15 professions for migration abroad – which professions are in demand abroad?

What professions are in demand abroad?According to statistics, most often in search of work, Russians leave for Germany and Spain, Israel and Italy, the Czech Republic, Greece and the United States. There are also those who want to work in New Zealand and Australia. Those who come not on a work visa, but “at random”, in Russian, have a difficult time – unskilled labor is not paid so high. But even qualified specialists do not eat honey with spoons – for most professions, recertification is required.

Who can get a job abroad, and what salaries attract Russians?


They remain in high demand in many countries. Among them: Austria and Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong and Germany, Ireland, India, Hungary, New Zealand and Norway, Slovenia, Singapore and Slovakia.

average salary – 44000-57000 $ / year.

  • For example, Australia needs surgical and psychiatric nurses. The higher the knowledge of the language, the richer the experience, the greater the chances of employment.
  • Great Britain is also very interested in these workers, in which this specialty is classified as “prestigious” and is paid very decently.
  • In the USA (especially in the resort states) nurses are paid about $ 69,000 / year. In Sweden – 600-2000 euros / month (depending on the availability of a certificate).
  • In Denmark – from 20,000 kroons (about 200,000 rubles / month).
  • Well, in Austria, medical workers everywhere – honor and respect. Many people dream of entering the medical / faculty there precisely because of the high salaries.


These specialists (different directions) are needed almost all countries in the world

Of all industries most actively employed in the automotive industry, in the oil and gas industry, in the aerospace industry.

For example, the Austrian list of vacancies for mechanics, technicians and other engineers includes 23 specialties, including even specialists in cooling and heating systems. And thanks to the new system of employment, the chances of employment for potential foreign workers have increased significantly.

As for the salary, its average size is about $ 43,000 / year.

  • The salary of an engineer in Germany is about 4000 euros / month, and after 6-7 years of work – already all 5000-6000 euros.
  • You can also try your luck in the USA, Slovenia, Emirates.

Preference in different countries of the world, of course, is given to people with experience, education, knowledge of modern systems, equipment and PCs, as well as provided that they are fluent in at least English. Knowledge of the language of the country will be a key benefit.

Highly demanding, invariably, are highly specialized specialists with more than 2 years of experience and with a diploma of 2nd higher education.

What professions are in demand abroad?


In most countries of the world, you will have to confirm the diploma you received, undergo testing and recertification. And in the USA or Canada, you will also have to work in residency for 2-7 years (note – like our residency). But then you can live happily ever after and enjoy your salary.

In the above countries, it is from 250,000 to 1 million $ / year.

In Germany, a doctor can count on $ 63,000 / year, and in New Zealand, anesthesiologists, surgeons, psychologists and physiotherapists are eagerly awaited, who are paid from $ 59,000 / year. In Finland, dentists and maxillofacial surgeons are required, and in Denmark it is so bad with doctors that they will even help with the legalization of a foreign diploma.

IT and computer technology

Nowadays, these specialists are required almost everywhere. From system engineers and analysts to database administrators, programmers and website developers themselves.

In principle, these specialists make good money in Russia too, but if you want more, then pay attention, for example, to the vacancies offered for computer security specialists. They really get fantastic salaries (over $ 100,000 / year) and are required in all developed countries.

However, don’t forget about taxes. In particular, in the same USA 40% will be deducted from your salary, and in Europe – about 30% with an income of $ 55,000 / year.

Of course, being just a “cool hacker” is not enough. English should bounce off the teeth. That is, you have to practically think on it.


Of course, there is an eternal shortage of specialists in this area. True, this is due to their career growth, and not to the lack of teachers.

How much pay? In European countries (Germany, England, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands), a teacher’s salary is 2500-3500 euros / month, in Luxembourg – more than 5000 euros / month.

A teacher in France, Finland, Italy and Slovenia, Portugal and Norway will receive up to 2500 euros / month. And in Estonia, the Czech Republic or Poland, even less – about 750 euros.

To work abroad, you cannot do without an international certificate (note – EFL, TEFL, ESL, TESL and TESOL), with which you can get a job anywhere.

And don’t forget about Asia (Korea, Japan, etc.)! There teachers are paid very decently.


For this “specialty”, most often foreigners are hired in Turkey and Egypt, in Spain / Italy and Tunisia.

The work is hard (albeit at a resort), very exhausting, and a bad mood is prohibited and unacceptable.

Speak english you owe it to perfection. And if you also know German, French and Italian, then you will not get the price.

Salary… small. But stable. About 800 euros / month. For an experienced animator – 2200 euros / month.

By the way, Russian animators at the most famous resorts are preferred for their ingenuity, mobility, talent – to ignite the audience and involve them in the game.

