2 zodiac signs that are headed for big changes in 2022

Thanks to the last eclipse season of 2021, which kicked off a new cycle of eclipses along the Taurus-Scorpio axis, these two signs should prepare for big changes over the next one and a half to two years.

Astrologer Courtney O’Reilly tries to cheer up Taurus and Scorpions:

“Think of eclipses as a general cleaning: you need to get rid of stagnation, dirt and dust to make room for new opportunities.”

Although these signs can even feel a certain inspiration urgently and independently make changes in the areas controlled by Taurus (love, beauty and money) or Scorpio (passion and emotionality), some changes can seem almost uncontrollable and predetermined by fate.

“Eclipses bring unstable, unpredictable energy, and with it, inevitable events,” says astrologer Stephanie Campos-Powell. – For Taurus, this is his life, where you need to grow and develop, even through strength and resistance. And for Scorpio, who has a powerful energy of past lives and the realization of where he came from. All of this is causing major shifts and unique events that should be taken for granted. “

What dramatic changes Taurus and Scorpio can expect in 2022

Astrologer named 2 signs of the zodiac, which are waiting for dramatic changes in 2022
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You will definitely feel the changes related to your personality. It can even be painful, but, alas, it is necessary.

“It’s like updating the system on a computer,” explains Courtney O’Reilly. – That is, some main area of ​​your life requires, so to speak, an increase in the level. This could be your career, your place of residence, or an important relationship. Like a snake shedding its skin, Taurus and Scorpio go through a similar process of development and growth. Such changes are associated with emotions and feelings, or they are changes associated with the way you present yourself or manifest yourself in our world. “

How to properly go through a period of transformation

Since both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs – that is, signs that value stability and safety above all else – any changes can be difficult for them.

“Both signs love to be in control to the maximum, but during the transformation period, this is not possible,” says Stephanie Campos-Powell. It is important to let go of this need for control when you are in the flow of transformational energy. This does not mean that you cannot actively work towards achieving your goals or that your free will and choice will disappear. It’s just more important for you to stay in the present moment, rather than trying to draw and plan the future.

Imagine part of your evolutionary history, – Courteney O’Reilly gives her interpretation. – You must remain curious, flexible and believe that what is changing now will eventually end and will bring you maximum benefit. Interact with the transformation, do not counteract it. It will ultimately improve your life if you don’t resist. ”

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