15 books for depression and melancholy – the best books to lift your spirits

Best antidepressant booksMood – couldn’t you imagine worse? And wildly you want to run away somewhere, hide, bury yourself in a warm blanket? The best way to overcome depression is with books. Of course, you will not run away from your problems, but you will raise your spirits. And maybe you will even find a solution to your problem.

To your attention – the most positive works in the opinion of readers!

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Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov. Twelve Chairs

Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov.  Twelve ChairsReleased in 1928.

“Impossible”: one of the most positive and light works with sparkling humor, ridicule of our vices, deep meaning, amazing satire. The book, long scattered into quotations, is for a reader of any “status” and age!

You don’t know yet, “how much is opium for the people”? Kisa and Ostap Bender are waiting for you!

Joan Harris. Chocolate

Joan Harris.  ChocolateReleased in 1999.

An amazingly positive and comfortable book, based on which an equally beautiful and memorable film was shot in 2000.

The tranquility of the prim French town is suddenly disturbed by the arrival of a beautiful young Vianne. Together with their daughter, they appear at the same time as a snowstorm and open a chocolate shop.

Treats from Vianne radically change the life of the townspeople – they wake up a taste for life. But a girl never lingers in one place for a long time …

Richard Bach. Seagull Jonathan Linguiston

Richard Bach.  Seagull Jonathan LinguistonReleased in 1970. Bestseller of 1972.

The book is a parable about … an ordinary seagull, which just wanted to be different from all its bird environment.

A work imbued with a specific morality – never give up, develop, improve yourself and strive for the sky (and the sky is different for everyone).

If you are close to the fact that your hands are about to drop, and the blues turn into a real black depression – it’s time to read something life-affirming.

Erlend Lou. It’s naive. Super

Erlend Lou.  It's naive.  SuperReleased in 1996.

He is young, he is going through his emotional drama, he is losing confidence in himself. But there is a way out of any crisis in life!

Light and touching, ironic book by a Norwegian writer about finding yourself and about people who need to be able to see behind cars, houses, trees, everyday life …

Helen Fielding. Bridget Jones’s Diary

Helen Fielding.  Bridget Jones's DiaryRelease year: 1998 (filmed in 2001).

Bridget is a lonely London girl who writes in her diary everything she lives with and what torments her. And she is tormented by the understanding that the age is far from girlish, there is no thin fragility, and the man of her dreams never called her in marriage.

In principle, he was not going to call her. This always happens: while we are waiting for our happiness on the road, it sneaks up on us from the rear. And Bridget is no exception.

Lack of faith in yourself? Open the book and rustle the pages for your pleasure! A good mood is guaranteed!

Glory to SE. Plumber, his cat, wife and other details

Glory to SE.  Plumber, his cat, wife and other detailsReleased in 2010.

It would seem, what interesting can some blogger from LJ write? Probably nothing.

But not in this case!

The ironic notes of the former marketer, and now – the plumber and writer Slava Se, published in full-fledged books, have been circulating for a long time and are being successfully sold. How many people he made happy with the replacement of pipes – history is silent, but the readers are definitely delighted with him!

Relax with Slava and get out of depression with short and funny stories!

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The Strugatsky brothers. Monday starts Saturday

The Strugatsky brothers.  Monday starts SaturdayReleased in 1964.

For several decades, this book has remained one of the brightest and most positive works in the genre of “fantastic story”. Fascinating, impetuous, psychological fantasy with sparkling humor for everyone.

By the will of fate, a young programmer ends up in NIICHAVO in a remote corner of Russia. From now on, his life will not be the same!

Mark Barrowcliffe. Talking dog

Mark Barrowcliffe.  Talking dogReleased in 2004.

David is a realtor. And not the most successful, besides. And he also has a black streak in his life. But one day he has a talking dog …

Do not rush to skip the annotation and snort contemptuously, because the time behind this book will fly by unnoticed!