Truck drivers

For this profession, nothing is impossible.

Our stern Russian trucker can easily find a job in almost any European country, if he has a category “E” license, ideally “spits” in colloquial English and has completed a 2-month internship.

How much money? The trucker gets $ 1300-2000 / month.


One of the most popular and demanded professions in many countries.

These are lawyers in Russia – a wagon and a cart, but there is nowhere to work. And in some states, a qualified lawyer – even during the day with fire, as they say …

For example, in Italy they are the richest people in the country. Most of all, auto lawyers, notaries (with an income of more than 90,000 euros / year), and divorce specialists are in demand there. So, if you are a lawyer, you have studied the language and laws of Italy, and are eager to go to the sea and a big salary, then you should go to the south.


Always a popular profession. And everywhere.

In Germany, for example (if you speak German) tilers and installers, bricklayers and interior decorators are required.

Salary: from 2500 euros – for specialists, 7-10 euros / hour – for auxiliary workers and unskilled personnel.

  • In Finland, they only pay well to large companies, regularly raising their earnings – you can earn about $ 3,000 per month.
  • In Poland, you can hardly find a job (strong competition) and for 2-3 euros / hour.
  • In Sweden, you can earn about 2,700 euros / month, and in Norway – 3,000.

Workers and builders to work abroad


They are expected in the following countries: Australia, Canada and Finland, New Zealand, Ireland and India, Slovenia, Singapore, Norway, Sweden.

The shortage of pharmacists is now acutely felt almost all over the world – both in large reputable companies and in small pharmacies.

Salary can reach $ 95,000 / year.


The demand for this profession is also great all over the world. And even in Russia. True, we pay much less.

How to become a professional nanny?

In Ireland, there are few vacancies and a lot of restrictions (note – age 18-36 years old, English / language, etc.), and the salary is about $ 250 / week.

In the United States, a nanny earns about $ 350 / week from the age of 21, and English is not required to perfection, because most often our nannies get a job with immigrants from Russia or the former USSR.

In an English-speaking family, you can (if you know the language and have water / license) earn up to $ 500 / week.

  • A nanny’s earnings in Israel are no more than $ 170 / week.
  • In Spain / Italy – about $ 120 (35-50 years old).
  • In Cyprus – no more than $ 70 / week.
  • In Greece – about $ 100.
  • In Portugal – no more than $ 200 / week, but for two with her husband (married couples are hired there).


In the banking sector, experienced professionals are needed everywhere. And, if you can boast of a specialized diploma and excellent language skills, then you are expected in all developed countries of Europe – for assessing risks, for making forecasts, for analyzing company data, etc.

As for the salary, you will receive an income of 3000 euros / month (on average).

It is better to start conquering a foreign economic Olympus with Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

And in Ireland, you can get a job as an accountant even if you do not know international / accounting standards.

Don’t forget to get letters of recommendation – they are extremely important.


To find this vacancy, you don’t even need to go to an interview – it will take place over the phone.

The license is another matter. Sometimes, to get it, you have to fly to exams (approx. – in English / language!) To another country.

In the absence of proper experience, usually crewing companies offer long-term contracts – up to 9-10 months. Moreover, a foreigner does not have to rely on a permanent contract – only a temporary one.

Maximum salary, for example, a star mech – 500 $ / day (with a successful combination of circumstances and a long contract), but most often the average earnings of our sailor abroad is about $ 1600-4000 / month, depending on qualifications.

Most often, “our brother” can be found in Norway, where Russian specialists are appreciated.

On a note: reputable companies do not advertise vacancies on the Internet. As a last resort – on personal sites.

Unskilled labor

Farm work.

This “hack” abroad is in demand (not very high, by the way) among our students, who want to see the world and earn money for a new iPhone.

As a rule, at this job you have to pick vegetables, berries or flowers somewhere in Sweden, England, Denmark or Poland for $ 600-1000 / month. True, you will have to work 10-12 hours a day with one day off.

And without knowledge of English, they won’t even take you to dig up potatoes.

And in Denmark you can get a job as a laborer on a farm for 3500 euros / month.

Home assistant

To put it simply, a servant.

The easiest way to find a job in this very dusty job is in the USA, England, Germany and Canada. Meals and accommodation are paid, of course, by the employer.

You will be given a day off once a week (and even then not always), and income depends on many factors (place of stay, knowledge of the language, country, etc.), on average – from 700 to 2500 $ / month.

And most importantly, on a note:

Whatever your reasons for going to work abroad, pack your bags only after signing a contract or on a work visa. Private invitations can lead to a lack of salary, and sometimes even more dire consequences.

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