct part in the birth process …

Pregnant Terminator and 9 months of waiting – watch and get a positive charge!

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Nine month

Released in 1995.

Country of origin: USA.

Key roles: H. Grant, D. Moore, T. Arnold.

Unexpected pregnancy – is it happiness or “stab in the back”? Samuel is closer to the second option. And Rebecca is the first.

The difficulties that arise during pregnancy are falling like snow from a rooftop, and Rebecca sees only one way to solve the problem – to get away from Samuel.

A picture that will pleasantly surprise you with its sincerity, lightness and humor.


Released in 2008.

Country of origin: Russia-Ukraine.

Key roles: L. Artemyeva, F. Dobronravov, T. Kravchenko, A. Vasiliev, I. Koroleva.

An amazingly funny, touching and super-positive series about a big family, where two couples of grandparents fight for the right to pamper their granddaughter and future grandchildren.


A multi-part stress pill, proving that cinema can be exciting even without special effects.

Between us girls

Released in 2013.

Country of origin: Russia-Ukraine.

Key roles: Y. Menshova, G. Petrova, N. Skomorokhova, V. Garkalin and others.

In the provincial town of Tyutyushevo, passions are boiling: mother is fascinated by the boss, grandmother gracefully flutters between two aged gentlemen, and her daughter brought a young ENT to the house, who turned their usual life upside down.

Another “soap drama”? Nothing like this! TV time will not be in vain!

Happy event (approx. – or there is never too much sex “)

Released in 2011.

Country of origin: France, Belgium.

Key roles: P. Marmay, J. Balasco, L. Bourguin.

Fate brought them together in a video store. They got married pretty quickly and decided on a child, being completely unprepared for this event.

One of the most realistic films on a “childish” theme – about fears, worries, problems and, of course, personal relationships during this difficult period.

What to expect when expecting a baby?

Released in 2012.

Country of origin: USA.

Key roles: K. Diaz, D. Lopez, E. Banks.

In each of the 5 couples, an addition to the family is expected – where it is planned, and where it is accidental. Gillian, 42, a fitness trainer, is also waiting for him …

An hour and a half of only positive emotions! A wonderful cast, positive energy of the film – and, of course, an absolute happy ending!

Painted Veil

Released in 2006.

Country of origin: USA, China and Canada.

Key roles: N. Watts, E. Norton, L. Schreiber.

Cholera is walking in a Chinese village, and every third inhabitant is killed. People are in dire need of help.

Bacteriologist Walter is ready to go to meet death in order to end the epidemic, and leaves no choice for his wife but to go with him …

On my way

Released: 2009

Country of origin: USA, UK.

Key roles: D. Krasinski, M. Rudolph, E. Jenny.

Verona and Bert should have a baby. And future parents dream of the baby living in harmony with the world around him.

On my way

In search of the most harmonious place for the development of the toddler, they comprehend the main value of life …

A life-affirming and touching movie that the main thing in a family is love and mutual support.

Anything is possible baby

Released in 2000.

Country of origin: Great Britain.

Key roles: H. Laurie, D. Richardson, A. Lester.

Sam and Lucy realized that the time had come for the stamping of little feet. And with all responsibility they began the process of creating a new life.

But, despite the intensity of their attempts, they did not come close to the goal.

Occultism, modern medicine, entreaties – what just do newlyweds turn to to make their dream come true. Are all couples allowed to withstand the test of infertility?

An easy but multi-layered picture that you should never lose hope.

Love Rosie

Released in 2014.

Country of origin: Germany, Great Britain.

Key roles: L. Collins, S. Claflin, K. Cook.

An unusual movie with a light plot, seasoned with sentimental moments, realistic twists and didactic.

A surprisingly warm and atmospheric film for a cold winter evening.

Plan b

Released in 2010.

Country of origin: USA.

Key roles: D. Lopez, A. Locklin, M. Watkins.

We all have plans and goals to which we, if not take a firm step, then at least lie in the right direction.

But life always makes adjustments to them, and you have to urgently come up with a plan B. Like the heroine of the film, who only wanted to get pregnant and give birth. For yourself. And no men are needed – they only spoil everything!

And now, when her dream almost came true, and the long-awaited pregnancy became a reality, the man of her dreams solemnly bursts into the life of the heroine …

No deep philosophy and unnecessary details: a light comedy for those who desperately want something romantic, touching and relaxing.

Pregnancy test

Released in 2014.

Country of origin: Russia.

Key roles: S. Ivanova, K. Grebenshchikov, D. Dunaev.

Natasha is 30 years old, and she is the head of the department. Professional but tough. Every day, she looks for solutions to the most difficult problems for strangers, but she cannot solve her own.

Pregnancy test

A domestic series, exciting from the very first episodes, and approved by most expectant mothers.

Kinship ties

Released in 1989.

Country of origin: USA, Canada.

Key roles: G. Close, D. Woods.

Michael and Linda have been a very successful family for over 10 years. But the child is still an unattainable dream.

The couple decides to contact an adoption agency, where life brings them together with a 17-year-old girl who is ready to give them her unborn child …

The best entertainment for pregnant women in autumn, winter, spring or summer – what can you do? website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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