15 smart films for the development of intelligence and speech – watching educational movies

15 educational films that increase intelligence - watch smart movies!There are films for a fun holiday with the whole family. There are horrors and thrillers. There are educational documentaries. And there are pictures created for the thoughtful viewer. Pictures that give rise to new feelings and thoughts in us, make us reconsider our views on life, expand horizons and change consciousness, replenish vocabulary and increase intelligence in general.

Your attention – 15 paintings that will be useful for general development, and not only.

The best films about the greatest women in the world

12 angry men

Released in 1956.

Country: USA.

Roles: G. Fonda and M. Bolsam, Lee J. Cobb and D. Sweeney, et al.

12 harsh jurors in a small room decide the fate of a young man accused of murdering his father.

The guilt is practically proven, and the guy will have a bleak ending in the electric chair.

12 angry men

And only one of the jurors doubts the guilt of the young man. With only guesses, he manages to win over the majority of the judges to his side.

Dreams of Arizona

Released in 1991.

Country: USA, France.

Roles: D. Depp, D. Lewis, F. Dunaway, L. Taylor, etc.

Uncle Leo, the Cadillac salesman, always gets his way. And today he wants only one thing – to return his beloved nephew Axel home, so that he not only became the best man at the wedding, but also began working in his car company.

Dreams of Arizona

But Axel absolutely does not want to “snatch” Cadillacs – he is carried away by the local crazy Helen and her stepdaughter Grace.

A fantastically beautiful movie from Emir Kusturica not to be missed!


Released in 1999.

Country: USA.

Roles: T. Cruise and F.B. Hall, D. Moore and P. Healy, F.C. Hoffman and others.

For this role, Tom Cruise even agreed to a more modest than usual fee. And I must say, he coped with the role just brilliantly.


An ingenious and multifaceted picture from Paul Thomas Anderson, which can be safely included in the list of films “at the top of the cinematography.”


Released in 1972.

Country: USSR.

Roles: N. Bondarchuk and D. Banionis, Y. Yarvet and V. Dvorzhetsky, and others.

One of the cinematic masterpieces of the USSR from the genius of cinema, Tarkovsky, based on the novel of the same name by Stanislav Lem, written in 1961.


Kelvin must figure out the fate of the research group studying the planet Solaris, and it is to resolve this issue that he arrives at the space station. Kelvin is convinced that both surviving professors on board are gradually going crazy, but soon strange things begin to happen to Kelvin himself …

The film is like a stepping stone to spiritual development.


Released in 1979.

Country: USSR.

Roles: A. Freundlich and A. Kaidanovsky, N. Grinko and A. Solonitsyn, and others.

According to rumors, there is a certain Forbidden Zone, in which, in turn, there is a unique room where dreams come true. That is where the writer and the professor are sent, led by Stalker …

The painting is based on the famous novel by the Strugatskys – Roadside Picnic. Tarkovsky, in his own way, presented the Strugatsky Zone, and showed it to the audience through the prism of his vision – however, the main images of their symbolism have not lost.


Stalker is not a fantasy and not a blockbuster, which is watched on the run, in between times. Stalker is a masterpiece of Soviet cinema, to which you need to grow internally and externally. Cinema for all thinking and feeling people: we are losing the sense of time for the benefit of ourselves!

Rose’s name

Released in 1986.

Country: Italy, France, Germany.

Roles: S. Connery and K. Slater, H. Qualtinger and I. Yuaskin, F. Chaliapin Jr. and F. Prechtel, et al.

The picture is based on one of the most famous novels by Umberto Eco. Despite a number of differences in the book and the film, the picture clearly conveys the general atmosphere of the novel, which the director conveyed so accurately that it is simply impossible to forget the movie.

Rose's name

The action takes place in 1327, in an Italian monastery, where behind a series of mysterious tragic deaths of monks lies a terrible clue about the secret of an ancient manuscript …

The patients

Released in 2014.

Country Russia.

Roles: P. Barshak and T. Tribuntsev, M. Kirsanova and D. Mukhamadeev, S. Rubashkin and others.

Sergei is completely confused in his personal life and himself. Beloved wife, a roof over your head, work – like, everything is there! But there is no way to relax – constant tension simply follows him.

Sergei decided to seek answers from a psychiatrist. And for some reason, Dr. Bryusov considered the only right way out to be an urgent divorce, because with the naked eye, you know, you can see that his wife is pulling Sergei to the very bottom.

