15 signs it’s time to change jobs

Every person sometimes has bad work days or even bad weeks. But if, when you hear the word “work”, you break out in a cold sweat, maybe you need to consider quitting?

How to understand when it’s time to change jobs – tell the experts of COLADY magazine. Psychologists have named 15 obvious signs that you need to change jobs.

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How to quit right?

The psychologist named 15 reasons to quit

Signs that it’s time to change jobs:

  1. At work you are bored – if your work is monotonous, and you feel like a small cog in a huge mechanism, then this position is not for you. Everybody sometimes feels boredom during work hours, but if it happens on a daily basis for a long period, then you may become depressed. Therefore, you should not waste your working time on online games or shopping on the Internet, it is better to start looking for a better job.
  2. Your experience and skills are not appreciated – if you have been working in the company for several years, and the management stubbornly does not pay attention to your knowledge of the business and useful skills, and does not give you a promotion, you should think about a new place of work.
  3. You don’t envy your boss. You do not want and cannot imagine yourself in the place of your leader? Why then even work for this company? If you do not like what the result can be at the finish line, leave such an organization.
  4. Inadequate leader. If your boss is not shy in expressions when communicating with his subordinates, spoils not only your working days, but also your free time, you should write a letter of resignation without delay.
  5. The management of the company does not suit you. The people who run the company are the creators of the work environment. Therefore, if they frankly annoy you, you will not last long at such a job.
  6. You don’t like the team… If your colleagues annoy you, even without doing anything bad to you personally, this team is not for you.
  7. You are constantly worried about the money issue… From time to time, everyone worries about money, but if this question does not leave you alone, perhaps your work is underestimated or your salary is constantly delayed. Ask your manager for a pay raise, and if no compromise is found, quit.
  8. The company doesn’t invest in you. When a company is interested in the development of its employees, and invests money in this, work is much easier and more enjoyable. It is in such a working atmosphere that the responsibility of the employees and the trust of the management can be seen. Maybe not worth staying if you don’t?
  9. While working your physical and emotional state has changed not for the better… Look in the mirror. You don’t like your reflection, it’s time to change something. If a person likes a job, he tries to look his best, because appearance and self-confidence are closely interconnected. But fear, stress and lack of enthusiasm have a negative effect on a person’s appearance.
  10. Your nerves are on edge. Any trifle throws you off balance, you try to communicate less with colleagues, then you should look for a new job.
  11. The company is on the brink of ruin. If you do not want to leave the company to which you have devoted many years of your life in difficult times, then you risk getting into a “mass exodus”. And then it will be very difficult to find a new place of work.
  12. You realized that the time has come when you just need to leave… If the thought of dismissal has been spinning in your head for a long time, you have discussed this issue with relatives and friends several times, it’s time to take the last step.
  13. You are unhappy. There are a lot of unhappy people in the world, but this does not mean at all that you should be among them. How much do you need to endure before you start looking for a new job?
  14. You constantly leave work for 15-20 minutes. before, while telling yourself “no one is working anymore, so they will not pay attention to you.” When the management goes on a business trip or on business, you wander around the office idle, which means that this position is not interesting to you and you should think about a new job.
  15. You swing for a long time. When you come to work, you drink coffee, discuss gossip with your colleagues, check your personal mail, visit news sites, in general, do anything except your main duties, which means that your work is not interesting for you and you should think about changing it.

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Commentary by sociologist Alena Dubinets

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Any HR manager in any firm will tell you that the success of an enterprise is the sum of the efforts of ALL employees. And when do we put strength and energy into business? When we like it. Therefore, the first and basic rule of a successful and promising career is love for what you do.

If you feel that the fire has gone out, and with it your interest, do not be lazy to look for other options for self-realization. Perhaps you have exhausted yourself in this place and are now forced to move on. Don’t be afraid of change!

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If self-doubt and laziness are getting in the way of finding a new job, start developing motivation. Think often about how you would feel in an interesting job, in a friendly team, and in a pleasant environment. Do not give up your dream and do everything to achieve it!

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