15 most stressful jobs for women in Russia

We all spend a third of our lives at work, which can be called easy and pleasant very rarely and with a big stretch. And, in fact, no one promised fairy tales! If you want to live, be able to spin. But there are also such female professions, the level of “stress” which simply goes off scale. Unfortunately, no one pays extra for stressfulness and does not give extra vacations. Therefore, it remains only to look for ways to nullify the consequences of such work. So, the most stressful jobs for women …

Woman stress

  • Supervisor. Work stressful for both men and women. For women, of course, it is more difficult: physical and psychological stress quickly eats up health, the work schedule is 25 hours a day, long business trips and constant employment do not leave time for the family. Stress, chronic fatigue and heart disease are constant companions. And then everyone and everything has to prove that a woman boss is no worse than a man. There are also problems in the maternal and sexual spheres of life: a woman-leader thinks about children quite late; the wife, constantly absent from home and accustomed to commanding, seduces few people; libido from fatigue and stress gradually fades away. This profession will suit you if your kids are already able to take care of themselves, if your spouse understands and supports you, if your nerves are steel ropes, and you can easily plug any man in business into a belt.

female leader

  • Teacher (or educator). One of the most stressful professions. Working with children is always not sugar, and communication with their parents is even harder. More psychological stress, after all, it is necessary not only to motivate students to study, but also to cope with those who categorically do not want to live by the rules of the school society. There is also such a factor as school policy – additional pressure, for which strong nerves are needed. And all this hassle does not pay off with a salary. Another nuance is the vocal cords. Angina is practically an occupational disease of teachers, and the risk of losing the voice is more than 30 times higher than in other professions. If you have dreamed of working as a teacher all your life, adore children, have a powerful nervous system, and you do not have an urgent need for money (your husband provides), then this job is for you.

female teacher

  • Journalists, reporters, correspondents. The main stress factor in this job is almost nothing depends on you. They decide for you – how much to work for you, where to go on a business trip, how short the vacation will be, what to write about and what to film. There is practically no margin for error. Information overload, the risk of a mistake that can cost a person’s reputation, and danger to life (coverage of events such as natural disasters or military actions) also do not add stability to the psyche. Typically, this kind of work is chosen by people who are brave, confident, creative and selflessly devoted to their profession.

Journalists, reporters, correspondents

  • Doctors. The category of people for whom stress at work is normal. Of course, a person gets used to everything – to the sight of patients with serious illnesses, to blood and death, to difficult patients who are unable to control themselves, etc. But the consequences of stress, which we do not notice, do not appear immediately, but after years. And the work schedule of any doctor, intern or nurse is very difficult – with serious physical exertion and extremely low salaries. Your health, even the strongest, is also under attack. If you were born to help people, if the Hippocratic Oath is not empty words for you, you are hardy, you are able to find an approach to any person, and you know how to heal with words – perhaps this is the very profession for which you were born.


  • Waitresses. Stress factors: uncomfortable work shifts (sometimes at night), constant work on your legs (hence varicose veins and other “joys”), the need to smile even if you feel bad, and the need to remember that “the client is always right” even if you are frankly humiliate. As a reward – rare tips, low wages and the risk of flying out of work for any “offense”. If you have enough patience for any attacks of clients and bosses, and “working with people” is interesting for you and even a joy, then do not forget about rest for your legs and prevention of varicose veins.


  • Office employee. A person in this profession, oddly enough, also has many reasons for stress: large volumes of work, its fast pace, heavy workload and the need to linger after a working day, difficult microclimate in the team and tyrant bosses. From problems of a physical nature, diseases of the spine, dry eye syndrome and tunnel syndrome, deterioration of the functions of the gastrointestinal tract, lymphatic and venous systems, hemorrhoids due to a sedentary lifestyle are added. Strong nerves alone are not enough for such work, you also need good health, as well as an understanding that without the prevention of a number of diseases, this work will “backfire” pretty soon.

woman in office

  • The hairdresser. Stressful and physically demanding work that responds with a whole bunch of diseases. Harmful physical and stress factors: difficult clients, footwork (varicose veins, spinal problems, arthritis), constant interaction with dyes and other chemicals (respiratory diseases) used in hairdressing, etc. so that the person leaves happy. You won’t be able to relax – the hairdresser is constantly in suspense. It is important to guess the client’s desire and mood, withstand all his nagging and tantrums, and achieve the desired result, despite the fact that sometimes you just want to shave this impudent client baldly in revenge. In general, if you have problems with legs, nerves and lungs, if you are unable to keep your emotions in check – this job is not for you.

The hairdresser

  • Stewardess. And here I am, beautiful, in uniform and cap, through the cabin of the plane, smiling at everyone, I wish you a good flight … This is how romantic girls dream. In fact, the work of a flight attendant is recognized as one of the most dangerous and stressful: again and again this nasty varicose veins (work on the legs), the formation of blood clots due to the constant change in pressure; bad influence of continuous vibration on blood vessels; earlier aging of the skin due to the high dryness of the air in the aircraft (humidity on board is not higher than 40 percent, while the norm is 65-75); fading pregnancy (miscarriages) during work, even in the early stages; violent clients (often); psychological stress during weather-problem flights, etc. In general, the work is “hellish”. If you are dreaming about children right now, if you have problems with blood vessels, and your spouse is whipping boxes of valerian while you are on a voyage, change your job to a more down-to-earth and calmer one.


  • Shop assistant. A very popular job, forcing you to constantly be in good shape, and allowing you to earn, if not caviar and Hawaii, but for bread with cheese and sausage – for sure. Stress factors and other nuances of work: adherence to the dress code – work in heels and in certain clothes, no respite – all the time on my feet, willingness to help each client, smiling broadly and explaining basic things for the thousandth time. It is forbidden to respond with rudeness to rudeness, it is forbidden to sit with a sad look, and in general everything is forbidden, which is not allowed. And very little is allowed. The work is suitable for an active, energetic, sociable girl without health and communication problems.

Shop assistant

  • Post office worker. Oh, these days of receiving pensions and benefits … And, most importantly, no one really cares whether you are to blame for the fact that the money has not yet been transferred – that’s it! And who else to break on? A postal worker is not just work with people, it is work with the most difficult segments of the population – old people and young mothers. And also long working hours and penny wages. This job is suitable for women who are bored of sitting at home, and for whom work is needed only as a pleasant pastime. Nerves of steel are one of the requirements.

Post office worker

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