The patients

But his wife, a gentle and quiet Lenochka, is also looking for a way out of this strange situation, and Father Sergiy strongly recommends that she take care of the marriage and give birth to more children.

The remote dispute between the psychiatrist and the priest develops into a real war, which will end for both in a very unexpected way.

15 best books that develop speech and rhetoric

6 chamber

Released in 2009.

Country Russia.

Roles: V. Ilyin, A. Pankratov-Cherny, E. Stychkin, A. Vertkov, A. Zharkov and others.

In one of his patients, Dr. Rogov, the head physician of a psychiatric hospital, finds not only an interesting interlocutor, but also a kindred spirit, and many answers to questions.

6 chamber

The picture instantly captures with its realism – and does not let go until the credits, forcing oneself to ask oneself again and again – where are the more insane, behind the fence of the psychiatric hospital, or inside it?

And where is that “scale of madness”, which determines the need to confine “psychos” in the walls of the hospital?

The same Münghausen

Released in 1979.

Country: USSR.

Roles: O. Yankovsky and I. Churikova, E. Korikova and A. Abdulov, and others.

This screened fantasy of Raspe about Baron Munchausen has long been scattered into quotes, becoming an independent film work.

The same Münghausen

Everything is perfect in the picture – from acting and music to directing and script. Of the many bright roles of Jankowski, the role of the baron has become one of the main ones.

“Lord, how tired of dying …”.

The ghost of freedom

Released in 1974.

Country: France.

Roles: A. Asti and J. Berto, J-K. Briali and A. Cheli, et al.

There is no single linear plot in this film. Instead, there are 10 surreal stories, seemingly completely unrelated to each other, and yet the secondary hero of each series becomes a key character in the next.

The ghost of freedom

The director harshly criticizes and makes fun of society, the police, liberals – and even the modern church.

Strawberry meadow

Released in 1957.

Country: Sweden.

Roles: V. Shestrem and B. Andersson, I. Thulin and G. Björnstrand, and others.

This motion picture of the talented director Bergman is autobiographical – as, indeed, many of his other films.

How many disappointments the aging Swedish professor experienced in his life is beyond counting.

Strawberry meadow

Going on a journey with his daughter-in-law, he decided to visit the places of his youth. In one trip, the professor gains everything that he has been deprived of for many years.

Intelligent cinema for everyone who knows how to listen and hear.

Sky over Berlin

Released in 1987.

Country: France and Germany.

Roles: B. Gantz and S. Dommartin, N. Cave and P. Falk, O. Zander and K. Bois, etc.

Angels soar over Berlin, which is divided by a post-war wall. They hear us, see, look into the windows, invisibly comfort us and, smiling, listen to thoughts …

Sky over Berlin

And one day one of the angels decides to exchange his eternal paradise life for a short earthly age and the love of a circus gymnast …

An exquisite film by Vin Wenders, hypnotizing the viewer under the languid voice of Nick Cave.


Year: 2011.

Country: Russia, Germany, USA and France, Italy, Japan and Great Britain.

Roles: J. Zeiler and A. Adasinsky, H. Shigulla and G. Friedrich, M. Mehmet and others.

Sokurov’s painting is based on the drama of Goethe, based on the love line of Margarita and Faust.


A mystical story with a unique work of light and color in the frame.

Interpretation of Faust – for everyone who read Goethe, and for everyone who has not yet had time!

Prospero’s books

Year: 1991.

Country: Netherlands and France, Japan and Italy, Great Britain.

Roles: D. Gielgud & M. Clarke, M. Blanc & E. Jozefson, et al.

A picture for those who are already familiar with the work of director Greenaway.

Prospero's books

An impressive movie, a must see for every self-respecting moviegoer.


Released in 1991.

Country: USSR and Great Britain.

Roles: M. McDowell and O. Yankovsky, A. Dzhigarkhanyan and Y. Sherstnev, O. Antonova and others.

A unique film by Karen Shakhnazarov about the events of that crazy night when the family of the last emperor of Russia was killed without trial or investigation …


A “regicide”, locked up for many decades in a psychiatric hospital, tells about the murder.

The very case when even just listening to the dialogues, you can enjoy the picture. Not for fans of commercial cinema: only for connoisseurs!

15 intelligent TV series – for smart and smart people

What kind of intellectual cinema do you like? Share with us your reviews of the best, in your opinion, educational films!

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