15 books of successful people – 15 instructions for your success

15 books of successful people - 15 instructions for your successEach person, one way or another, dreams of achieving success in their chosen field. But, often, he is stopped by internal factors: inability to plan, self-doubt or banal laziness.

The books of successful people who have achieved a lot in their field can be the necessary impetus to start great things.

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Awake the Giant Within You by Anthony Robbins

Awake the Giant Within You by Anthony RobbinsTony Robbins is a well-known US business coach, professional speaker, successful entrepreneur and writer who has dedicated his career to inspiring others to be professional and creative. In 2007, Robbins was named one of the 100 Most Influential Celebrities according to Forbes, and in 2015 his fortune was almost half a billion dollars.

Robbins’ goal in the book “Awaken the giant within yourself” is to prove to the reader that inside him is a powerful being, capable of great accomplishments. This mighty giant is buried under tons of junk food, daily routines and stupid activities.

The author offers a short but effective (according to his assurances) course, consisting of an explosive mixture of various psychological practices, at the end of which the reader can literally “move mountains” and “get a star from the sky.”

How to Work 4 Hours a Week by Timothy Ferriss

How to Work 4 Hours a Week by Timothy FerrissTim Ferriss became famous, first of all, as a “business angel” – a person who “takes care” of financial companies at the stages of their formation, and provides them with expert support.

In addition, Ferriss is one of the most successful investors and also a mentor at Tech Stars, an American social support organization for business startups.

In 2007, Ferriss published a book with the full title translated as “Working 4 Hours a Week: Avoid the 8-Hour Workday, Live Where You Want, Become the New Rich Man.” The main theme of the book is personal time management.

The author uses illustrative examples to explain to the reader how to allocate time for tasks, avoid information overload and develop your own unique lifestyle.

The book gained popularity thanks to the author’s personal connections with bloggers, and pretty soon won the title of bestseller.

“Answer. Proven Methodology for Achieving the Unattainable, “Allan and Barbara Pease

15 knig uspeshnyh lyudej kotorye privedut k uspehu i vas 2Despite the fact that Allan Pease started out as a humble realtor – the world remembered him as one of the most successful writers. Allan earned his first million selling home insurance.

His book on pantomime and gestures, Body Language, literally became a tabletop for psychologists, although Pease wrote it without any special education, setting out and systematizing only facts gleaned from life experience.

This experience, as well as the proximity to the world of business, allowed Allan, in co-authorship with his wife Barbara, to publish an equally successful book. The Answer is a simple guide to success, based on the physiology of the human brain.

Each chapter of the book contains a very specific prescription for the reader, by fulfilling which he will be able to get closer to success.

“Strength of will. How to Develop and Strengthen “, Kelly McGonigal

15 knig uspeshnyh lyudej kotorye privedut k uspehu i vas 3Kelly McGonigal is a Ph.D. professor and faculty member at Stanford University, the highest award winning faculty member.

The main theme of her work is stress and its overcoming.

The book “Willpower” is based on teaching the reader a kind of “contracts” with his conscience. The author teaches, through simple agreements with oneself, to strengthen one’s willpower, like a muscle, and thereby increase one’s professional efficiency.

In addition, the psychologist gives advice on the correct organization of relaxation and stress avoidance.

The Habit to Achieve by Bernard Ros

The Habit to Achieve by Bernard RosBernard Ros, known as an expert in the field of robotics, founded one of the most prestigious design schools in the world – Stanford. Applying its knowledge of sophisticated technology and smart device design, Ros teaches readers to apply the design thinking method to achieve their goals.

The main idea of ​​the book is to develop mental flexibility. The author is confident that failures haunt those people who are unable to abandon old habits and ways of acting.

Decisiveness and effective planning are what the reader of Achieving Habits will learn.

12 Weeks of the Year by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington

12 Weeks of the Year by Brian Moran and Michael LenningtonThe authors of the book – entrepreneur Moran and business expert Lennington – set themselves the task of changing the mind of the reader, forcing him to think outside the usual calendar framework.

These two successful people state that people often fail to achieve their goals because they think the length of the year is much wider than it really is.

In the book “12 weeks a year” the reader learns a completely different principle of planning – faster, more concise and efficient.

“The strategy of happiness. How to define a purpose in life and become better on the way to it “, Jim Loer

“The strategy of happiness.  How to define a purpose in life and become better on the way to it Jim Loer is an internationally renowned psychologist and author of bestselling self-help books. The main idea of ​​his book “The Strategy of Happiness” is that a person often acts not in accordance with his own desires and needs, but in accordance with those that society imposes on him. This is related, in particular, to the fact that a person does not achieve the generally accepted “success”: he simply does not need it.

