15 best movies about love to take you by the heart

15 best movies about love to take you by the heartWhat are the best and strongest love films? Comedies, melodramas, or powerful crying dramas? Everyone will have their own list of favorite love paintings, but the common thing that will unite them all is love sweeping away everything in its path.

Your attention – the kindest and strongest films about love, after which you want to believe in miracles.

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Love is out of size

Love is out of sizeReleased in 2016.

Country: France.

Key roles: J. Dujardin, V. Efira, S. Kahn, S. Papanian, and others.

Diana forgets her cell phone in a street cafe, and this loss turns into a meeting with a damn charming man. He is smart, sharp-tongued, charming, he has a pleasant voice … Diana is ready to surrender to the feeling that is boiling inside.

True, there is one “but” – Alexander did not come out in height.

This is a French lyrical comedy in which an end will be put once and for all – whether size matters in a love relationship.

My name is Khan

My name is KhanReleased in 2010.

Country: India.

Key roles: Sh. Rukh Khan, Kajol and others.

This film is a new word in Indian cinema. Here you will not see dancing guitars, self-shooting pistols and men fighting in a vocal tough fight.

This powerful motion picture is about the love of the Muslim Rizwan from India and the beautiful Mandira, whose love goes through the hardest tests after September 11, 2011.

The shivering film is a real gem of world cinema.

My king

My kingReleased: 2015-1.

Country: France.

Key roles: V. Kassel, Em. Berko, et al.

He meets the charming and self-confident Giorgio Tony at a regular party. Light, as it seemed, hobby is rapidly transforming into passion, which becomes destructive for both.

Years of hot nights and absolute happiness mixed with blinding, burning hatred: how will this strange romance end? A story that does not leave indifferent even the most callous and cynical spectators.

Is such love necessary in life?

Love non-stop

Love non-stopReleased in 2013.

Country: France.

Key roles: L. Sagnier, N. Bedos, D. Cohen, etc.

Antoine is always surrounded by women who are ready to jump into his arms themselves, barely catching his eye. And this situation suits a successful lawyer.

Until he accidentally meets the daring and charming Julie.

A graceful, hilarious and fantastically warm love movie – light and pleasant, like French wine.

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Stephen Hawking Universe

Stephen Hawking UniverseReleased in 2014.

Country: UK, Japan and USA.

Key roles: Ed. Redmayne, F. Jones, E. Watson, C. Cox et al.

A strong and serious painting based on the real life story of scientist Stephen Hawking. An amazing story of love, self-sacrifice and success that can be achieved in spite of everything.

The young physicist Hawking showed great promise. It was in him that the professor saw the future of British science. The meeting with the beautiful Jane inspired Stephen even more, who made plans and was ready to prove the theory of black holes.

But a sudden trauma reveals a terrible disease. The diagnosis is not comforting: Stephen has no more than 2 years left to live, and by his death he will come completely paralyzed.

But the main thing is not to give up …

On the other side of the bed

On the other side of the bedRelease year: 2008

Country: France.

Key roles: S. Marceau, D. Boone, etc.

After ten years of family life, Anna realizes that she is madly tired of running around with a squirrel in a wheel. The husband does not notice your efforts, your busyness, your fatigue – after all, you are “sitting at home”! And it doesn’t matter that while you are “sitting at home,” you have to manage to do your own work, take care of the household and children, cook, and so on.

The exploded Anna gives Hugo, the owner of a successful company, an ultimatum: to completely switch places. Or a divorce.

Real French cinema, which is “drunk” in one gulp and to the bottom, without a break for popcorn.

Romantics anonymous

Romantics anonymousReleased in 2010.

Country: France, Belgium.

Key roles: B. Pulvord, Iz. Carre, L. Kravotta and others.

Angelica is modest to the point of impossibility. She is shy, charming, romantic. And she is also the very secret master chocolate maker that France buzzes about, but that no one has seen. The thing is that Angelica likes to stay in the shadows and is too afraid of publicity.

In search of a job that is extremely difficult to find due to shyness, Angelica encounters an equally indecisive man who becomes her boss.

But will they be able to overcome their shyness, or until the grave, she will have to go to the club of Shy People Anonymous, and he – to the psychologist?


MadamReleased in 2017.

Country: France.

Key roles: T. Collette, H. Keitel, R. De Palma, etc.

In a wealthy Parisian house, eminent guests are waiting for dinner. Among those invited – the mayor of London himself and other clean-shaven members of the British aristocratic society.

But there are 13 cutlery on the table, and the superstitious mistress decides to put her servant at the table. Having dressed Maria, she was released to the guests with a strict order – not to talk much, not to drink a lot, to nod and smile. But Maria is too proud and open woman to dine in silence.

