16 best toys for 4-5 years old for girls and boys

For a crumbs 4-5 years old, two or three toys are not enough. A cozy children’s microcosm of a baby at this age is created not only from cubes and pyramids, but from a variety of various toys that allow you to distribute roles, “reign” in your world, study little things and try yourself in new tasks. What toys for this age are the most useful and interesting today?

Toys for toddlers 4-5 years old are board games, plush animals, radio-controlled toys, construction sets, and much more. The main thing is that they organize, teach, discipline the baby, stimulate his development, and develop social skills.
To your attention – the rating of the popularity of toys for children 4-5 years old, based on parental feedback.

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8 best toys for girls 4-5 years old

  • Interactive baby doll Baby Bon

A toy that looks like a real baby. One of the latest achievements of German “magicians” -makers. This baby doll can not only blink and cry, but also drink from a bottle, gulp porridge from a spoon, move arms / legs, stain diapers and even go to the potty. A dowry is attached to the doll (or bought separately) – from a pot and clothes to strollers / cribs, dishes, furniture, first-aid kits, etc. Use of a toy: a girl learns to take care of a baby, learns to take care and patronize (even a toy creature). An interactive baby doll develops the child’s imagination and allows him to feel a little more mature; it is, in a way, a “training” through modeling situations from life. Playing with mothers and daughters is the “foundation” for the development of the maternal instinct and family traditional attitudes in the mind of the child. The approximate price is 2500-4000 rubles.


  • Table easel

A universal thing for the development of a child. It is advisable to choose an easel with the ability to draw with crayons, paints, etc. With several work surfaces, with the ability to hold large sheets of paper, with compartments for markers and paints. Such an easel can be easily folded into a pretty little case and can be carried without problems by hand or in a car. The kit usually contains a lot of useful gizmos – from stencils to the drawing tools themselves. The benefits of such a gift are undeniable – the development of creative thinking, fine motor skills, self-organization, etc. The approximate price is about 2,000 rubles.

  • Reading easily cubes (Chaplygin cubes)

A very popular educational toy, with the help of which many kids have quickly and easily learned to read. If your little one already knows the alphabet, but cannot yet cope with reading words, then such cubes are your magic wand. Especially in front of the school, to which there is very little left. The author’s methodology consists in mastering the principle of reading through play. Usually it takes 3 days for the baby to start folding letters into words. Approximate price – 2500 rubles.

  • Dance mat

This toy is designed for children from 4-5 years old and up to … infinity. There are many options – rugs on a hard and soft base, with a connection to a TV and a computer, with and without a microphone, on batteries and from a network, etc. On one rug (the simplest one, with a minimum of functions), you can simply dance, repeating the movements from the screen … Another rug can be supplemented with the function of karaoke, automatic shutdown, etc. What is the use? Advantages – the sea. This is a good mood of the child, and physical development, and excitement, and the development of a sense of rhythm, and a desire to improve their skills (the program sums up and reports – how ideally the child danced). It’s a way to keep kids busy (distract their computer) and get them moving, it’s a fun time with friends that will save a fortune left by moms and dads in entertainment centers. You can dance on your rug for free any day. The approximate price is 1000-3000 rubles.


  • Set for weaving bracelets from rubber bands

There are many types of such sets, as well as the companies that produce them. From ordinary multi-colored elastic bands, using a special hook and small pendants for baubles, a child can create both simple bracelets and complex ones – almost works of art. Such “folk art” is extremely popular today, and even mothers are happy to knit these bracelets together with their daughters. Weaving methods are in the instructions, and the child will easily master them himself. Advantages of the toy: the development of fine motor skills, perseverance, imagination, the acquisition of new skills and just a pleasant pastime. The approximate price of a large set is 1000-2000 rubles.

  • Anti-stress soft toy

Nice to the touch, cute, with a special filler – these toys are just asking for hands. It is impossible to break away. In addition to the aesthetic, such a toy has a fantastic therapeutic effect: special filler granules relieve mental stress, develop fine motor skills, calm the nervous system, etc. Approximate price – 500-2000 r.


A lot of puzzle toys have been invented today, but the popularity of puzzles is not falling, but growing. Use of puzzles: development of logical and imaginative thinking, development of attentiveness, memory, imagination, color perception, fine motor skills, etc. Approximate price – 200-1500 rubles.