A very serious, despite the ease of reading, a book with English humor about a dog named Buch and its soft-bodied owner. A true masterpiece with a stunning finale.

Jorge Amadou. Dona Flor and her two husbands

Jorge Amadou.  Dona Flor and her two husbandsReleased in 1966.

Everything is mixed in sunny El Salvador – traditions, races, relationships. And in the light of this amazing and active South American life, the story of Dona Flor and her two husbands is being written.

And the first husband was not completely perfect, and with the second not everything is smooth … If only a little from each – and make the perfect “mix”.

A real drive from Jorge Amado: Latin American passions will bring anyone out of depression!

The Strugatsky brothers. Roadside Picnic

The Strugatsky brothers.  Roadside PicnicReleased in 1972.

After all, the meeting with the aliens took place. But the aliens “sailed home”, where they came from, and the mysteries did not diminish. And the clues are there, in the anomalous zones, a visit to which can bring anything.

Red is one of the curious. He is drawn to the zone again and again, and even his beautiful wife cannot keep him at home. Will the zone release him without consequences again?

Strong fiction, based on which the film “Stalker” was created, and even a computer game.

Sophie Kinsella. Goddess in the kitchen

Sophie Kinsella.  Goddess in the kitchenReleased in 2006.

Samantha is far from the last lawyer in London. She successfully works in a successful company, knows her business and is ready to become a young partner of the company. This is her dream. And the future reward for fatigue, sleepless nights, lack of full personal life and neurasthenia. Just a couple of steps …

But life suddenly goes downhill, and from a successful lawyer you have to retrain into an ordinary rural economy.

An excellent variant of “reading matter” for a “kick of vivacity” to a tired and sad body. Believe it or not, there really is life outside the office!

Fannie Flagg. Christmas and red cardinal

Fannie Flagg.  Christmas and red cardinalReleased in 2004.

Oswald was not too stoic about the news of his diagnosis. To live, according to the doctor, there is very little left – and he escapes from cold Chicago to celebrate the last Christmas in the boondocks called Lost Creek.

He is tired, and does not intend to fight the disease … The doctor said “to the morgue” – that means to the morgue.

Need a reason to get out of your office hibernation? Or sadness-longing finally drove you into bed? Read about the Christmas miracle! Not about some kind of fabulous invented miracle, but about the real one, created by one’s own hands.

It’s so easy to do miracles!

Fannie Flagg. Fried green tomatoes at Polustanok cafe

Fannie Flagg.  Fried green tomatoes at Polustanok cafeReleased in 1987.

In this warm and whimsical novel, several destinies are intertwined at once – in a tiny American town in the 20s and 80s of the last century.

Extraordinary characters with difficult fates, but kind, in spite of everything, hearts, sincerity of presentation of material, good language – what else do you need for an evening with a cup of hot tea?

Ray Bradbury. Dandelion Wine

Ray Bradbury.  Dandelion WineReleased in 1957.

It is still a popular book, adored by readers, every second of whom will call it “the most positive book in the world.” A soulful, partly autobiographical work, filmed and successfully sold, almost 6 decades after its first publication.

Open the book and breathe in the sweet smell of summer, which will dissolve your troubles! A book from the real wizard, Ray Bradbury (with a recipe for stress!).

Isaac Marion. The warmth of our bodies

Isaac Marion.  The warmth of our bodiesReleased in 2011.

This book will be interesting both to those who watched its film adaptation, and to those who encountered the author’s work for the first time.

The world of post-apocalypse: zombies on the one hand, people on the other, eating brains, shots and squeals.

And, it seems, everything is clear, and the topic is hackneyed, but it turns out that not all zombies are such zombies. Some are still very good. Like this one, for example – with the name “R”.

And they also know how to love …

Lively and light narration, great style, humor and a positive ending!

How to get rid of the autumn blues and depression?

Enjoy your reading and optimistic outlook on life! website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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