Blinded by the beauty of the servant (whom the mistress’s son jokingly introduced as the daughter of a drug lord), the wealthy collector decides to invite Maria on a date. The hostess is furious, but Maria is already carrying along the waves of love …

This story is not about Cinderella at all. And this comedy is not even a comedy at all, but a high-quality melodrama from which goosebumps occasionally run while watching.

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Enough words

Enough wordsReleased in 2013.

Country: USA.

Key roles: D. Gandolfini, D. Louis-Dreyfus, K. Keener, T. Collett, and others.

Eva has been divorced for a long time. She has a big daughter who is leaving for college soon and a life that lacks a strong male shoulder. The bar for the future man has been raised nowhere higher.

But suddenly Eve meets a man who conquers her with all the seemingly visible flaws. Elbert is clumsy and plump, but kind, like a huge teddy bear. He knocks Eve out on the spot with his charm and sense of humor, and Eve herself does not notice how she ends up in his bed.

Maybe this is the man of your dreams? May be so. But Eve’s meeting with Elbert’s ex-wife leads a new relationship to a dead end, from which there is no way out. Or is there?

A stunning movie without strawberry romance: real life as it is – in all its glory.

Meet Joe Black

Meet Joe BlackReleased in 1998.

Country: USA.

Key roles: En. Hopkins, B. Pitt, K. Forlani and others.

Timeless cinema, which, despite its venerable age, still gathers admiring viewers around it.

William, a highly wealthy and highly influential tycoon, is already old. He has two charming daughters, of whom the eldest is already married, and he is ready to give the youngest darling only to the prince, who will carry her in his arms.

But instead of the prince, death itself comes to William’s house in the form of a charming man. Death is on vacation – and, before taking the tycoon with him, he wants to know all earthly joys …

Come see me

Come see meReleased in 2000.

Country Russia.

Key roles: Ol. Yankovsky, I. Kupchenko, E. Vasilieva, and others.

One of the most romantic, kind and wonderful Russian paintings about love.

Tanya is a woman whose age has gotten so close that it seems that everything is too late. But her mother, sitting in a wheelchair by the window, still dreams of her son-in-law and grandchildren.

Shortly before the new year, an aged “lion” hurrying to a date knocks at their apartment, with a classic set for a lady – flowers and a cake. Tanya decides to use this chance to please her mother, who is about to die again, and introduces the occasional guest to her mother as a groom …

If you still, in some strange way, have not seen this amazing fairy tale about love, watch it immediately! You will not regret.


IntuitionReleased in 2001.

Country: USA.

Key roles: D, Cusack, K. Beckinsale, D. Piven, etc.

Jonathan meets the beautiful and romantic Sarah in the middle of winter, just before Christmas. They cannot tear themselves away from each other, but it would be too easy – to take and exchange phones. So Sarah writes her number in the book and gives it to the local second-hand bookseller, and Jonathan changes the bill with his number.

Are they destined to meet again? Or will you have to live with the feeling that happiness was so close – and you, like the last fools, gave it into the hands of fate?

All that’s left of you for me

All that's left of you for meReleased in 2015.

Country: Turkey.

Key roles: N. Atagul, Ek. Akbas, H. Akbas and others.

Strong drama from Turkish creators.

Ozgur lost his parents long ago. After the death of mom and dad, he lived in an orphanage, where he was childishly in love with Elif. Leaving the orphanage with his grandfather, Ozgur swore to Elif that he would definitely return in 10 days.

But 10 years passed, and Ozgur, who became a daring slob, squandering grandfather’s inheritance, forgot about his Elif long ago …

Love from all diseases

Love from all diseasesReleased in 2014.

Country: France.

Key roles: D. Boone, K. Merad, Al. Paul et al.

The novel is terribly afraid of diseases, and constantly seeks them out, comparing the symptoms with information on the Internet on medical websites. He washes his hands immediately after shaking hands, and even kissing someone is by no means. That is why Roman remains alone: ​​no girl can stand such an eccentric.

Roman’s psychologist, Dr. Dimitri, has long become his friend, who dreams of marrying Roman – and getting rid of him. And fate will give them such a chance …

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Love with obstacles

Love with obstaclesReleased in 2012.

Country: France.

Key roles: S. Marceau, G. Elmaleh, M. Barthelemy and others.

A favorite of women and a frivolous womanizer, Sasha once meets a charming woman Charlotte.

But Charlotte is a mother of three, divorced and generally a woman of misfortune. In addition, she no longer wants a relationship that will lead to divorce again.

But this Sasha – he is so charming … website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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