15 home remedies for cleaning mirrors at home – how and with what to wash mirrors?

A transparent, clean and sparkling mirror is the “face” of a neat hostess. The presence of mirrors in the bathroom, hallway, the appearance of numerous sliding wardrobes with built-in mirrors, of course, made life difficult for the hostesses from the point of view of cleaning.

COLADY will tell you what you need to clean your mirrors at home.

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Before starting cleaning, let’s try to figure it out with causes of stains on mirrors:

  • Dust and dirt.
  • Insufficient quality detergent.
  • Insufficiently clean water.

15 ways to clean your mirrors at home

  1. Water and Newspaper for washing and shining mirrors at home
    Cleaning mirrors in the simplest way starts with water and newspaper (toilet paper can be a substitute). The only negative is the presence of lead in newspaper paint (harmful to children). If you have already tried this method, go to other methods.
  2. Shine the mirrors at home – salt water + tea
    How to wash a mirror to a shine? To resort to the method by simple means – to insist strong tea for 15-20 minutes, dilute with salt water (1 teaspoon of salt) and blot with a nylon cloth – it is not so difficult to clean the mirror.
  3. Glossing and cleaning mirrors at home – Chalk + vinegar (method two)
    Let’s prepare a mixture from:
    • chalk or tooth powder – 1 tbsp;
    • vinegar – 1 tbsp;
    • water – 1 tbsp.

    Heat it up, let it brew for 15-20 minutes and salt the water. With the prepared “puree”, rub the mirror well with a piece of suede, a cloth or newspaper.

  4. Giving Shine – Chalk + Ammonium Alcohol (method three)

    Let’s prepare a mixture from:

    • chalk or tooth powder – 1 tbsp;
    • ammonia – 1 tbsp

    With the resulting gruel, wipe the mirror with a soft cloth.

  5. Giving shine to home mirrors when washing – Potatoes (method four)
    Grate the mirror with half of raw potatoes, rinse with cool water and then wipe with a dry cloth. There will be no trace of the dirt, and the mirror will shine like new.
  6. Mirror Rescue from Mud – Bow
    How to clean a mirror with an onion? – Very simple.
    It is enough to rub the mirror with onions, leave for 5-7 minutes and wipe with either a cloth or paper. Saves from gnats or flies.
  7. No streaks on the mirror after washing – Water + Dishwashing liquid
    Instead of dishwashing detergent, you can use dishwasher liquid, for example, both of which have been proven to be effective in reducing stains on mirrors.
  8. Alcohol and alcohol-containing solutions for washing mirrors from traces of hairspray
    Colognes, Sprays will “save” from lovers of hairspray. It is necessary to apply a barely noticeable layer of alcohol or solution to the surface of the mirror, then wipe it with a cloth or paper.
  9. Protection of the mirror from dampness for safe washing
    You can save the mirror from dampness by applying a composition of 1/3 melted wax and 2/3 turpentine to the amalgam (from the back of the glass).
  10. General guidelines for cleaning mirrors at home
    To make the care of the mirrors complete, you need to clean them regularly with a dry soft cloth and in addition to this, use a linen cloth without excess fibers 1-2 times a month, moistening it in vinegar.
  11. How to clean a new mirror without dust?
    It is recommended to wash the mirror with a solution of water and blue or use green tea infusion instead of blue.
  12. Placement of mirrors in the house for their greater safety and comfort
    Direct sunlight is not recommended. It is necessary to place mirrors in the apartment in such a way that the light falls not on the mirror itself, but on the person who will look into it – then it will not show possible stains in the sun after washing, as well as blind you when trying to pretend in front of it.
  13. How to give a new shine to the mirror when washing?
    It is enough to dip a lint-free cloth in milk and wipe the mirror. After that, the mirror will shine again.
  14. Capron, as an excellent means for washing mirrors
    Capron will help to rub the mirror to a shine. It is enough to soak it in cold water and wipe the mirror.
  15. Can i clean my mirrors at home with car fluid? magazine asks to refrain from using liquid for cars as a means for cleaning mirrors, as it contains many substances that can cause dizziness and headaches.
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We hope that 15 secret ways from will help you take care of your home mirrors. You can now easily wash each mirror yourself and rub until it shines so that it shines with cleanliness again!

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