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There is no pregnancy, there is a second week of the cycle, the second obstetric week (one full).

The term of the second obstetric week is a period in which there is practically no pregnancy yet, but the woman’s body is already ready for conception.

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What does the 2nd obstetric week mean?

What happens when the body is ready to ovulate?

Are there any signs of pregnancy in the 2nd week

If the gestational age is considered obstetric weeks, then in the second week there are no signs of the birth of a new life, since in fact the pregnancy has not yet occurred.

In preparation for ovulation, a woman may be bothered by:

  • Breast swelling and nipple tenderness;
  • Severity and slight discomfort in the lower abdomen;
  • Appetite may increase slightly;
  • The woman becomes irritable and hot-tempered;
  • It is impractical to use a pregnancy test during this period – conception could not yet occur.

Feelings of women

In the second week of waiting for the baby, the hormonal background of the woman changes. The estrogenic component predominates in it. At the time of ovulation, changes occur not only in the genitals, but also changes in sexual behavior. In the period before ovulation, libido is greatly increased, which promotes conception.

Ovulation occurs around the 14th day of the menstrual cycle.… Some women experience pain in the lower abdomen during this period.

During this period, doctors do not recommend visiting baths, lifting weights, and performing heavy physical work.

What women say on forums:


The lower abdomen is tense, as if under pressure. And also there was an aversion to the smell of washing powder.


I think I have 2-3 weeks, the delay is already 6 days, but I have not yet gone to the doctor … The test showed two strips. The lower abdomen began to ache and pull a little. Before that, my sides hurt a lot. But there were problems with appetite, it used to be excellent, but now I don’t feel like eating at all.


And I, too, had a temperature of 37.3 for several days and had a feeling in the lower abdomen. The doctor explained to me that the uterus begins to grow in size.


My lower abdomen also pulls a lot. Just a nightmare. My cycle is not constant because the delay is either a week, or only 4 days. Even before the delay, the tests were positive, but over time, the stripes do not brighten. Tomorrow I’m going for an ultrasound scan.


At me, it pulls, as with menstruation, then disappears.


Stress and fatigue. I want to sleep all the time.

What happens in a woman’s body at the end of this week?

The second obstetric week takes place during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle. Around the end of this week, ovulation occurs – the release of a mature egg.

In the ovary, the follicle continues to mature, estrogen is secreted. When the follicle is fully matured, it will have a diameter of about 2 cm. Inside it, the fluid pressure increases, under the influence of luteinizing hormone, the bubble bursts, and the mature gamete comes out.

Within a day after this moment, while the egg is alive, fertilization can take place – and pregnancy will occur.

In a woman’s menstrual cycle, which is 28 days, the follicular phase lasts approximately two weeks. Therefore, the actual onset of pregnancy can be calculated approximately from the estimated date of onset of ovulation.

Video: What Happens in Week 2?

Video: How does conception take place? The first 2 weeks of waiting for the baby

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

  1. In the 2nd obstetric week, many doctors recommend abstaining from sexual activity for several days before conception, this will allow the man to accumulate the necessary amount of sperm.
  2. If you are planning to conceive, then before intercourse, do not wash the genitals with cosmetics that can change the acidic environment of the vagina. This applies to douching. It will be enough to carry out the usual hygiene procedures.
  3. The most favorable position for conception is “missionary” and knee-elbow, when the man is behind.
  4. To increase the likelihood of conception, a woman should be in the supine position for about 20-30 minutes. after ejaculation.

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