  • Young sculptor’s set (creating figurines from plaster)

An entertaining and rewarding process that any creative girl will love. Serious skills are not needed, every child can handle the creation of figures. You just need to pour gypsum solution into ready-made forms (which mom will help prepare), wait until it dries and then paint the figures to the best of your imagination and desire. If the set contains magnets, then the painted figures can be attached to the refrigerator. Benefit: the development of imagination and fine motor skills, perseverance and accuracy, patience. The approximate price is 200-500 rubles.

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8 best toys for boys 4-5 years old

According to the reviews of moms and dads, this toy remains unrivaled. Both children and parents participate in the assembly of the famous designer, with equal pleasure assembling, constructing, rebuilding constructions from multi-colored parts. The reason for the popularity is in the advantages of the toy: a wide choice – thematic and plot, versatility (you can choose a constructor for any age), the development of fine motor skills, color perception, creative and engineering abilities, high quality toys. The approximate price is 500-5000 (and above) p.

  • Remote control car

Also one of the bestsellers for many years. Modern models of cars, and even capable of “independently” moving, delight every boy (and every dad). Playing with such cars turns into an exciting competition in which the child develops thinking, reaction, coordination of movements, etc. The approximate price is 800-4000 rubles.


  • Railway

This toy was invented a long time ago, but even today, in the days of tablets and iPhones, it remains at the peak of popularity. Well, would at least one little boy refuse the opportunity to be a machinist? Such a toy will not only give the child hours of calm and exciting pastime, but will also help in the development of imagination, spatial thinking, fine motor skills, and creativity. The approximate price is 1500-4000 rubles.

This game is bought by both hyperactive kids and quiet sloths who cannot be made to move. A game that is useful in every sense – for physical development, for developing a sense of balance, coordination, social skills, agility and flexibility, for relieving stress, etc. and with benefit! The approximate price is about 1000 rubles.

  • Dinosaur construction set (radio-controlled)

A novelty on the market of constructors, already loved by all fans of dinosaurs and constructors. Toy “3in1”: constructor, interactive toy and dinosaur. A dinosaur assembled by a child from a bright construction set will be able to move independently, thanks to a motor and a control panel built into its body. Such a toy will benefit the baby in the development of fine motor skills, quick wits, accuracy and perseverance, attentiveness. The approximate price is 700-800 rubles.

All the boys know about tracks and auto racing. And the children’s auto track is an opportunity to arrange races right in your room. The version of the race track and the functionality (+ equipment) of the auto track depends only on the size of the parent wallet. Such a toy successfully competes with computer games, which is its main advantage today. Want to distract your child from computer racing? Buy him an auto track – let him develop his design skills, learn to work in a team, get used to healthy competition, get acquainted with the principles of fair struggle. To make the interest even higher, you can purchase an auto track with cartoon characters that your child loves. Or with reduced exact copies of real tracks and cars. The approximate price is 500-5000 rubles and more.


  • Volumetric puzzles (3-D)

A unique toy, colorful, fun and useful. If ordinary puzzles can only be assembled, disassembled and put into the box until the next time, then volumetric puzzles are an opportunity to continue the game with the structure already created from the puzzles. Benefit: the development of fine motor skills, the basics of architecture, color perception, perseverance and attentiveness. From the fragments of the toy, not a flat picture is created, but a bright volumetric figure that can be used to play and even to decorate the interior of a children’s room – knightly castles, skyscrapers, ships and airplanes, etc. Figures for story games are often attached to such puzzles. The approximate price is 500-3000.

  • Synthesizer for a child

Now there is no need to clutter up the room with a real piano, modern synthesizers solve this problem. There are a lot of advantages from the synthesizer. This is the development of musical taste and hearing, an excellent start for professional music lessons, training programs, ease of use, the ability to record your tunes, adjustable volume and headphone connection (so as not to drive your neighbors and households crazy), the ability to take the instrument with you on a trip, and much more. Approximate price – 1500-6000 r

The age of 4-5 years is the most favorable for the all-round development of your baby. Choose not just popular and bright, but educational toys. May the games be useful!

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