Instead of an artificial and imposed value system, Loer invites the reader to create their own. Evaluation in this system will be built not on the basis of actually received “benefits”, but on the basis of those character traits – and the experience that a person acquires after going through a certain segment of his life path.

Thus, life becomes more meaningful and happy, which ultimately determines personal success.

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“52 Mondays. How to achieve any goals in a year “, Vic Johnson

15 knig uspeshnyh lyudej kotorye privedut k uspehu i vas 7Vic Johnson was not known to the general public until a decade ago. A lot has changed since then, and Johnson created half a dozen major personal growth sites.

Over the years, through his activities as a manager, the author became rich – and released his book “52 Mondays”, which became a bestseller in the field of literature on self-help.

In the book, the reader will find a step-by-step guide to achieving his global goal in a year. To do this, the author proposes to use a planning system for the week, which he developed, synthesizing the experience of famous authors and his own path of success.

The book is filled with exercises for each week, as well as visual examples from life that simplify the perception of the material presented.

“The Big Gingerbread Method”, Roman Tarasenko

15 knig uspeshnyh lyudej kotorye privedut k uspehu i vas 8Our compatriot Roman Tarasenko, who is a well-known business coach and entrepreneur, has written a book on self-motivation on the way to the desired goal.

The material is based on the principles of neurobiology and allows the reader, getting acquainted with the principles of the brain, to build their activities on the basis of internal resources and effective allocation of time and effort.

This method will help you achieve what you want without exhausting yourself with constant overcoming, but enjoying the actions you perform.

“Full order. A weekly plan to deal with chaos at work, at home and in your head ”, Regina Leeds

15 knig uspeshnyh lyudej kotorye privedut k uspehu i vas 9Another author suggesting changing her routine with a weekly plan is Regina Leeds. For over 20 years she has been advising and motivating clients to organize their lives.

The system of organization, developed by the author, will allow the reader, starting with a change in the external environment and his own behavior, to turn his mental chaos into an ordered plan of action, guided by which it will become easy to achieve any set task.

“Fast Results”, Andrey Parabellum, Nikolay Mrochkovsky

15 knig uspeshnyh lyudej kotorye privedut k uspehu i vas 10The writing duo of business consultant Parabellum and businessman Mrochkovsky offers a quick plan for those who are not used to stretching their life change for months or years.

In just 10 days, the reader, under the guidance of the authors, will learn to change his behavior in such a way as to achieve what he wants.

The book contains a list of simple recommendations that will not require any incredible effort from the reader, and at the same time will make him more confident and successful person.

In the long run, the book forms good habits and gets rid of those that waste a person’s time, preventing him from becoming successful.

“Steel will. How to strengthen your character “, Tom Karp

“Steel will.  How to strengthen your character Tom Karp is a professor at the University of Norway and a successful writer who firmly believes that laziness, passivity and self-pity are hindering a person’s fulfillment. It is from these qualities that the book “Steel Will” is designed to rid him.

The book provides various guidelines and specific techniques for strengthening your willpower and setting clear guidelines for success.

The maximum content of specific examples and guides and the almost complete absence of “lyrical digressions” will make the book extremely useful for those who are determined to become a strong-willed person.

“Achievements of goals. Step-by-step system “, Marilyn Atkinson, Rae Choice

15 knig uspeshnyh lyudej kotorye privedut k uspehu i vas 12Atkinson and Choice are specialists at Erickson International University, where techniques based on Eric Erickson’s unique hypnosis method are studied and developed.

No witchcraft or cheating: Achieving Goals teaches the reader to better understand themselves and their surroundings, focus on important goals, and avoid distracting tinsel.

Five Rules for Outstanding Performance, Corey Kogon, Adam Merrill, Lina Rinne

Five Rules for Outstanding Performance, Corey Kogon, Adam Merrill, Lina RinneA team of authors who are experts in time management have compiled a book that synthesizes knowledge of managing your time.

The main idea of ​​the author is that if you are constantly busy and still do not have time for anything, you are not distributing your work well.

The book will teach you to spend less time at work, more rest and at the same time achieve better results.

“Beat procrastination! How to stop postponing things until tomorrow “, Peter Ludwig

“Beat procrastination!  How to stop postponing things until tomorrow Procrastination is a real scourge of the modern person. Constantly postponing things “for later”, avoiding daily duties and creating the appearance of being overloaded – all this interferes with really doing business and achieving success in one’s career and one’s own development.

Peter Ludwig, a European personal growth specialist, teaches you how to stop burying your head in the sand and take action immediately.

The book contains effective techniques for overcoming “life wasting”, as well as vivid examples of what laziness and procrastination can lead to. The reader receives a clear guide to action and a charge of motivation that pushes him to accomplishments.

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