15 interesting and useful books for teens – what to read for teens?

Interesting and useful books for a teenagerAdolescence is the most difficult and unpredictable age. And the school-age readership is the most attentive, demanding and emotional. Which books to choose for your teenage child? First of all, fascinating (books should teach something). And, of course, fascinating (the child will close a boring book after the very first pages).

Your attention is a list of the most useful and interesting books for schoolchildren of different ages.

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Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Jonathan Livingston SeagullThe author of the work: Richard Bach

Recommended age: for middle and high school

Jonathan, like other seagulls, also had two wings, a beak and a white plumage. But his soul was torn from the rigid framework, it is not clear who established. Jonathan did not understand – how can you only live for food if you want to fly?

How does it feel to go against the flow, contrary to the opinion of the majority?

The answer is in one of the most popular works from the descendant of Johann Sebastian Bach.

100 years of solitude

100 years of solitudeThe author of the work: Gabriel García Márquez

Recommended age: from 14 years old

A story about loneliness, realistic and magical, which the author has been creating for over 18 months.

Everything in this world ends one day: even the most seemingly indestructible and unshakable things and events disappear over time, are erased from reality, history, memory. And they cannot be returned.

As it is impossible to escape from your fate …


AlchemistThe author of the work: Paulo Coelho

Recommended age: from 14 years old

The book about the search for the meaning of life is multi-layered, making you think and feel, stimulating you to take new right steps on the path to your dream. The bestseller from the brilliant Brazilian writer, which has become a reference book for millions of readers on earth.

In adolescence, it seems that anything is possible. In our youth, we are not afraid to dream and are full of confidence that our dreams are destined to come true. But one day, when we cross the line of growing up, someone from the outside instills in us that nothing depends on us …

Roman Coelho is a tailwind in the back for everyone who began to doubt.

The subconscious mind can do anything

The subconscious mind can do anythingThe author of the work: John Kehoe

Recommended age: from 14 years old

The first thing to do to get going is to completely change your mindset. The impossible is possible.

But desire alone is not enough!

A special book that will show you the right door and even give you a key to it. A step-by-step instruction, an inspirational program of successful development from a Canadian author, conquering from the first pages.

27 surefire ways to get what you want

27 surefire ways to get what you wantThe author of the work: Andrey Kurpatov

Recommended age: from 14 years old

A guide book tested by thousands of readers.

Getting what you want is not so difficult, the main thing is to manage your life correctly.

An easy, fascinating, competent book, surprising with its simplicity of solutions, changing views, helping to find answers.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleThe author of the work: Dale Carnegie

This book was published back in 1939, but to this day it does not lose its relevance and offers opportunities for those who are able to start with themselves.

To remain a consumer or to develop? How to ride the wave of success? Where to look for that potential?

Look for answers in Carnegie’s simple and easy-to-understand “instructions”.

Book thief

Book thiefThe author of the work: Markus Zuzak

Recommended age: from 13 years old

In this book, the author describes the events of the Second World War.

A girl who has lost her family cannot imagine her life without books. She is even ready to steal them. Liesel reads voraciously, plunging into the fictional worlds of writers again and again, while death follows her heels.

The book is about the power of the word, about the ability of this word to fill the heart with light. The work, in which the angel of Death himself becomes the narrator, is multifaceted, pulling the strings of the soul, forcing one to think.

The book was filmed in 2013 (note – “The Book Thief”).

451 degrees Fahrenheit

451 degrees FahrenheitThe author of the work: Ray Bradbury

Recommended age: from 13 years old

Rereading old science fiction, you often come to the conclusion that this or that writer was able to predict the future. But it’s one thing to see the materialization of communication devices (for example, skype) once invented by science fiction writers, and quite another thing to watch how our life gradually begins to resemble a terrible dystopian world in which they live according to a template, they do not know how to feel, in which it is forbidden think and read books.

The novel is a warning that mistakes must be corrected in time.

The house in which

The house in whichThe author of the work: Mariam Petrosyan

Recommended age: from 14 years old

Disabled children live (or do they live?) In this house. Children who have become unnecessary to their parents. Children whose psychological age is higher than that of any adult.

There are not even names here – only nicknames.

The wrong side of reality, which everyone should look into at least once in their life. At least out of the corner of my eye.

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Solar matter

Solar matterThe author of the work: Matvey Bronstein

Recommended age: from 10-12 years old

The book from a talented physicist is a real masterpiece in the field of popular science literature. Simple and fun, understandable even for a student.

A book that a child will surely read “from cover to cover.”

The life of wonderful children

The life of wonderful childrenThe author of the work: Valery Voskoboinikov

Recommended age: from 11 years old

This series of books is a unique collection of accurate biographies of famous people, written in simple language that any teenager can understand.

What kind of child was Mozart? And Catherine the Great and Peter the Great? And what about Columbus and Pushkin?

The author will tell about many outstanding personalities (at their young age) in a captivating, fun and interesting way, who were not prevented by anything from becoming great.

Alice in the Land of Mathematics

Alice in the Land of MathematicsThe author of the work: Lev Gendenstein

Recommended age: from 11 years old

Does your child not understand math? This problem can be easily solved!

The author invites, together with his favorite characters from the fairy tale of Lewis Carroll, to walk through the land of mathematics – from ancient times to the present day. Fascinating reading, interesting tasks, vivid illustrations – the basics of mathematics in the form of a fairy tale!

A book that can captivate a child with logic and prepare him for more serious books.

How to draw cartoons

How to draw cartoonsThe author of the work: Victor Zaparenko

Recommended age: from 10 years

A book that has no analogues in our country (and abroad too). An exciting journey into the world of creativity!

How to animate characters, how to create special effects, how to draw movement? All the questions that parents cannot answer can be answered by this instruction for beginner animators.

Here you will find a detailed description of the most important topics – facial expressions and perspective, gestures, etc. But the main advantage of the book is that the author is accessible and simply teaches how to draw movement. This guide is not from a “drawing teacher” who will help you train your child, but from a practitioner who created the book to develop creativity.

A great option for a child’s gift!

How to understand complex laws of physics

How to understand complex laws of physicsThe author of the work: Alexander Dmitriev

Recommended age: from elementary school

Does your child like to “chew”? Are you fond of conducting experiments “at home”? This book is what you need!

100 Simple, Interesting and Fun Experiences to Do with or Without Parents. The author will simply, in an engaging and intelligible way explain to the child how the world around him works, and how familiar things behave according to the laws of physics.

Without tricky explanations and complex formulas – about physics simply and clearly!

Steal like an artist

Steal like an artistThe author of the work: Austin Cleon

Recommended age: from 12 years old

How many talents have been ruined because of one painful phrase thrown by someone in the heat of the moment – “it already happened!”. Or “it has already been painted before you!” The thought that everything has already been invented before us, and you cannot create anything new, is destructive – it leads to a creative dead end and cuts off the wings of inspiration.

Austin Cleon clearly explains to all creative people that any work (be it a painting or a novel) arises on the basis of plots (phrases, characters, thoughts thrown out loud) that came from outside. There is nothing original in the world. But this is not a reason to give up your creative realization.

Are you inspired by other people’s ideas? Take them boldly and do not suffer from remorse, but do something of your own on their basis!

To steal an entire idea and pass it off as your own is plagiarism. To create something of your own on the basis of someone’s idea is an author’s work.

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