15 ways to use coffee grounds at home

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks on earth. But its advantages are not limited to its bright taste and tonic effect. Leftover coffee grounds can also be used to advantage in a wide variety of situations.

COLADY explains how you can use coffee grounds. Don’t rush to throw it away!

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Coffee grounds as a cosmetic

First of all, the use of coffee grounds is possible as a cosmetic.

We can do it:

  • Face tonic
    If applied regularly, the skin will acquire a beautiful dark complexion and give the impression of a tan. The preparation of the tonic is very simple: 2 tablespoons of coffee brew are poured with boiling water and then cooled. Best kept in the refrigerator, you can freeze it.
  • Hair rinse
    Only suitable for dark hair, as coffee has coloring properties. Such a rinse will give the hair shine and rich color, and with regular use, it will help to restore and grow, as well as get rid of dandruff. The rinse aid is also easy to prepare: pour 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds with 1 liter of boiling water, cool to a pleasant warm temperature, use after shampooing.
  • Body Scrub
    Coffee is one of the main ingredients in the body and hand scrubs produced. But nothing prevents you from making a similar scrub at home from coffee grounds.
    The use of sleeping coffee with any shower gel will give an amazing effect, it will help renew the skin.
  • Anti-cellulite scrub
    Coffee grounds mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil should be applied to problem areas and wrapped with cling film for 15-30 minutes. The effect of a home anti-cellulite scrub is no worse than its expensive counterparts from well-known cosmetic companies.
  • Nourishing face mask
    Coffee grounds make a wonderful nourishing face mask when you mix dormant coffee with honey or olive oil.

How to make a rejuvenating face scrub from coffee grounds – video

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How to use coffee grounds in the household

But the benefits of coffee are not limited to cosmetic products. What else to do with the coffee grounds? It finds a wide variety of applications in everyday life, for example, as:

  • Fertilizer for flowers
    Since the elements contained in coffee make the soil more acidic from the thickets, this fertilizer is ideal for rose bushes, azaleas, hydrangeas, gardenias, camellias, etc. See also: The best indoor flowers for the home.
  • Insect protection
    The smell of coffee repels ants and other insects, preventing them from entering the house.
  • As a repellent
    Most animals cannot stand the smell of coffee. This feature will allow both using coffee grounds and getting rid of unwanted guests on the site or weaning pets from marking their habitat.
  • Flea Killer
    If your pet does pick them up, to enhance store products, you can wipe the animal with drunk coffee mixed with water.
    Sleep coffee makes an excellent odor-absorbing agent.
    What housewife has not encountered an unpleasant smell from the refrigerator? It is enough to put a cup of coffee grounds in the refrigerator to forget about this problem after a few hours.
    After cooking odorous food, such as fish, it is enough to wipe the knife, cutting board and hands with coffee grounds diluted in water to make the smell disappear.
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  • Fragrant sleeping coffee sachets for the wardrobe
    This property of coffee grounds – to absorb odors and pleasantly aromatize – can also be used in sachets: coffee grounds will rid cabinets of unpleasant odors, and a light coffee aroma will pleasantly fill the shelves with clothes and linen.
  • Coffee Ground Meat Marinade
    Coffee grounds can be an excellent marinade for meat, giving the product a delicate and sophisticated taste.
  • Coffee grounds are a great cleaning agent
    Coping with greasy stains, both fresh and old, drunk coffee will help you easily and simply, and no worse than other cleaning powders. It is also an excellent glass dishwashing detergent that will gently clean the glass without scratching it.
    Coffee can also be used as an abrasive for jewelry to gently and gently remove any scratches that appear.
  • Coffee grounds for furniture scratches
    Removing scratches on dark furniture is easy with coffee grounds. It is enough to dissolve a little bit of dormant coffee with boiling water and rub it into scratches, and after a few minutes gently wipe it with a soft cloth. There will be no scratches left.
  • Coffee grounds for leather care
    Scratches and scuffs on brown and black jackets or other leather items can be easily repaired with coffee grounds. Such a tool will not only restore the color of the thing, but will make the skin softer.

How do you use coffee grounds? Share with us in the comments!

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